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  1. Saleek (yumyum)

    Salam, This is a delicious dish indeed, I usually make it with lamb and Egyptian rice instead :sl:
  2. Saudi Arabian System Of Blood Money

    :D Those figures are inaccurate. families determine the amount of blood money that is to be paid, recently there was a case of schoolboys, one killed another in a fight. His family had to pay, by demand of the other family, 4 million SR.
  3. :D Inshallah usted consigue a través con su uso. Usted puede también solicitar la universidad en Makkah, Um al-Quraa
  4. :D Vivo aqui :D. Usted puede solicitar un trabajo y vivir aqui también, o comience un negocio. compruebe esto: sagia.gov.sa
  5. :D Crec? para arriba que hablaba francés inglés y que aprend?a en escuela. Ahora hablo arabe. Mi espanol es terrible :D
  6. :D hmmm... is it just my browser or this forum not compatible with spanish accent marks? :D are you all seeing the ? marks on some accents?
  7. :D Soy hermanos apesadumbrados, yo tienen muchos de cosas de hacer en este foro y mi propio foro como usted ve en mi firma. No soy ése grande en espa?ol porque crec? para arriba en Canad?, as? que soy mejor en inglés y francés y ahora ?rabe. He vivido s? en Makkah por los 4 a?os pasados de alhamdulillah. Soy originalmente en alguna parte cerca de Uruguay, yo le dejaré conjeturar... :D Intentaré estar alrededor m?s ahora que veo que est?n participando algunos otros. Siéntase por favor que libre fijar cualquier cosa que usted tiene gusto y que deja de estructura este foro en la lengua espa?ola para que cada uno beneficie. :D
  8. Surat Al Muddazir - El Envuelto

    :D :D ?para su poste beneficioso, comparta por favor mayor!
  9. Muslim Woman Abuses Her Baby- Poeple Blame Islam

    :D Islam does believe in exorcising the jinn, but that is done with Qur'anic recitation and absolutely not the above. The woman did that out of sheer ignorance, and out of cultural beliefs, nothing to do with Islam.
  10. Why I Always Visit Poor People

    :D Ekh.... curry flavored tea??? you made that up right? i'm sure she would have washed the pot before making tea , even poor people are hygienic :D
  11. Welcome To My Blog

    :D Congrats on your blog... Inshallah it will be successful and beneficial to all of us :D So like, wheres the Kebab ? :D
  12. Why I Never Visit Rich People

    :D LOL :D nice one Mujahada! Too much to choose from, if you only had one choice you gotta take what you get, no fuss :D
  13. Who's Seen "equilibrium"?

    :D Yes, you're right, and negative feelings are usually incited by shaytaan, and it is a must in Islam to control ourselves as much as we can, but not to the extent that we are emotionless beings. Islam is a religion of moderation, we are allowed to feel happy, sad, pleasure, disappointment, but never to the extent that it overtakes us totally. Taking pills would mean losing control of our judgement in certain situations, for example, if we totally let go of the emotion of hate, we might marry whomever we wished, an idolater or worse, for in Islam we hate for certain reasons and we love for certain reasons. too hard to explain :D i just think its silly to take pills to keep emotions in check ...
  14. Who's Seen "equilibrium"?

    :D Well that definitely gives some insight on human nature, not sure about Islam itself though. Its obvious that anger, greed, hate, conceit, envy, etc all have the world in chaos right now (just have to look at Iraq for an example).
  15. Wedding Lenghas!

    :D Don't know about Asian customs, but doesnt the bride usually buy her own wedding outfit? :D for the simple reasons stated in the above post?