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  1. Rejecting A Muslimah?!

    Asslamu Alaikum I personally think that if everything else about one of the sisters seems right for you and the hijab factor is the only thing holding you back, then consider her anyways, who knows, Allah hu Alim, maybe you are what she needs to help give her strength to do so once you are married. Make alot of du'a for Allah SWA to guide you to whatever is best for you.
  2. How Much Can You See Of A Woman?

    :D Does "head" here imply the whole head inclusive of the hair?
  3. :D In Australia, most people I've heard from started today, Wednesday the 5th of october.
  4. Pride And Prejudice?

    :D It's my all time favourite novel, I just love it, everything about it. Jane Austen is just so witty, her observation of human nature is really quite spot on.
  5. To The Sisters Out There....

    :D I think the best way that I would like someone to go about it, is either through some other female they know who I know, eg sister, cousin etc. Get them to approach me say so and so is interested to get to know you for marriage, and I'll go ok tell him here's my dad/bro's number call them and we'll set up a meeting. If he's willing to go straight to my dad or even worse my brother he's worth considering. If he approached me face to face, I'd just be in shock proabably give him a hard cold look and walk off, defence would be up. Either that or just go straight to one of my family members.
  6. Is It Allowed?

    :D This isnt exactly what you are looking for but its is similar inshaAllah it helps. It involves viewing/ disecting dead bodies. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=17585&hl="]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=17585&hl=[/url]
  7. Misa Uws Bankstown Monthly Lecture

    :D Seeing as I missed this one, brother do you know when the next one is on? Is there info about the monthly lectures at the uni, like in the musallah or something?
  8. Curious About Someone's Actions

    :D I think that most likely it had nothing to do with you or even anyone else in the room at the time. I think she was thinking of something that happened earlier laughed, looked up, accidently caught eye contact with you, realised you might think she was laughing at you so hurriedly looked away. All of these thought processes happend within a few seconds. It happens all the time, you can be walking with friends and talking and smile or laugh at something while looking around, you accidently get eye contact with someone and they think the expression is directed at them, when really it was just accidental.
  9. How Much Housework

    :D I'd say somewhat. It all depends though, I dont really have a routine or chore that is solely my responsibilty, my mother by far does the most around the house, but I try to do as much as I can. We kinda take it in turns if she has alot on I do the cooking etc and if I'm having a busy week, like exams or something she makes my sisters do more. When my parents were overseas though, I took on the "Mum" role and did pretty much everything, but I made my sisters pull their weight, we didnt fall apart like I though we might. :D
  10. Why?

    :D For me I have always been raised as a muslim but I feel in some ways like a revert or a convert in that until about two years ago I was more a blind believer, I just followed what I was raised to believe is right, but as I started to research and learn things for myself my convictions only became stronger so I feel kinda renewed like a new believer. Also there is something else I cant exactly explain like a feeling, a connection, a fullfillment, a high, a contentment, I dunno, but I would not trade it for anything. I feel like I see everything so clearly. :D
  11. Forensics...

    :D :D for the link brother, but it didnt work for me the page didnt load, but thanks just the same, and sister honey eyes :D thank you thats exactly what I wanted to know.
  12. Favorite Quotes

    :D I like this part of a quote I think its fairly accurate and it reminds me that to make a change you dont have to be part of the majority. "At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities " Acton
  13. Forensics...

    :D There are two main querries I have the first is, Islamically what is the view on studying forensic science, which would involve performing autopsy? I'm asking that on behalf of my cousin. I also want to know what is the perspective on viewing cadavers, or preserved bodies as part of a science class? Wasalams
  14. Fasting Because You Are Unmarried

    :D There are alot of things I am really sad and disappointed to see and hear about. I just pray that Allah keeps me on the straight path always, its my biggest fear that when I'm older I might turn out like other people who seemed so strong during their youth, and then I just dont know what happened to them. :D I'm sorry brother I dont know the hadith you are refering to either. There seems to be a general theme amongst some of the brothers and in particular the sisters that posted that they dont notice any difference when fasting and not, I think I fit into this catagory myself, but like I said before I think it applies more to people who would be prone to commit the act or the like, in the first place, if you understand what I mean.
  15. Why Are We Lagging So Far Behind?

    :D I have issues with the noble prize being seen as a goal and attaining it to be some huge success :D . People do so much everyday working so hard and it can just be little things but their constancy is just amazing, like my mum, and my dad and probably all your parents', and then you have brothers and sisters on this forum who we can see are doing so much to help us, and there are so many more people in the community who are struggling everyday to help others around them, they dont need a noble prize, God sees everything, and we will all get our due reward whether that ends up being punishment or reward.