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  1. do u know

    does any one know the authour of the book laila majnoon apart from enayat khan and i want the english version
  2. going of hajj

    asalamualaykum hope your all well any one going for hajj let me know in here id love 2 go how lucky are those who go for hajj jazakallah salaams :D
  3. any idea

    salaams girls jazakallah for your lovely advice inshallah will be starting today hope you bothe get who you want inshallah but i guess its hard remember the story of laila majnoon..... :D
  4. any idea

    whats the best dua for marriage ? any ideas please?
  5. laila majnoon

    salaams does anyone know if the story of laila and majnoon has been compiled who is the author and where can i get this book from not the english version of romeo juliet but the Islamic version
  6. salaams all

    salaams hope you are all well how was your ramadhan and eid went fast didnt it i feel so depressed when its gone c u soon