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  1. Fashion Takes A Vow Of Chastity

    This seems a lot like printing "Smoking will kill you" on all the cigarette cartons. Sure, people see it, but if you're picking up the carton you obviously don't care if you're gonna die from it or not :D
  2. Chained

    :D What are you doing on the internet making these posts? GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN!!!! :D :D :D :D :D haha j/k :D Anyway, housework, well, depends. If the husband works and the wife stays home, it's only fair imo that the wife does the housework. If they both work, maybe in shifts.
  3. :D My two favorite... ok 3... no maybe four.. lol Well, I really like Sheikh Abu Bakr ash-Shatery's recitation, also Sa'd al-Ghamidi and Ibrahim al-Jibreen (also his nasheeds), and Mishary Rashed al-Efasy. :D
  4. :D Yeah I noticed that too... they have their mustaches but no beard. I wonder if they're in Turkey or Egypt or somewhere like that?
  5. :D Nice recitations. I wonder something, in quite a few of the videos the qaris place their hands on their cheeks, almost like they're trying to cover their ears. Does anyone know why they do this? I've never seen anyone do it before :D :D
  6. I Quit!

    :D Alhamdulillah wa mash'Allah, mabrook brother :D So now that you have 10gb free, what are you gonna fill it with? :D
  7. Paying Zakat To Late?

    :D The zakat only becomes obligatory on you if you have more than the nisaab at any one given time. If you only earn say, $900 a month, and spend most of it, and the nisaab is $1200, you don't have to pay zakat at all. However, if you do save up your money and you ever have more than the nisaab, then note that date. Then, one year from then, figure how much money you have and pay the 2.5% on that. The problem with paying it monthly is that you're supposed to pay 2.5% of the final value, and the amount of money you have is constantly changing. What if you only have $2000, and so you pay a small bit of the zakat, but next month you suddenly get $10,000 somehow. Now you pay the zakat on that. But next month you have only $1000 again. Now you've paid more than you have to. So it's much better to save up the money, and then pay it all at once. 2.5% isnt' that much really :D Unless you're a millionaire.
  8. Paying Zakat To Late?

    :D I think you're taking about Zakat al-Fitr, which is one saa' of food given on Eid al Fitr correct? Yes, it is too late to pay it now, since you must pay it on the Eid day, before the prayer. The other Zakat, 2.5%, needs to be given 1 year after you acquire the nisaab (minimun amount to be eligible to pay zakat).
  9. My Story

    :D, beautiful story :D Glad to see that you are having a great life and married with kids, alhamdullillah. May Allah grant you more success, ameen.
  10. Firefox Users, Read This!

    :D No thanks, I'd rather not have spyware automatically run whenever I enter a website, have java pop up ads all over the place with NO WAY to block them, have to seperately download the "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]google[/url] toolbar just to not have popups, have to seperately download extra programs if I want cool extensions like adblock, flashblock, autoredirect, etc, and be stuck with the same boring skin. Of course you can stick with IE if you want... I mean, who really needs to be popup and spyware free? :D
  11. :D Mash'Allah, Allah has guided you away from your old life, and into the life of Ahl-As Sunnah :D
  12. Hugging

    :D There is one hadith in Sunan Abu Dawood where a man came and hugged the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) out of love for him. Book 9, Number 1665: Narrated Buhaysah al-Fazariyyah: My father sought permission from the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). (When permission was granted and he came near him) he lifted his shirt, and began to kiss him and embrace him (out of love for him). He asked: Apostle of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He replied: Water. He again asked: Prophet of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He replied: Salt. He again asked: Prophet of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He said: To do good is better for you. :D
  13. One Year So Far :)

    :D Forgot about that :D I was 15 when I reverted, and it was at the very end of October. :D edit woops I noticed in my reply I wrote december. That was when I started wearing hijab, so to everyone at school it was as if I became muslim in december. that was when I announced it. :D
  14. Why Should We Take Our Islam Seriously?

    :D bro, I personally think it boils down to the fear of entering Jahannam, and the love and desire to enter Jannah, insh'Allah. We take great care to avoid the haram because we do not want to anger Allah, and we take great care to do the fardh and sunnah so that we can please Allah and enter Jannah insh'Allah. The non-muslims (especially christians) on the other hand, only think you'll go to Hell if you're a TERRIBLE person, but people who aren't will go to heaven. In other words, they have no fear of the hellfire (or hardly any) and thus believe that it is useless to please Allah because they believe they'll go to heaven anyway as long as they don't kill people. :D
  15. One Year So Far :)

    :D, :D everyone thinks that for some reason. Although it prolly has something to do with most of my muslim friends being somali :D Lots of somali here in Seattle. Wallahi I love the food too :D Alhamdulillah, things are going well at the moment. Originally my mom and sister balked at my decision to become Muslim. My sister (who is athiest now) has since accepted it and is pretty interested in Islam (although she doesn't want to follow it unfortunately), while my mom simply allows it and doesn't really want to learn anything about it. I've made a lot of friends, although it's hard to see them all because I live halfway across the city and they're always out in Ranier or somewhere else going shopping on weekends :D lol I didn't have many non-muslim friends last year anyway (I reverted in *OCTOBER* and that was my first year at this particular high school, and I'm slow to make friends anyway) so the only people who were shocked were my classmates, the day I came in wearing hijab. They asked me if I was bald and I said no, and that was that. Of course this year those same classmates and former teachers stay away from me, prolly because I'm niqaabi. :D :D