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  1. Proper Way To Destroy A Defiled Koran

    Assalaamu Alaikum, I never heard anyone who had to discard the Holy Quran. There really is not such thing. If a Muslim has some that he wants to give away, then do so, but burning the WHOLE book is definitely not permissible. The burning ruling comes in when you must discard a FEW pages of the Book (ie. a page falls out, rips, etc), Definitiely not the Entire book. If anythjng, you put it into the sea, or bury it in an isolated place. The problem that was shown on the news recently is that after 10 years of NATO being there, there still seems to be no understanding, or sensitivity coming from the Foreign Soldiers. Shouldnt they know these things by now?
  2. Assalaamu Alaikum, Bashar will get his dose of Justice in this world and/or the next.... Allah Knows Best.
  3. Women And Islam

    Peace be with all. This reminds me of this story i saw on youtube awhile back. Many new Muslims said that this video related to them alot before they became Muslim as well.
  4. Asalaamu-Alaikum This Video is The Best Recitation I have ever heard Hands Down!!! You Must listen to the whole Surah, Including Part Two. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=Oj3qovNyKwI"]Click Here To Be Mesmerized![/url]
  5. The Most Beautiful Recitation I Have Ever Heard!

    Bro the posts You type are like the perfect troll. Salaam
  6. Documentary : The Tragedy Of New Muslims In Egypt.

    What on this particular thread makes you say that? What are some examples of what we have said that makes people "disgusted with Islam"? Why are you so mad? :sl: Cheer Up! Peace be with you as much as humanly possible
  7. Documentary : The Tragedy Of New Muslims In Egypt.

    Canacolin Who called you a "Filthy Kafir"?, and have you ever personally even heard any1 use this term? :sl: The Jizya tax was for non-muslims and they were protected under Muslim rule without having to fight in wars, they were equally protected as a natural citizen of that Muslim Government. If a Christian group wanted to fight along side the Muslims, then they would be exempt from the Tax, and this has occured many times in history. Peace be with you.
  8. Thinking About Converting

    Peace Be With You Aishaluv Welcome To the Forums! May Allah Keep You Happy!
  9. Stop Islamophobia

    Couldn't of said it better.
  10. Inshallah we will All meet Muhammad Salalahu alahi wasalaam One Day, and We Will be with him forever, and ever and ever.
  11. Assalamum Alaikum

    ^ LOL!!! Welcome to the forums!
  12. Cmon man. If i told you that i was on my way home and came across a river, and i had no way of crossing, until a tree fell right infront of me, and pieces of this tree kept breaking off and coincidently, it was shaped like a perfect canoe, and then coincidently two smaller trees fell, AT THE SAME TIME! :sl: , and made two ors, and then i was on my way home (lol). Do you believe that this big of a coincidence can happen? If some one came up to you and gave this story to you seriously, wouldnt you think he's a nut for saying he experienced such a coincidence? I bet you and i both would. So, How can this world, let alone, the Universe just be a coincidence? With the stars in the sky, and fruit in the trees, etc., etc. :sl: InsALLAH one day Allah (swt) will guide you, and you will be amongst the brothers of Jannah!! Ameen, and i mean that from the bottom of my heart man.
  13. New Research On Evolution

    *****Article and Video Via Link***** (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetaolnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/weird-news/article/was-darwin-wrong-study-says-living-space-is-key-to-evolution/19606711"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetaolnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/weird-news/article/...lution/19606711[/url]
  14. Wazifa Required Urgently

    Just pay no attention to that fool, act as if he does not exist. Never talk to him, or answer his replies. Pray Sincerely and Allah's help WILL come. Things will go smoothly for you very soon, inshallah.
  15. Fox News Is Ridiculous

    Fox news is far beyond ridiculous, they're very childish. It saddens me to see that people rely on them for news. :sl:
  16. Qustions For All Muslims!

    Welcome to the forum Brother! I hope your stay is very beneficial. Firstly i would like to thank you for asking this question because im sure a lot of people have the same question as you, and some people are really quick to make judgments while relying solely on the media instead of doing their own research. My answer to your first question is simply i dont really know. I dont know the exact number for Muslims who hate other people, but all i know is that they are a very, very small number of Muslims, possibly 1% or less. In a matter of fact it is against the teachings of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) to hate people in general. Islam teaches us tolerance towards all people, and many examples can be shown throughout history. If a Muslim hates other people just because they are not Muslim, than this person is going against the teachings of Islam. Extremists are also an "extremely" small number of Muslims, such as the KKK or White Supremacists are an extremely small number of christians. I personally never met an extremist in my life. Even though people claim that Muslims here in the USA dont speak out against terrorism, the fact is that most of us do, in a matter of fact publicly, but the media isnt interested at all in covering that story either. as for your third question, i dont quite understand what you are trying to ask. I hope i answered your questions accordingly and if i did not, then letme know and i can rephrase myself.
  17. Praying While Facing Back Pain

    Assalaamu Alaikum Sister, Your are allowed to sit down on the floor if your back is in pain, but you must remain seated throughout the whole salaat. If you cannot sit down on the floor, then you may sit on a chair. Opting out of Praying Salah is not really an option at all. May Allah cure your pain as soon as possible.
  18. Wazifa Required Urgently

    Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Sister, Alhamdulilah Allah (swt) allowed you to realize your mistake and bring you back to deen. Shaitaan plays many tricks, and he is very dangerous, thats why what seems like a harmless relationship that would seem as if it would lead to marriage, turned into a haraam relationship that leads us towards the fire. There are reasons why Brothers and Sisters arent allowed to talk to one another, and thats why this a commandment from Allah (swt) and Allah knows best. My advice to you, Honorable sister in Islam is just have sincere repentance. Beg and Cry to Allah For forgiveness, as it is Ramadan time, and a good opportunity for you to be forgiven from your lord. Allah's mercy is greater than anybody elses, and if you are sincere and strictly intend NEVER to do such an act again, Allah (swt) will forgive you. My advice is to cut ALL contacts off with this boy. He had no intention of marrying you, but to use you as a game. Shaitaan will try harder and harder to lead us towards hell fire. Pray to Allah to keep him away from you, and give you a righteous life in the future with a righteous husband and pious children. Make many duas to Allah and be punctual towards his commandments. May Allah always be happy with you.
  19. Wa Salaam

    Inna lila hi Wa inna ilahi rajioon. Welcome to the Forums! Inshallah you will have a beneficial Stay.
  20. Hitler Finds Out Pakistan Lost World Twenty20 Semi Final

    Hah. Amusing :sl:
  21. Eid Al-fitr And September 11

    Eid is a Muslim holiday, and will always be treated as one regardless of what day it falls on. I totally agree with what sister Redeem said 100%
  22. If Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Were In Haiti !

    It is our responsibility as the ummah of rasullullah (saw) to send the message of Islam everywhere, and ofcourse not limited to the people of the book. I actually know a few brothers who actually went to haiti. They have about 3 masjids in the capital and alhamdulilah muslim organizations from all over are there helping the locals regardless of religion, and alhamdulilah the masjids did not collapse.
  23. I Have An Exam Tomorrow

  24. Do You Have A Pet?

    What kinda pet do you have? Well i used to have a hamster, it was pretty coool. As funny as it sounds it ran away by building a tunnel outside my house. :sl: Name some of your pets. Provide pics if you can. :sl:
  25. How Good Of A Muslim Are You?

    Some one sent this quiz to mee. I didnt take it b/c it had questions about hijaab i couldnt answer. :sl: So i guess this is for mostly the sisters unless there are bros who wear hijaab. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetquizfarm(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/test.php?q_id=29189N"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetquizfarm(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/test.php?q_id=29189N[/url]