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  1. Making Digital Video Camera Work..

    :D :D bro. Yeh I know Xp has some built in software but am using windows 2000 :D
  2. Making Digital Video Camera Work..

    :D yeh thats it! I know how to plug it in and stuff but what software shall i use? :D btw .. sorry am a bit ditzy when it comes to computers :D :D
  3. Making Digital Video Camera Work..

    :D the thing is i dont know what the port is called. theres two of them and there right at the bottom? :D It's not the standard Usb port i Know that ;s
  4. Assalamualikum wa'rahmathulahai wa'barakathu Does anyone know how I can make my video camera work on PC. It had DV studio to make it work but that doesn't work on windows 2000 and I tried DL the trial version of Dv studio 9 but it didnt work.. err.. Anyone got any other suggestions :D oh btw it's a Panasonic NV-DS55B and I couldnt find driver for it either.. :D
  5. Firefox Users, Read This!

    well I prefer firefox.. no pop ads and the search bar is quite kewl :D
  6. Firefox Users, Read This!

    Walikumasalam wa'rahmathulhai wa'barakathu Oh .. well my IE doesnt work lol so I dont bother with it. Yes I am from Huddersfield.. is that a bad thing ;s
  7. Internet Explorer V Firefox

    Assalamualikum wa'rahmathulhai wa'barakathu I prefer Firefox, its WAY better than IE. Well my IE doesnt work at all lol but it was useless anyway :D
  8. Firefox Users, Read This!

    :D :D bro that did make it faster.. :D btw how do u figure out stuff like this :[##][/##]
  9. Insomnia

    :D nearly 5am and am not tired at all :D
  10. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    :P Ameen to that :D you get people who dont dont practice Islam everywhere its not just afghanistan people init. anyhoo i hope to marry an afghan one day :D
  11. Cheating?

    :D its cheating simply because there will be people have studied for the exam an it wouldn't be fair on them.
  12. two questions..

    :D I am here... but then again im new :D
  13. Does it ever Happen to you?

    :P it doesn't happen to me at home but when I go college I feel like a complete outkast.. but it doesn't bother me.. oh yeah im a bit of a loner so that might be another reason :D
  14. ever seen a man die ?

    :sL I kinda felt liek that when my grandma passed away :D
  15. that brought a tear to my eye :D Hope you find a nice wifey Insh'Allah :D