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  1. "thats Lucky"

    salaams i understand what you are trying to say , i mean i myself have a habit that is pretty similar to your own. but then again there is no harm in using these terms because it all comes down to the intention because not everyone knows arabic and therefore when it comes to replying a word of hope you can say it in any language but with a good intention. i prefer giving a quick duaa or something along those lines. at the end of the day, actions are according to intentions, and those are the words of no other than the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) himself. so if you say good luck say it whilst thinking i hope Allah has something good written in their taqdeer and when it comes to saying thats lucky well, you could say you lucky with such a good taqdeer. wasalaams
  2. Merchant Of Venice

    salaams whoa...guess u wont be needing my help here! i was pretty good at english but i barely scraped an A in this coursework (Merchant of Venice)! i think the only time i was awake was when we had to act it otherwise i was dead asleep or outside the classroom doing summat of my choice! but anyways u've got bro GC's example!
  3. Bush's Hotmail Id

    salaams lol nice one!
  4. No More Lipstick On The Mirror

    salaams yuk! thats sick and disgusting!
  5. learning Islam

    nah nah! ask sis mm...we won! seems like you're growing older means you got a weaker memory
  6. learning Islam

    salaams u won! stop taking all the cerdit bro...the girls won!
  7. My Meeting With Southafrican Brothers

    salaams no amani, bro al furqaan is right! sheikh zakariyya is actually the author of Fadhail e Aamal, not the founder of the tablighi jamaat group.
  8. Its Gonna Wreck My Brains

    JazkaAllah brother! i think thats one tough duty for me, sticking to a timetable! doesnt work!
  9. Its Gonna Wreck My Brains

    salaams ok...exams for madressa are arriving just around the corner, well i have three weeks to revise, this includes translating most of my hadeeths from the six authentic hadeeth kitaabs, memorizing the whole commentary (tashreeh) and Islamic jurisprudence behind the hadeeths and also making sure that i listen to the whole commentary and Islamic jurisprudence of bukhari and make sure i get up-to-date with my books. anyideas on whats the best way of approaching this huge task? :D
  10. learning Islam

    salaams guess it's been quite a while for you to revert to Islam brother. i just hope Allah keeps you strong and always guides you, inshaAllah. btw i cant believe soem people call you a sister, after all that is like giving way tooo much credit!
  11. Why parents go grey

    salaams LOL! reminder of the good old days...
  12. My Meeting With Southafrican Brothers

    salaams mashaAllah seems like the brothers are doing a good job and may Allah reward them for their acts. ameen.
  13. Super Model Reverts To Islam!

    salaams subhanAllah, thats mashaAllah beautiful.
  14. Describe The Person Above

    salaams amani...hmmm....gotta say shes one of the most hyper members of this forum, funny and arwa's best mate!
  15. Would You Live With Ur In Laws?

    salaams not fussed! :biggrin: