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  1. Do You Know When Is Your Islamic Birthday?

    :sl: I actually don't know my real birthday, I know its somewhere in 1987 so i chose july 10 because I tried to match it with my Islamic birthday, I was certain i was correct until my father recently told me it doesnt work like that
  2. Cant Post Anywhere Else But Here

    :sl: Jazakallahu Khayr, it works now, thanks to bro dot
  3. Islam in CANADA!!!

    :sl: its not cold anymore, its raining.....
  4. :sl: I'm not a new member, I just cant seem to post anywhere else but here......
  5. I Need A Loan

    :sl: wohoo replies, jazakallah khayr, i'll get on it right away, i can get to mississauga its no biggie, but i'll try inshallah an see what happens
  6. I Need A Loan

    :sl: hope everyone is doing good inshallah, well I need a loan for school and I'm on a really tight budget now, I have a full course load an I cant afford to work, OSAP is not an option for me, so i'm looking for other methods, only halal methods hopefully. O yes I'm from toronto canada hence the term osap...., so if anyone can put me in the right direction I will be really greatful. My apologies if this is posted in the wrong section.
  7. Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wb

    :sl: welcome to the forum, ur sis did a good thing by introducing you to IF, hope you have a beneficial stay
  8. The Internet

    :sl: ^^ I agree, i chose more good, like one of the bro's said above the internet is just like life, its whatever you choose...bsides i dont kno how i would survive without the internet, most of the courses i take rely on the net
  9. Iyt's Ma Birfday!

    :sl: happy "birfday" hope you have a good one
  10. Medical Check Up Before Marriage

    :sl: oo so this thread is still running, I think i posted in here but i will post again anyways, I dont mean to offend anyone but i dont think alot of you realize the importance of a medical checkup. What if your spouse was infected with a disease, lets say Hep C, an you didnt get a medical check up before. That disease could spread to everyone around you without you knowing it. You would be putting yourself in danger an even your loved ones if you do not get a medical check up to cure it. How are we supposed to control diseases if noone wants to go to the doctor. There is nothing wrong with going to the doctor to be checked out. As a muslim it is our duty to protect our bodies and keep it healthy, there fore i recommend the medical checkup. Everyone is so worried about aids an std's but there are far more diseases out there.
  11. Random Incoherence

    :sl: i had eggs too Random: its been a long time since i came on gawaher, why does everything look so....wut is the word, symmetrical center i dont kno
  12. Islam in CANADA!!!

    :sl: there's a protest jan 20 downtown toronto, against ethiopian occupation an u.s airstrikes is anyone else going?
  13. Scary Story..read If You Dare.....

    :sl: loool that was sooo cute, im telling it to my lil sis, i wonder if she'll get it
  14. Would You Eat It?

    :sl: ^^ what a strange thing to immitate
  15. Matrix Table Tennis

    :sl: I thought this was too funny, I watched it so many times and it got me every time