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  1. Back After Years...

    :sl: dear brothers and sisters! I finally came back and my old password still worked so Alhamdulillah :sl: missed it here! I learnt a lot from this forum and the brothers and sisters but it seems to be very quiet here? Is that so or do I just feel like it? not as busy as it used to be.... why is that?
  2. :sl: I have heard of many people who go to Hajj and being asked to do Umrah or Nafal Tawaf for them.... so the reward is given to that person... Is that possible? The links bro dot provided are mainly about Hajj... not about Umrah or Nafal Tawaf. :sl:
  3. Earning Money

    :sl: Anyone? :S
  4. Earning Money

    :sl: Whats the ruling about working at stores/Firms where western cloths r sold, e.g jeans, open cloths not suitable for muslims to wear. Also, can money earned by working black, so that the authorities are not aware of it, called haram? Whats the ruling about that? :sl:
  5. Earning Money

    :sl: How is the ruling about earning money/working at shop/firm where western cloths are sold? For example cloths that are open, jeans and shirts that are not to be worn by muslims. Is money earned that way ok? Or will it be sinful to have part of the money that comes from selling such cloths? Also, what about people who earn money by working black, so that the authorities don't know about it? Do we cal it haram?
  6. :no: Hij is toch uit gekomen.... niemand kon hem stoppen... maar ja.... het is een vrij land zeggen ze.... :sl: vrij om mensen te beledigen? Ik heb het zelf niet gezien en heb ook geen plannen om te zien.... ik mag hem gewoon niet :sl:
  7. Google Maps

    :sl: what do u mean by option 23?? i dont see any option... just from and to... and then get direction.... it tells me no directions found :S
  8. :sl: dear brothers and sisters, Long time no see... :j: I wanted to ask a question here. Whats the ruling on breaking a nafal fast or prayer and then making it up? Is it Fardh/Wajeb to make them up or not? :no: :sl:
  9. :sl: Eid Mubarak to u too and to all IF members :sl: Could u please let me know how u know they are celebrating Eid tomorrow? Did u see it on tv? Which channel?
  10. Taliban Using Children As Human Shields

    Russ: Thats a good excuse US can make. Afghan civilians' death mean nothing to them, if only one american was killed the whole world would be talking of it... but they wont show Afghan children dying and women being raped by ur forces.
  11. Count To Ten

    :sl: Pashto: Yaw Dowa Drey Salor Penza Shpazh Wa Ata Na Las ----- Dari/Farsi Yak Du Sey Chaar Panj Shash Haft Asht No Da
  12. Reasons Why U Never Visit A 5* Hotel

    :sl: It was fun reading it, thanks for sharing :sl:
  13. Why Why Why?

    :sl: LOL.... never thought of this before..... and its quite true! O_o
  14. Rice Soup With Tomatoes

    :sl: Sounds somewhat similar to what we call *shorwa berenj* (Soup Rice :sl:) I love Turkish food.... post some more dishes :j: would love to try....
  15. Please Share Your Favorite Poet

    :sl: I like Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Omar Khayam...... Sometimes I like Hafiz, if i get what he is saying :sl: