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  1. How Tall Are you ???

    salaams! i feel really tiny!! everyone is lots taller than me! i'm only 4 feet 10 inches (thats only 1 m 47 cm for you metric types!!) and... my hubby is almost 6 feet tall! i usually wear really high heeled shoes!!
  2. What's your blood type?

    salaams, A +
  3. Alhamdulillah..!

    salaams ! hippo bird day two ewes... (sorry - having an animal monent...) Happy Birthday to you!! (w00t)
  4. I'm getting married!!!

    aaaaaaaawwww!! thanx you guys!! we did it yesterday! it was luvvverly! i feel all mushy now from all your messages! :D :P :P :D :( :D :( :D :D :D :D :D :D when i get over it a bit... i'll post some pics!!
  5. Five daily portions of fruits and veg

    mmm! when in work i usually eat about 4 oranges through the day! i'm addicted! that's the hardest part about Ramadan for me!
  6. Ever been mistaken for you age?

    i keep getting asked when i will turn 16!! needless to say i am much older than that! ... i'm 25
  7. Typoooooooooooooooooooo

    Salaams, Autumn... 19 September!
  8. How old are you?

    Salaams evry1!! omg! i feel soooo old! i though you were all older than that! i'm not telling you my age cos you'll laugh and start calling me grandma!!
  9. How many reverts on the forum

    Salaams!! I am a revert from the UK - Wales to be precise!
  10. Your favourite names

    salaams... i've only got one of each! Insh'Allah i will think of more before i have more than 2 babies!! Boy - Elijah Girl - Ariana
  11. Inter-racial Marriages

    Salaams, I agree... i think its great!! My hubby-to-be is a different race to me and both his family and mine are fine with it! When our children are old enough to marry, race will not be an issue!
  12. Why are you a muslim?

    Peace Alma...and Salaams to the brothers and sisters on the thread... I am a Muslim because I believe that Allah (SWT) is the only God and the He created everything. I also believe that Mohammed (PBUH) is his prophet. That is why I am a muslim. How am I a Muslim? that is a different question... I follow the teachings of the Qur'an and observe the five pillars. That is how i am a Muslim. When am I a Muslim? every day and night since the day i was born until the day i die and beyond for all eternity. That is when i am a Muslim.
  13. What Nationality are you?

    salaams, I am British...
  14. Will Power

    omg!! POA and Amani... the thai chili crisps have gotta be the best in the world!!
  15. i dont get it

    Assalamu alaikum Don't ever go watch a movie..even if you do..don't ever post anything here :D hey there cheerio... what is thatr supposed to mean? :D