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  1. Why I No Longer Believe In Islam

    I can't edit my posts? How do I edit my posts? Am I missing something somewhere? Look at all those terrible grammatical and spelling errors. Oh dear.
  2. Why I No Longer Believe In Islam

    Consider the following if you will: You are on a pale blue rock, floating thru space. Let us call it earth for argument's sake. You only notice the observed universe around you. Eventually you become self-aware and eventually will start asking simply, 'what the hell am i doing here? Why am i here? Where the hell did all this come from? Is there any meaning to this all?' You have two choices, either you have faith that there is nothing else in the universe around you and you are as worthless as that nothing; or you have faith in something more. If they choose a side they would be equally valid. Each would be as hard to prove or disprove either way. Free will and probably just a few neurons will domino affect their conclusion. With that said, in theory, everyone should be agnostic to start, but the tendency is for an answer and closure. The heart just wont settle for nothing in most people. I wont spent time about which side is right or not rather: that is where Islam starts off its point. The shahada. It literally says for you to consciously make a choice. And instead of putting your faith in nothing (and thus not really having a body politic or morale system to lean on for guidance throughout time) - it says to have faith in a creator. Why Islam and not some other religion - that is easily answered by the failings of all the older religions (Islam is the baby religion compared to them) and the fulfillment Islam gives to the soul.
  3. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    This thread seems as if it will derail soon. 1. No one said a chaste person can't marry an unchaste person. 2. No one said a convert isn't to be considered a chaste person. 3. You as a person looking for a mate do NOT know if a person is "forgiven" or not. Don't even bother at all. Keep this issue OUT of this thread. It actually has nothing to do with it!! You would think that this would be realized already that it's irrelavent. Musa didn't know if a person is forgiven, how are you going to be able to? So don't even bother with that. 4. QURAN says you as a chaste person should marry a chaste person. What does that tell you? That this deen feels that on the societal plane it is better to promote people WAITING until they get married!! It doesn't go around promoting "oh you can still be chaste if you repent", what idiot would promote something like that!? If I were a social engineer and I wanted people to WAIT until marriage then I'll tell them just that. And if you didn't wait you might as well marry someone who didn't wait either. WHY? Because, when you're both arguing and yelling at each other and cursing each other then it's a fair playing feild. Think about it people! If you keep going around talking so non-chalantly about commiting zina and then marring a chaste person, you're only setting yourself up for a fall. This was a mistake that has turned Christianity into nothing more than a "sin now repent later", "born again virgin" religion where the people cling erroneously to hope as their ticket to paradise. Don't kid yourself: Once a pickle; Never a cucumber. And all that is under the assumption that they are actually practicing, which mind you in this day and age is a minority amongst muslims, unfortunately. In the end, if you find yourself as a virgin getting married, then do yourself a favor and give yourself less of a hard time and look for a virgin also. Quran says you should. The prophet says you should. I don't understand the people's insistance on this thread to NOT marry a virgin like themselves!? (Yes there are exeptions to the rule of thumb, but no one in their right mind would actually believe that so many people on a societal level would actually have such strength as the man described in the earlier post). It's bad enough that unchaste people LIE to chaste people when marrying them. Only to have those chaste people become DEVASTATED when they find out the truth. :ws:
  4. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    1. How do you know they are "cleansed" from a sin? 2. To make it easy and NOT an issue to seeking chaste for chaste relationships will only further the spread of zina. Let's say a guy says to himself, "I'll sin now, and repent later. This way I get to do all the haram fun things in this dunya and then when I repent I'll go to heaven and avoid punishment for those things." Then actually does these haram things and after that wants to "start fresh" by becoming pious and "repenting" ( <- confusing notion - it's really ALL up to Allah if they are repreved or not, not us individuals!!) ... and decides to get a chaste wife. Imagine the scenario you have helped facilitate: here unchaste people not only get to enjoy all that is haram in this dunya they also get the pious spouse that deen talks so much about. And all those practicing brothers and sisters who DON'T do haram things are now left to wonder why the heck did they go thru life the way they did if they too could have cheated like the unchaste and get the same reward in the end!? :D Now, scale this up to the societal level and you get a BAD situation that breeds more people who are unchaste. And now you're almost saying it's ok to not consider that an issue at all. As if that will make more chaste people! No it wont. Don't kid yourself. We still have a goal to uphold and to aim for. 3. The morale is that while you shouldn't hold someone accountable for something that they genuinely repented for, you shouldn't celebrate it or consider it "a done deal" because it's NOT until yom il qiayama since we don't really know a person has been repreved or not. Listen, to the original poster: you seem like a person who did some things they regret and the fact that you have that contrast from halal/haram and guilt, you understand the remorseful state of mind you are going thru. Now ask yourself, would I really want a guy who's totally chaste and waited? Or do i think i'll have healthier (LIFE LONG) relationship with a guy who is in the SAME state of mind as myself? A guy who is also remoresful of his past and also has that same contrast of right and wrong and the feeling of emptiness when he thinks about it just like you do? Do you really think you two would grow if he was totally chaste and can't connect with you on that level or if he too had that same exact level of piety as you now do? A guy who wants to also rectify his errors ...... .... and what better way to do that then to follow direct Quran verses and to send the unchaste for the unchaste??
  5. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    But what about "the chaste for the chaste" and the "unchaste for the unchaste"? Yes of course you could marry a non-virigin, but this is the Quranic recommendation. And while I know it isn't haram to marry a non-virgin, to be honest I wouldn't want to marry someone who wasn't a virgin like myself. It would be such a major let down; and quite frankly I don't have to. And furthermore, think about the angle the arguments and fights that the couple will have; that'll be a big factor. And last but not least, i'm not sure what I would do if I found myself in the situation where the woman I've been married to turns out to not have been a virgin at all. The sense of betrayal from that will be intense. Some will seek a divorce instantly, others will take seconds wives, others still will become estranged and or cheat on their spouse (to "level" things) and others still will accept it (assuming she's been in a state of serious piety and repenatance since marriage). Personally, just marry someone with a past who is also trying to get on the right track. You'll save yourself a lot of problems. Of course if you find someone who doesn't care either way at all, then all the more power to you.
  6. 30 Days

    I found it interesting to have a non-related male in the house and for 30 days!? :D But in any case, I'm sure that they presented themselves in the best way that they could.
  7. Rand Corporation

    CONTINUED • Confront and oppose the fundamentalists: — Challenge their interpretation of Islam and expose inaccuracies. — Reveal their linkages to illegal groups and activities. — Publicize the consequences of their violent acts. — Demonstrate their inability to rule, to achieve positive development of their countries and communities. — Address these messages especially to young people, to pious traditionalist populations, to Muslim minorities in the West, and to women. — Avoid showing respect or admiration for the violent feats of fundamentalist extremists and terrorists. Cast them as disturbed and cowardly, not as evil heroes. — Encourage journalists to investigate issues of corruption, hypocrisy, and immorality in fundamentalist and terrorist circles. — Encourage divisions among fundamentalists. • Selectively support secularists: — Encourage recognition of fundamentalism as a shared enemy, discourage secularist alliance with anti-U.S. forces on such grounds as nationalism and leftist ideology. — Support the idea that religion and the state can be separate in Islam too and that this does not endanger the faith but, in fact, may strengthen it. ============================== ============================== ====== Major facets of mass persuasion are already at play in the article itself. And you wonder how Manji, MWU, Progressives and the rest of them seem to get PROMINANT media coverage almost at will. Shoot, if any one of them so much as sneezes it shows up the front pages. The Wadud/Nomani stunt was just the lastest sampling. It wasn't received with the best of results. So obviously there will be more stunts. Just giving you guys the heads up. Take this any way you want. Salam. Also, It would be a great idea if any of you could post this article (or something about this) at your local masjid. rand
  8. Rand Corporation

    The RAND corporation. And you thought that the powers that be weren't trying to _directly_ re-write your religion. Here's a cut and paste of some of the things on their agenda: ============================== ============================== == • Support the modernists first: — Publish and distribute their works at subsidized cost. — Encourage them to write for mass audiences and for youth. — Introduce their views into the curriculum of Islamic education. — Give them a public platform. — Make their opinions and judgments on fundamental questions of religious interpretation available to a mass audience in competition with those of the fundamentalists and traditionalists, who have Web sites, publishing houses, schools, institutes, and many other vehicles for disseminating their views. — Position secularism and modernism as a “counterculture†option for disaffected Islamic youth. — Facilitate and encourage an awareness of their pre- and non-Islamic history and culture, in the media and the curricula of relevant countries. — Assist in the development of independent civic organizations, to promote civic culture and provide a space for ordinary citizens to educate themselves about the political process and to articulate their views. • Support the traditionalists against the fundamentalists: — Publicize traditionalist criticism of fundamentalist violence and extremism; encourage disagreements between traditionalists and fundamentalists. — Discourage alliances between traditionalists and fundamentalists. — Encourage cooperation between modernists and the traditionalists who are closer to the modernist end of the spectrum. — Where appropriate, educate the traditionalists to equip them better for debates against fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are often rhetorically superior, while traditionalists practice a politically inarticulate “folk Islam.†In such places as Central Asia, they may need to be educated and trained in orthodox Islam to be able to stand their ground. — Increase the presence and profile of modernists in traditionalist institutions. xii Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies — Discriminate between different sectors of traditionalism. Encourage those with a greater affinity to modernism, such as the Hanafi law school, versus others. Encourage them to issue religious opinions and popularize these to weaken the authority of backward Wahhabiinspired religious rulings. This relates to funding: Wahhabi money goes to the support of the conservative Hanbali school. It also relates to knowledge: More-backward parts of the Muslim world are not aware of advances in the application and interpretation of Islamic law. — Encourage the popularity and acceptance of Sufism.
  9. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    I agree. We are dealing with two major issues with this topic. One is the issue of hiding what you've done. The other is the Quranic injuction of "the chaste for the chaste & the unchaste for the unchaste". I think anyone would feel that a if both were unchaste (or chaste) there would be less strain on the marriage than one being unchaste and the other having waited until marriage (particualary if the chaste one doesn't find out until later). Of course you would want this to be discrete somehow. I suppose the ideal unchaste + unchaste marriage would involve both members being extremely fearful of Allah and always in constinant tobah (repentenance), with each one's shame fueling the other's. Also, zina is just haram - everything else related to it is haram also. Like making out kissing or whatever with a person you're not married too. They count just the same. (of course, Allah knows best). :D
  10. Islam In Lebanon!

    I'm not from Lebanon. I'm from Yemen. But there is obviously a TON of news about libnan and sooria these days. I thought there SHOULD be a thread on this. So here is a thread. Now start talking!
  11. deception of modesty

    HUH? Oh wait ... i see what you mean ... hahahh! yeah like all others are not even biologically compatible!! HAHA!! Yeah i guess it's like that. It's a mental block really. It happend again with me today - I saw a hijabi on the train coming home and all I did was stair at her. She wasn't the hottest girl in the world, and i could barely see her face (i was in a seat off to the side and rear) .. yet she was mesmorizing to me. [/b]It kind of brings out this warm, fuzzy, happy feeling inside.[/b] Salam.
  12. deception of modesty

    Ohh Brother .... I've seen SOOOoooo many of these "experiments" on other forums I could have given you the "answers" if you wanted CE. :D :D But anyways, here are my thoughts on the whole subject of what kind of muslim a brother would marry... I think that the pool of brothers in this forum are genrally more practicing than other Islamic forums I've visted. I would expect them to lean heavily on girls who cover up Islamically. Like myself they probably take notice of Hijabis on the street. Like those Levi's comercials where the guy and girl just stand in the elevator for like a minute but he imagines falling in love, getting engaged, getting married and having kids and all that and then >poof< the elevator dings and they continue on their seperate paths. I am just like that when I see a sister wearing hijab. It's like !DING! a light goes off and she's the one I feel, in the back of my head, I will have a reaslitic chance of marrying due to the feeling of a higher chance of success in said imaginary marriage. I grew up with all the women in my community wearing hijab and long robes that covered them. It's obvious that's the kind of imagry I have a "muslimah" and so that's what I look for when I look at "potential mates." I think it's a general rule that more "religiously consious" brothers are going to be biased in favor of girls who cover up. Notice that this entire converstaion has been centered on the "right" side of the debate. No one has really said anything about a "mini-skirt, t-shirt and baseball cap" as the muslim woman they would marry. Which of course takes us to the another form of this coversation(one that it almost always degenerates into) - the converstaion about girls that are "pious" and don't cover at all Islamically (like tight tights, mid-drifts, and flaming hair + "excuse me! I'm not that type of girl! I don't do that! I'm muslim!" attitude), vs the covered up girl who really has a boyfreind off-Firdays. I don't like to dwell on this subject - it's too depressing for me. I will only be looking for pious girls. And after that pious girls that don't have a problem with covering up. (I noticed that you asked for levels of covering up - like hijab+thobes, or hijab+abyah, or hijab+khimar - but still, they are all pretty decent compared to the norm in this society - NEW YORK CITY). I've noticed that the risdual echoes are saying that there are many many girls around here that are pious but are just not used to the hijab. And that amongst the pious girls there is a larger slice that wear hijab but have a problem with not wearing some form of slacks and long shirts (as opposed to long skirts/thobes only or abayah - particualry if they are still young). That's all cool and stuff, but still I would say that I would naturally be atrracted to the girl wearing hijab, especially in this city - because it takes a lot of guts to do that - especially in shcool. (There are more than plenty that are "wearing in front of parents"-hijabis, knowhatimean?) On a final note, I'm ENGAGED and my fiance always wears hijab and has different outfits while going out. She sometimes wears pants (that are auwfully loose) and skirts very often. Long sleaves and sweaters and such sometiems also. Indoors - well I don't know, it's not like we're living together yet!! But she has gone out in abyah also. She often wears light coats or jackets that help cover also. She is rather shy and bashful by nature (sometimes too much), and is very pious and practicing. We had a bit of a conversation about her wearing pants. She basically wanted my opnion on the matter. A part of me wanted to say no, cuz I'm affraid of how sexual it might seem, and I would rather like to see her in skirts. A part of me wanted to say yes cuz I wanted her to be happy (there was no question abuot loose pants - that's a given). She was very caring about my opinion, had I said I felt uncomfortable she wouldn't wear them at all. But of course I am the same with her. Which is why I was so split. But that's history. Another interesting topic is the Mulim/Non-Muslim dichotomy. Many of the arab women in our comunity are completely and utterly indeffernt abuot non-muslims seeing them on the street. For example, like my fiance, if she's wearing pants and it's only Americans then she couldn't care less what they thought and simply moved on. Of course, she ABOSLUTELY refuses to allow me to see her in pants. Not a chance - not ever! (I guesst that's her wierd shyness also). I do this too sort of. When I'm talking to American women I treat them in no different way than I do when talking to American men: I am completely oblivious to them as far as marriage or relationships go. But if ever I encounter a muslim girl (noticebly muslim; i.e.: hijab), I am completely different. I'm in another mode so to speak. It's like a swith automatically goes off in my head. When I speak I speak seriously and try not to say anything stupid and i "third-personly" noticed that I try to be as persentable as possible. Of course it would just totally if it turns out that she's not religiously consious at all!! That is like the most major let down. okokok -- that's too much of my time ... hope I didn't bore any of you .... but also hope that this was helpufl or informative to any of the sisters out there who were wondering what might be in the head of at least one brother. Salam.
  13. Islam in Yemen

    Yup - I'm Yemeni Also. From Yaffa! (il-Saadi region .... the town of Falasan) I love Yemen.