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  1. What Do You Like About Islam?

    I love Islam because Islam is Islam. Islam is from Allah and it is for me. Islam brings me to Allah. Islam connects me with Allah. Islam introduces me about Allah. Because with Islam, I can reach Allah. I love Islam because I want to be loved by Allah. Owh Allah! Please make all these words that I say are coming from my heart, not the tongue. Aameen.
  2. How Many Of You Would....

    Peac Bro Gnuneo, Let say, in 10 years to come, when the AIDS and HIV has become the most dangerous and widspread diseases, would u give a consideration to your 12 0r 14 son or daughter (whose their journeys are still too long and far, yet have soooo much thing to achieve... ) if they ask to have sex before marriage and they refuse to wait for anything? just asking.. peace!
  3. Men, Would You Marry A Woman Older Than You?

    Salam alaik. I would inshAllah, marry to a man who is 6 years older than me,.. (he must be at least 6 years older than me... ) i wouldnt marry to man younger than me... But Allah, knows and deide everything...
  4. I Want Isabella

    Salamalaik Alhamdlillah... got it!! Thanks very2 much.. All praise be to ALllah. May Allah bless ya. Ameen. :sl:
  5. I Want Isabella

    Salam alaik sis Mehnaz I cant download it. Do you have any other url? did try for many times, :sl:. It failed to be downloaded.
  6. I Want Isabella

    Salam alaik brothers and sisters in Islam. As mentioned above, im looking for a novel titled ISABELLA. Attached is the cover of the book. Im in MALAYSIA and have been looking for the book for years but there's no more. My friends told me that the book is still in publishing in some western countries? If anyone outside has any idea to help how can I get the book, please respond. P/S: If theres anyone who wills to help me get the book via airmail, it would be better coz I would love to have its hard copy. Ill pay the whole cost.
  7. Why I Reverted

    Salamalaik. MashAllah. A Very nice story. It touches me a lot. Sometimes, it become so strage to see the born Muslim people who never understand the teachings of Islam even they read the Quran daily. Alhamdlilllah, Allah show you His light. Then, its the time for you to share this 'gift' with all your friends who dont become a Muslim yet. Yeah, why dont your mormon friend revert to Islam eh? p/s: Hmm.. romantic story. Its so lucky to gain 2 loves in one time. The love of Allah, and the love of those who love him - your wife. :D
  8. Sister....dont Laugh At My Beard..lol

    Salam alaik Thanks for correcting anyway. This is an khilaf matter. Each side has their own hujja based on Quran and Sunnah. In furuq matter, we are given the choices to make. So, whateva the decision is, all we have to do is respect others views. Anyway brother, I respect your view about this matter and yeah, did read the thread of the link. And I have learnt and my own choice to choose. Khilaf matter is something that would end to discuss on. Anyway, I appreciate you for this. BarakAllahufik inshAllah.. Salam alaik.. :D
  9. Business?

    Salam alaik Hmm.. Seriously he is the smartest business man.. See business in everything.. including in his son's marriage matters! Hehe.. Neway, enjoy reading this!
  10. Sister....dont Laugh At My Beard..lol

    Salam alaik Yeah... Reading the poem makes me laugh out loud at this silent night... LOL... But yeah, I hope we brothers and sisters do understand that its not wrong for shaving beards but just it is highly recommended in Islam to let it grow and trim it nicely, just like our Prophet PBUH do. Hehe.. Because I feel dissapointed with some people who have the faith that, people who keeps beard are much2 better, wiser, devouter, what so ever than those who dont and the other way round. Let us see Islam in a perfect vision, InshAllah... But to say, beard is attractive ( I mean, cool ) - doesnt a matter ... Let us just dont judge people by the existence of their beards ... ( Like some my friends always do ... ) :D Good job anyway! Salam alaik
  11. What Is Your Real Name?

    Salam alaikum everyone. Just dropping by to ask everyone what is their real name? Hehe.. Then, it would be better if you guys tell others too what does the name means. Okey? Let me start first eh? My name is Sharifah Zahidah Bint Syed Nooh. What about you all? This would be fun to know our brothers and sisters real name rite? Waiting for your replies!
  12. Dua For Luffy/panthera

    Salam alaikum... Er.. Brother Panthera, is that me who are you looking for? Lol.. Kidding.. :D InshAllah.. ull be in our duas.. InshAllah.. pray the same for me too eh.. Allah always listenst to His slave's prayers. So, never give up on praying! As Allah said in one hadith qudis, "Inni Ma'aa Abdi Zhanni".. which means, "Indeed, I will always be in my slave's comprehension towards me." Ameen for the duas.. Salam alaikum..
  13. Think You're Smart Try These.....

    Yeah... same as here!! Lol.. I passed only the 1st and 3rd question. I dont even understand the 2nd qstn so just ignore it. And the 4th question... *lol*. I wonder, how could a smart girl like me could not think the rite answer for the 4th qstn? Eheh.. Kidding! Nice post anyway! It really makes me smile! Salam alaikum.
  14. Unmarried Sisters

    Salam alaikum.. What is fist-length? Lol. I dont know what is that so could not vote for this. However. Beard is doesnt even a matter. If I really love him then of course I wont care about his beard anymore but his deen and knowledge only.
  15. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    Salam alaikum everyone. Sis Guidance.. what is nawafel prayers? is nawafel an arabic word? Erm.. seems to me only Aussies are launching this thread eh? What about Islamic Universities and courses in Australia? Which university has the biggest population of Muslim students? And which place is safe to make dakwah there? I mean, has there been a case where muslim being threatened or etc? Salam alaikum.