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  1. Allah (God) Forbids Pork.

    Haha I can't believe so many people fall for this . It's an urban legend . The video you linked is a well known fake , the guy who made it admitted it on youtube . While undercooked pork can cause trichinosis this is extremely rare in developed countries . You're more likely to get it in poorer countries or from eating wild game that hasn't been cooked properly .
  2. The Function Of Mountains

    Yet more nonsense from the font of ignorance that is Harun Yahya :D Mountains are not pegs , they don't stop tectonic plates from moving and they certainly don't stop shocks. In fact the plate collisions that form mountains ranges mean most are in tectonically active regions and so have more earthquakes/volcanoes than non mountainous areas . Also Isostasy has nothing to do with this imagined function of mountains and is only thrown into the article to make it appear more scientific . :D {Moderator note} This post violated forum rule #22. Action taken. View (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]details[/url].
  3. Defiant Iran 'takes Another Step In Nuclear Ambitions'

    So Iran has doubled it's enrichment capability from insignificant to negligible. It will take many times more centrifuges to even approach weapons grade uranium by which time they will probably be producing plutonium at their HWR facility anyway. Unlike some I don't consider Iran any real threat even if they do obtain a nuclear weapon. What bothers me more is the risk of proliferation. Muslims may like to talk about unity but if Iran were to build a bomb I expect a few nearby countries would look at developing their own in reply as much for a status symbol as any true deterrent. Perhaps if the US hadn't been so eager to isolate Iran after the revolution they could have got the assistance they needed to build up a civilian program without resorting to hidden facilities and the stolen technology passed on by AQ Khan.
  4. Darwin & Racism

    Darwin would certainly be classed as racist in the modern world but at the time he lived it was a fairly common view . I often see that paragraph quoted as evidence usually copy/pasted from some cretinist website or other in some bizarre effort to discredit evolution . Of course if the people using this argument ever read the book they would find that Darwin ,despite the racism of some of his views , actually argues that mankind is one species and that 'races' are fairly arbitrary . Quite progressive for his times really .
  5. Polio

    Something similar happened in Nigeria a couple years back . Muslim clerics in a northern state claimed there was a plot to sterilize the women . The vaccination program was boycotted and polio spread through other areas of Nigeria and into neighbouring countries . This sounds like more of the same fear and ignorance . The real shame is that polio was almost eradicated (and should have been in 2005 according to WHO targets) but now we see it increasing among poorer nations again .
  6. Uk Teacher Suspended Over Veil

    Yes that is my main problem with this . I have no argument with a teacher wearing the veil if it does not affect the students but she should have been more honest . She is obviously qualified so perhaps would be better off in a muslim or all girls school where male colleagues would be less of an issue .
  7. Universities Urged To Spy On Muslims

    As someone who works at a UK university I find the idea offensive . Let's face it students are well known for testing political extremes usually on the left wing . I mean where else do you find so many communists outside of china , not to mention all those anarchists :D It's only natural for some muslims to embrace more extreme versions of their own ideologies but like everyone else they usually grow out of it . While my university had trouble in the past with a small group of muslims ,who thought it fun to hand around anti-jewish pamphlets and invite speakers from Al-Muhajiroun , the miniscule numbers involved do not justify this sort of action . Especially as it was other muslim students who helped control their misguided fellows .
  8. Uk Teacher Suspended Over Veil

    She admitted a man was present at the job interview although she was reluctant to answer the question and also admitted she didn't tell them that she intended to wear a veil in the school . She made the admission during a live tv interview with BBC news .
  9. Uk Teacher Suspended Over Veil

    I notice that Gulfnews article omits the fact that she didn't wear her veil during the job interview - with a male governor . Surely if her principles are so important she would have kept it on then and made clear her intentions . It seems like another manufactured 'cause' for various equality groups .
  10. Islam Tames Lawless Somalia

    If Somalis are happy with Islamic rule then I don't see a problem . The ICU have certainly improved life for many after years of chaos . I do think people concentrate too much on American opinion considering Ethiopia and Eritrea are more likely to yet again use Somali militias as proxies for their own squabbles . I also wonder whether the Somaliland issue can be solved without sparking another civil war .
  11. Blood For Oil Program

    It's not unusual for these sort of surveys to give exaggerated figures but that should make no difference . The undeniable fact is that far too many have died directly or indirectly as a result of the invasion of Iraq and sadly more will die .
  12. Praying On Planes?

    The only time I've been worried on a flight is when i was sat across the aisle from a large man who was wearing pale baggy clothes with a white cap and a large bushy beard speaking loudly in a language few could understand . He upset enough people that security escorted him away once the plane landed . I should perhaps point out he was a drunken Scot . I'll take the devout muslim over that anytime :D
  13. Evilution sucks and Japanese make nice cars perhaps ? :D
  14. Thin-skinned Ahmadinejad Closes Two Reformist Newspapers

    I believe Mark Twain's original quote referred to reading the newspaper but 'watching news' is more relevant these days . Perhaps a more appropriate Twain quote in this instance would be : "The devil's aversion to holy water is a light matter compared with a despot's dread of a newspaper that laughs."
  15. Well many muslims seem to take an old earth creationist view so they will just dismiss it as a prehistoric ape . I have recently noticed a worrying increase among muslims of the idiocy that is young earth cretinism in which case they would dismiss it as a modern ape with deformities and ignore the age because they don't accept any radio-dating (unless it agrees with them of course) Obviously as a godless heathen with an interest in evolution I find the discovery amazing though I expect to see much drivel from cretinists on other forums :D
  16. Save On Fuel, And Earn Telling Other People.

    I'm still waiting for some comprehensive tests to be done on these . A couple of friends are trying them and see a small drop in emissions but little change in mpg . I've heard these are based on old additives that were designed for vehicles running on leaded fuel which would explain why newer unleaded cars would see little effect on emissions . I also wonder if the claim of increased mpg/power by improving fuel combustion would do much in a modern car with a decent EMS . I'm very sceptical of this product but then I think many MLM schemes are little more than pyramid scams . Time will tell I guess , with so many guinea pigs testing it for them sooner or later we'll see some real results .
  17. Dutch Minister Stirs Shari`ah Debate

    While I suppose it is theoretically possible for shariah to be introduced into a secular democracy by a muslim majority in practical terms it is all but impossible . For one thing muslim numbers in the west have grown mostly through immigration and no country could support the massive numbers needed to allow a majority to form . Conversions are statistically insignificant in comparison so outside of an invasion it's not very likely . In the Netherlands case they would also run into problems with their membership of the EU . Shariah would conflict with things like the ECHR so not only would they need to rewrite large parts of their own laws/constitution but they would also need to either renegotiate their EU treaties or more probably be forced to leave which would cause even more problems . I imagine many non-muslim Dutch would also leave at the first opportunity in such an event which would almost certainly cripple whatever sort of state was left . I'm just glad it won't happen . I enjoy visiting my Dutch friends and I don't think I have enough room for them all if they had to leave :D
  18. Iran Unveils Fighter Plane

    I heard about the Saegheh a few years ago when it was being developed . Apparently Iran based the design on its old F5s (obtained before the revolution) which would leave it overmatched by most modern fighters and hopelessly outclassed by the latest F18s . What's most significant is Iran being able to produce their own aircraft which is certainly better than continuing to rely on old US fighters like the F4/F5 and F14 which are obsolete even without Iran's inability to buy spare parts from the US . The more interesting development is the Shafagh fighter which appears to be based on the Mig I-2000 design though whether it will still be competitive when Iran can produce it is another matter . The US,Russia and Europe all have much more experience in cutting edge fighter design not to mention much larger budgets for it so it's extremely unlikely that Iran could produce comparable aircraft without massive help .
  19. ~ Nuke Program " Legitimate If Pecaeful " ~

    I quite agree that Iran should be entitled to develop nuclear power and indeed should be able to obtain help and technology from the more advanced nuclear nations . As long as they are willing to allow full inspection now that their production plants have been uncovered it makes more sense to cooperate with them unless there is evidence of weapons programs . The problem appears to have been caused by Iranian government attempts to hide their uranium enrichment and heavy water production facilities . If they had been honest with the IAEA from the start they might have avoided this pointless standoff , instead they gave the appearance of concealing possible uranium and plutonium routes to weapons grade material . I find it quite funny that so many worry about the uranium enrichment when the heavy water reactor they are building would be a far easier way to produce weapons in much the same way India,Pakistan,israel and North Korea have and I expect that Iran will achieve similar capability . The one thing all those nations have in common is feeling threatened by neighbours giving them reason to want a nuclear deterrent . Compare that to the more advanced nuclear nations where only a handful feel the need to keep nuclear weapons despite most being capable of such production and perhaps it might be better to make Iran feel secure enough not to need such things by dealing with them fairly .
  20. ~ For Jews Only! ~

    israeli Arabs should be just as entitled to the loans as Isreali Jews after all their businesses will have suffered just as much during the war . Such discrimination should be opposed and I hope they do take the people responsible to court . I'm quite appalled that anyone could actually hold such vile sentiments , especially considering what arab countries did to their own jewish communities since israel was created . You talk about jews in Yemen but as far as I'm aware only a few hundred remain from the tens of thousands once there . A similar pattern is seen all over the middle east and africa where muslims persecuted and drove out almost all the jews on a scale that would be called ethnic cleansing in the present .
  21. The Quran And Science Conflicts,agreements Etc

    I don't think he ever converted to Islam which is odd if he truly believed all the stuff he wrote . Most non-muslims consider him little more than a charlatan who made a lot of money peddling pseudoscience to muslims . Various rumours have him being paid by the Saudi royal family to write the book (he was their physician) and also writing it in anger at the Catholic church (of which he was a member). He was one of the instigators of the modern muslim hobby of shoehorning any bit of science into the Quran that can be matched with vague verses . One thing I've never understood is why these people who claim to have the true divine religion spend so much effort appealing to science for validation . Very few non-muslims are likely to take much notice after all , we've seen this sort of thing before and it was just as ridiculous when christians did it . :D
  22. Nasrallah Admits He Screwed Up !

    Well let's just hope that now Hezbollah and israel have seen each others complete disregard for civilians they will in future negotiate first instead of starting pointless wars that do little except harm the people they claim to be defending .
  23. A Card Game Called Illuminati

    No it means you seem to have an increasingly bizarre set of conspiracists . I mean I expect to see lots of theories revolving around Neocons or Zionists on a muslim website but you have managed to expand it to include Iran , Hezbollah , the Illuminati and now a games designer . Though you do seem to add your own twist by making Al Qaeda your innocent heroes who are being framed by whoever it is . Oh and in reply to thezman : Their evil plans are foiled (sorry I just couldn't resist , we now return you to your scheduled dose of paranoia)
  24. A Card Game Called Illuminati

    Shhhh Anthony , don't say anything in case 'they' are reading this thread . I'm not quite sure who 'they' are this week . It's kinda hard to keep up with newnew but I would suggest you take precautions . (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ericisgreat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/tinfoilhats/index.html"]This may help[/url] :D
  25. What The Hell Has Happened To The Israeli Army?

    What about all the jews (and their descendants) that lived in the middle east before israel was created ? The Arab nations have been quite successful in driving most of them out of everywhere except israel . I get the impression you want to finish the job and create a 'pure' middle east . Perhaps you'll give the arab jews a liferaft or swimming lessons before you throw them in :D