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  1. My Mother Died Today

    :D Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon, very sorry to hear about this brother :D , may Allah [swt] grant her Jannatul Firdaws ameen ameen to all the duas ma'salamah
  2. What Would It Take?

    but thats the same thinking of many athiests, i dunno what exactly you're looking for but it seems as though darwins monkey theories are getting to you...
  3. What Would It Take?

    ^ i suppose what bro iffy said sums it up... peace
  4. What Would It Take?

    but whats the point being alive if you've got no creator, no purpose, just sit and waste time all of your life, whats the point living then dying? ma'salamah
  5. What Would It Take?

    lolz this is a funny thread, hmm athiests... why can u not accept there is a God? ma'salamah
  6. Osama Bin Laden Confession

    erm how foolish its so obvious oin the 1st pic they cropped his head off and puit it on sum tramps body <_< ma'salamah
  7. Why I Bashed Those Towers: Starring Will Smith

    astagfirullah that films so not funny <_< ma'salamah
  8. :D is it in Birmingham? ma'salamah
  9. Muslim Women's Sports Clothing

    :D oooh i wana buy from where?... ma'salamah
  10. World Cup Scores

    :D well england didnt really score, was just an own goal... ma'salamah
  11. Would You Marry A Fish?

    :D yummmmmm fish :D aaah fish and hathkhora[dunno the english for that] fish and tomato fish and potatoe fish with many things nice :D ma'salamah
  12. Question About The Time Of Death

    :D not sure but if someone kills you maybe thats how Allah willed it but not sure about suicide. And the junk food think docs say this because it can cause heart problems as the fat stores up in the artery [sp?] which can cause heart attacks and disease of angina. ma'salamah
  13. Am I Being Selfish, A Hypocrite?

    :D i think you should do istikharah. It is best you look for someone more practising than you because he will help you also become a better muslim, e.g. you can learn from him. Well if you do istikharah and you answer was no then just tell him you've done your istikhara your answers no and this is what Allah [swt] wills and maybe he could do better [that line just to re-assure him lol] and inshallah you can look for someone mre practising. ma'salamah
  14. Pakistani Singer Picture Needed!

    :D remember seeing his pic when i was a kid our local imams were shoing us he had some snake soming out his grave from the feet and going back in where his head was. dont think i can get hold of that pic again. ma'salamah
  15. Shortening The Esha Salaat

    :D as bro SIJ mentioned you can do 4 fardh, 2 sunnah (muakada [stressed sunnah]) and 3 witr ma'salamah