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  1. Muslims Speaking Out Against Extremists.

    as salamu alaikum A close family friend of ours works at the Islamic centre where i live, and he was interviewed by the BBC's Newsnight a week or so ago, to comment about the allegation that muslims are not doing enough to stop extremisim etc. In the interview he mentioned all the different activities they have done withint he Islamic centre to help young muslims be a part of the community, to educate them, to keep them occupied, to mix with good company, to educate non muslims about Islam and it's history and teaching, plus a lot of work with the police, courses organised to help the police deal better with muslims within the community in order not to cause offense as well as a committment to help them if there is any suspicion that any extremists ideas are flying around. But with allt his there is a price, and i mean it literally. The government is not offering any financial support to such activities so Islamic centres and Masjids are having to cosntasntly find funding elsewhere and raise money in other ways. If the government wants muslims to do more then it needs to offer them the financial ability to do so as well as support.
  2. bleachcola, (interesting choice of name btw) i dont even know where to start in replying to you! you sure have been busy. i dont really have time to go through your replies this minute but i will get back to you in a day or two.
  3. i was not referring to what the arabs have achieved recently, i was simply replying to the statement that Islam somehow stunted the growth of knowledge at earlier times. you should however keep in mind that many foreigners, many of them arabs contribute a great deal in the west with regards to research and new technology.
  4. the point you miss is that is that although they may use Islam as their banner, that those leaders are far from Muslims, or are their laws Islamic. therefore, Islam in itself is not the problem, it's those who misuse it. if you look through the site i posted above, you will see we are indeed referring to different times. as your comment that the west needs to deal with it, because we're apparently not evolving socially....it's a very arrogant remark, the way in which the west helps only seems to further deepen the social divide between the muslim world and the west, and the thing you seem to not understand is that the west's involvment in the ME is not as greatly appreciated as some like to beleive. starting wars, making friends with bad regimes, giving aid to occupiers on muslim land, is not always the best way to 'deal' with those 'barbaric Arabs'.
  5. u might want to view this site: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.1001inventions(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]www.1001inventions(contact admin if its a beneficial link)[/url] it might give you a little more insight and let you re analyze your skewed idea that Islam was the reason for the decline in the ME.
  6. firstly, the main reason your arguments seems so all over the place is because you really do not have a clear picture of what Arabs are truely like, which could be due to a number of things. such as never having visited the region, or mixed with many Arabs, or that your views are just a simplistic generalisation which you formed through all the crap in the media, or all the above! secondly, most Arab countries are run by regimes, which eat up all the country's wealth and resources, making people live in very poor conditions, with low wages if they're lucky enough to find a job. in the streets in Egypt you find university graduates cleaning shoes on the street because they cant find work. what the average person worries about is how they are going to survive day to day, to keep a roof over their heads and be able to feed their family, they dont sit like you and me in the comfort of our computer screens and try to decide what they should or shouldnt be doing. when the ME was the most advanced society in the world, it was controlled by Islam, i am pretty sure of that. and the reason it has declined is because of the regimes that opress the people. your argument is flawed because you'd rather not accept that in actual fact Islam does not condone much of the action carried out in the name of Islam, or that leaders of the Arab world are in fact are misusing Islam in order to opress their people. the world is not as simple as you'd like to perceive, one thing which irritates by some westerners is their belief that everyone should be living the way they do, and if they dont then they're automatically wrong. well most people dont want to live the western lifestyle, everyone has their own culture, their own beleifs, their own way of life, and should have the right to live it how they want not how you want. another point, is that the action of terrorists, especially within the ME itself, like what happened in jordan and Egypt, is more of a blow to the Arabs in those countries than to the west, firstly because most of those who end up being killed are the Arabs and secondly because many of them make their living out of tourism in those areas, so if westerns stop going because theyre scared of terrorist attacks then it's those Arabs who suffer not the westerners who choose a different destination to go holidaying to the next year.
  7. Do You Think Women Should Have Equal Rights?

    darla, no noor actually means light, NoorAlHuda is the light of guidance, it's actually my oldest daughters name :D I dont actually currently live in the ME, but i did when i was younger, and travel there pretty much on a yearly basis for holidays and to visit family. tough question, i do beleive when shariah law is PROPERLY leading a society, then the issues which women suffer from, such as arranged marriaged, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, rape and so on, will also be dealt with, it might take time for people to accept because the problem in many of these countries is that they are goverend by man made laws that are tribal and simple based on tradition and culture and nothing to do with religion. one example which i was discussing before with a friend was, that her family comes from a very big tribe in our home country and own a lot of land there, so now they decided they would share out the land and sell it and give their profits to the rest of the tribe. i asked how this money from the land was going to be shared out, and according to the tribal law the only people who get any share in the land or money are the male relatives only, all the women get nothing. now this is purely a tribal law, if this was actually sorted out under shari'ah law then it would be faily shared out to both sexes. and the problem is that when people see the way some muslims behave or how 'islamic' countries behave they automatically assume it's the done thing Islamically, when in most cases it is nothing to do with religion at all. sorry for waffling!, but yes i think over time if shariah law was properly implemeted, then womens issue would be dealt with fairly. CHTHON, that story is incredibly sad, but you cannot base your judgement of people on what one idiot has done. the way i prefer to deal with people is as individuals, we're all different, even when we follow the same religion we are still different, just because he tried to kill his wife for being a victim of rape doesnt mean that every muslim guy is going to react this way. take darlas advice on how to discuss issues properly, because your statement is like me saying, i saw a christian guy beat up his wife, therefore all christian men must beat up their wives. it is illogical and no one is going to take u seriously with arguments that have no depth.
  8. Do You Think Women Should Have Equal Rights?

    just to answer darlas question briefly. i find it doesnt really help when someone asks a question that all replies seem to get defensive, even though its great to see people defending Islam, the question was clear that she realized the difference between Islamic law and what so called Islamic countries portray as shariah laws. and when it comes to sensitive issues regarding the treatment of women in the ME as well as many other Islamic countries, we prefer to shy away from it and paint an ideal of what it should be. i've lived in the ME, it concerns me the cultural traditions and practices which effect women, and which place women as second class citizens. with regards to education, work, marriage and so on. none of which is Islamically based. yet, we dont really voice our concerns over this. probably because the vast majority of us are in many was not affected by it or dont realize it happens, but we do need to voice our concerns, and get clued up on these issues, especially muslim women. when you read the Islamic history and the importance and value women had at the time it makes you wonder how mixed up some cultural values with regards to women really are. and about the rape issue, just because less are reported in the ME doesnt mean it is any better, the problem with the ME is that when a woman is raped it is kept secret and not talked about let alone even reported to he police. which is a huge problem, because 1, the rapist is never found and can go and commit similar acts on other women and 2. the poor woman whose raped doesnt receive any help in dealing with what has happened to her.
  9. :D Arab media has made me completely the opposite
  10. where did i get this idea? from living in the west. jokes aside, racist comments which cause harm or as the case with the BNP, where it can incite hatred and violence, is illegal, i never meant if i was to make a joke about an Asian i'd be put in jail, but if i was a member of the BNP and was inciting hatred towards other races then i would be looking at legala ction against me like the BNP leader has had against him. Therefore all those BNp members dont have the freedom in order to express their opinions of hate publicly. so how can you say we all have the right to freedom of speech when certain sections of society clearly dont, and shouldnt have.
  11. We're All Going To Die!

    :D familiar....very familiar...... anyway.. welcome to the forum :D
  12. Chechen Mujahideen Blast Hamas Hypocrites!

    how old are you?! lets take you 'john' idea as an example of how life is not so simple.... 'John' is massacring your brothers and sisters in another country, 'john' however, is a big political power, and 'john' offers you help in order to establish and regain your power in your own country, to enable you to actually do something for your own people, and perhaps in the future once you have enough power be able to do somethign also for those people that 'john' is massacring. and lets not forget, when you get all doors closed in your face, even when you got into power through 'democratic' elections that were supposedly supported by the west, until they realized they didnt like who actually got elected, thn at that stage you look to others to help you. ofcourse just because in front of the media you play the politics game, shake hands with a few imbeciles, doesnt mean you agree with them, support them or would ever want to be friends with them. the idea that somehow Hamas, after all the years they've fought against occupation and the killing of their own people would then, begin to be 'friendly' and agree with another country that is doing exactly the same is pathetic. politics is a dirty game, and there is no political group or leader who hasnt played the game in order to better their peoples lives and ensure that they have enough support to stay in power and make a difference, does NOT mean they agree with what Russia is doing, and does NOT mean they're all buddy buddy with Russia now. and life maybe simple, but the fact is it's us humans who live it, so if humans are the ones who make life difficult, it therefore means that life is not simple :D good day :D
  13. Chechen Mujahideen Blast Hamas Hypocrites!

    i dont think the issue with the chechen-russian conflict is that people dont care, but rather that there is just not enough coverage on the situation, and in the west the only coverage we seem to receive is when the Chechans attack the Russians and never when it's the other way round. The problem seems to be that when a powerful country like russia, with a military, and weapons bombs and kills huge numbers of people in so called 'defence' it's deemed fine, especially when we never hear about the numbers that are actually being killed. however when 'rebel' groups in chechnya, without any sort of state recognition, not training, no recognized military set up tries to protect themselves and their people it's looked at and treated differently. I cannot agree with the way in which the chechyans have acted out towards the Russians, especially with regards to the school hostage taking. but when we as individuals actually understand the extent of human suffering that these people feel and suffer from then we begin to understand how desperate someone can become. and the fact that so little help is given tot he chechyan cause, nothing much in the media about their suffering, not even in muslim countries, or even among muslims in general. it is a good idea however, to keep posts on chechnya going. perhaps not going too indepth, but basic info on the conflict would be good, as i dont think many people really know much about the situation. As for hamas, i have to say i was suprised also, i thought russia would be one of the last countries the palestinian authority would be 'friendly' with, but as someone has already said, politics is a dirty game, and hamas need whatever help they can get if they are to maintain their political position and power in palestine, without sufficient aid and buisness from outside they wont get very far in improving the lives of their own people. everyone has their own agenda.
  14. that is not the case, although i can agree with you that you can disagree with something but defend someones right to say it, but that is not always the case, and one must be very careful as to what is supposedly deemed as 'freedom of speech', because the idea is way too broad, we dont have complete freedom of speech and probably never will, and for good reason. i cannot in a national newspaper for instance give a racist opinion about black people, or Asians for instance. and i'm glad we dont have that right to give that opinion, because it is offensive. and you may argue that something will always been deemed offensive by someone, ofcourse it will be, but lets be logical here, the fact u prefer coke and someone else prefers pepsi is hardly something large numbers of people are going to care too greatly about. but when a national newspaper decides to print cartoons of the prophet (pbuh) as a joke for everyone to laugh at, considering that 1. muslims would never in any way show pictures of any sort of what the prophet, or any prophets look like, and is prohibited in Islam. and 2. consideing the political tension between the west and Islam it seems a very stupid idea to then print pictures that were offensive to that group of people. and i have to say, i dont think the reaction would have been like this had the political situation been different. i've read worse things in national newspapers being said about Islam and the prophet and didnt even get anything like the response these cartoons received, because they were at a different time. but there is legistlations restricting what we are free to say and what we're not free to say. for instance, racist or prejudice comments can send you to jail ... should a racist been given freedom to speak his ahtred for certain races because everyone has the right to free speech? even if it potentially harms not only individuals but also whole communities, and not only would be offensive to them, but these peoples hate speech wont be regarded by everyone as rubbish because not everyone is educated enough to think that what these people are saying is trash, and instead we end up with more idiots beleiving in what they beleive. so how much freedom of speech do we actually have? who decides it? and are we actually responsible about the effects of what our 'freedom of speech' actually carries along with it?
  15. Bring Your Myths About The West

    as salamu alaikum brother, my point was simply to point out that morality is 'decreasing' everywhere and not simply in the west, since Islamic countries such as egypt which i used as an example because i have been there, also carry out the immoral acts which some members were condeming of the west. the point of any subject is to discuss thats all i was simply doing. you can codemn one thing, but you must draw a omparison with something else to carry out an argument.....or at least thats my opinion.