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  1. Christmas

    Christmas is not a religious festival, it's more of a secular event these days. I don't equate saying 'merry christmas' with 'prostrating to the cross'. Christmas is a commercial event and has almost no religious ritual involved.
  2. Umrah

    The Saudi authorities will not let you through the airport unless you have a mahram. It states the name of the mahram on your Umra visa and if that person is not present, the Saudi's will give you problems. I certainly wouldn't advise women to be wandering in and around Jeddah and its airport without a mahram.
  3. Muslim Teen Makes History As First Miss England

    Why must we be so judgemental? Okay the Miss World contest is haram but if it doesn't concern us then we should not moan and groan about it. The winner is not related to any of us, the fact she's Muslim is incidental and what she does in her life is no business of yours or mine. Just let it be, mind your own and stop backbiting others who you don't know and haven't harmed you in any way.
  4. Uk Muslims Issue Bombings Fatwa

    It's not just the media. There are countless experts examining every millimetre of the blast scenes, CCTV footage, the background of the men involved etc. Call me naive but I don't think they will just lie about all this for whatever sinister reason. And it's possible the bombers were not intending to die, they were probably planning on just planting the bombs but the guy at the head of it all detonated the bombs, taking the 'carriers' with them. Still, even if they were planning on just planting the bombs does not make them less evil.
  5. Sex Education For Kids

    Parents can request their children be exempt from sex education from such an early age. The problem is that the government will try to resist attempts to stop sex education from junior schools because so many children are sexually active at young ages, which leads to teen pregnancies.
  6. Uk Muslims Issue Bombings Fatwa

    I was suspicious at first but it's looking quite ominous now. Give me evidence that it is a setup and I'd believe you.
  7. Uk Muslims Issue Bombings Fatwa

    What's the difference? Many Palestinian suicide bombers target israeli civilians, which makes them murderers. In Iraq, the number of suicide attacks is almost uncountable as there have been so many. And who are mainly the victims? You get the odd American soldier but the majority of those who are killed are innocent Muslim civilians minding their own business. So is it really that difficult to believe lunatics of the same mould as we see in Iraq and Palestine could operate in the UK? I don’t think it is that unbelievable.
  8. Uk Muslims Issue Bombings Fatwa

    Considering suicide bombings is hardly unique to Muslims I don't see why so many are having trouble accepting this. Not every Muslim is perfect I'm afraid and looking to Palestine and Iraq will confirm that we do have suicidal murderers in our ranks, so why the surprise?
  9. Uk Muslims Issue Bombings Fatwa

    Brother, even the families of the alleged bombers have accepted their boys were responsible, I think the rest of us should admit it too.
  10. A Message To Moslem's Form A Hindu!

    I don't see why we should be giving this guy any advice at all. He's come in straight from the off by attacking Islam and accusing us of being 'intolerent' (like the Hindu's of India are such warm, welcoming, tolerent people :D ) Find yourself a Hindu girlfriend, that's the best advice I can give you. Most of the Hindu girls I've ever known only seemed interested in having a boyfriend, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a woman from your own community.
  11. Suspected Bombers

    :D Whether they intended to blow themselves up will never be known. But they were the ones carrying the explosives and in all probability were planning to plant them somewhere. The people with the detonators betrayed these boys and sent them to their deaths along with 50 others. But if they truly were planning to attack civilian targets then I have nothing but contempt for them.
  12. Silence For The Dead.

    It's simply a sign of respect. Don't worry, you're not committing haram if you observe such a silence. :D
  13. Sisters Who Work

    :D After having kids I agree it's best for the mother to stay home with her children. But before the kiddies come along, it might be better if both spouses are working, especially if they live in the west, where the income of both is needed to have a decent life.
  14. Sisters Who Work

    I don't understand why brothers even find it an issue when they hear of sisters working. Seems perfectly normal and acceptable to me.
  15. British Muslims Proud Of Olympic Success Say Mcb

    Why shouldn't we be happy that the Olympics are coming to London? I live in London and am delighted we've won the bid to host the 2012 games. The benefits to the city and its inhabitants will be incalculable. And I'm a big fan of the Olympics and fully intend to go to watch some of the events (especially the football). Let's not be sourpuss Muslims and be happy about something happening in the country we live in.