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  1. Virginity For Sale

    Asalaam Alaikum A 18yr old girl in venezuela says she needs money to study turism and help her mother with her heart, colesterol and kidney problems. So what did she do? She posted in the net that she is selling off her virginity!! :D :D She received more than 1.500 mails and she will at least get US$6.500 (US dollars). Her mother commented she hope she stops, but respected her decision and and said: if theres no love theres nothing bad in selling the virginity. (from EFE) :D
  2. Satan In The Spotlight!

    as salaam alaikum, its wonderful! you did all that yourself! excellent! wow :D very useful
  3. A Friend...

    as salaam alaikum, why west? i live in the west and converted, im still western (as I live in South America) and live in the west, but Im muslim. And some people living in the east are less Islamic than people living in the west. I dont like that distinction west vs Islam :D it could be secular vs Islam. Australia is sooooooooooooooooo in the east and not Islamic sorry for going off topic, its just something i wanted to say and hope my sister amani doesnt get angry.
  4. Where Is The Dajaal?

    Im talking about the guy that will come and claim to be Allah and will have K F R and bad eye, and all that. Theres a hadith in which the prophet pbuh tells the people that a christian converted and told him what happenned to them. That they were in s ship and a storm came and they went to an island and then after talking to a beast they went to talk to the Dajaal, which was tied up. Some people think he is in Bermuda Triangle.........at least ONE thing may happen in America!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Where Is Gog And Magogs Wall?

    as salaam alaikum, Ive heard that it may be in Kenya or Sudan or Ethiopia. WHat have you heard? ANy hadith? oh, im talking about the wall that doesnt leave them go away, and they are breaking it everyday and they say will come back tomorrow and make the whole, until they say inshaAllah and escape next day!
  6. as salaam alaikum, I read about Islam and fire will come from yemen, people would go to syria, jesus would come in syria or near........nothing happens in america or australia? :D
  7. Women Preying On Muslim Men

    i didnt understand , they play and who dates more wins?
  8. are you a (V) vegetarian

    Uruguay, South America, why are you putting a halal shop? :D Make sure yo uget good numbers...because there arent many muslims here. Unless u r from asia or middle east (those strange countries :D ) and make that kind of food for everyone...please do! i want meat!
  9. Sister In Law

    Your brother is the man of the house B) :D So he should tell her he wants his family to visit him, family is important in Islam, and if they are non mahram just put a hijab or niqab or whatever-
  10. 4 Muslims Hacked

    as salaam alaikum, The "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=Islamic+forum&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official"]Islamic forum[/url]: 4muslims(contact admin if its a beneficial link) was hacked. He said something like, I love to be american, G force killed like 10 of you guys, I am Jessica Albas future husband, go back to the cave #####. The thing is he also created errors on the main frame so now nobody can post. :D
  11. Another Day Of Embarrassing Luck

    Yes, when I walk Im usually lowering my gaze, I know if the person that is coming is a man or a woman but dont look at them....but you are right, the more modest the more I lower my gaze and if apart from modest is beautiful I would lower my gaze even more. But I would have more shame to talk to a muslim than to a non believer, no matter if she is modest.
  12. Another Day Of Embarrassing Luck

    the modesty issue affects too, if you are walking and some women dressed in provocative way pass by I think "all she wants is attention, she wont have mine" (and feel a bit disgusted) so even if I mistakenly look its not a "bad" look. but if a muslimah with hijab and modest dress passes by I dont dare to look, I would feel Im the biggest sinner. does that happen to you? :D
  13. Another Day Of Embarrassing Luck

    did I jsut create a new word? "marriagable?" or it exists?
  14. Another Day Of Embarrassing Luck

    Why? :D The reason I dont get shy with a non muslim is because she is not "marriagable" to me :D :D In fact, Im a bit weird but the more provocative they dress is the more yukky to me, as she is even less marriagable.
  15. Another Day Of Embarrassing Luck

    LOL! ROFL! That made me laugh so much! :D :D No Im not that shy....lol, I keep laughing. Is good to be shy brother....if it doesnt make you destroy a shop LOL! ohhh...sorry brother, it was funny :D I dont talk to the sisters if I have no reason, I dont go towards them and start talking but I dont get that shy when I talk to one...must be because as a non believer I got used to talk to women too, although I was always a bit shy alhamdulilah. But I get shyer with muslim women than with non believers because Im 100% I wouldnt marry them, but with muslims I do my best to lower my gaze or not look at their eyes when I talk. Although if I dont look at them I feel Im disrespecting, so I make a balance into looking in the eye so they know Im listening and looking somwhere else. It also helps that there is only one sister younger than me here, and is like 12, so she is a kid, and the sisters more near my age are 2 or 4 yrs older than me, so being their little brother helps. I imagine your situation though...I think if there were muslimahs my age I would be more shy.........not as shy as you though lol.