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  1. Gods Ability?!

    salam do u know that albert einstens theory doesnt work for relatively small things, i mean it works perfect outside earth like the universe but not inside?if Allah created physics then it is He who can bend it
  2. Evolution or Creationism?

    anyway last point Science proves Islam thats it nothing else i dont want to hear about this carbon stuff Islam is da best
  3. eid mubarak to all

    kul aam wa intum bikhair salam alikoum, happy eid , may this be our guidence to the right path, and may this keep us on it. where can i get takbeer ul eid
  4. Evolution or Creationism?

    doesnt evolutin say we evolved from single cell ambeas from the water?doesnt it say that the first life forms was found in water?doesnt it say that algea and all that stuff came from water and then we evolved from it. dont we have more than half of our body componets is water?u tell me then, wats good
  5. Penalty in Islam for Homosexuality

    salam i dont know but i would personally execute them myselve lol just joking, cuz i wouldnt do anytin against the shariah i would like to know too
  6. technology

    salam i have to write a essay on technology, i want to tie it to Islam and say the future of technology and how it helpeed us understand Islam better how do i do that
  7. Evolution or Creationism?

    "have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece then we parted them, and we made every living thing of water." reference chapter the prophets verse 30 look Islam says that Allah created the heavens and the earth and then split them up causing many planets to come into being, then he created everything using water. i guess evolution has parts of Islam cuz it says we all evolved from the water and came from a big bang so Islam is right evolution just got it confused so i would say that Islam agrees with evolution but evolution agrees with Islamsince Islam came first
  8. Evolution or Creationism?

    well the theory of evolution states that everyone came from water created by the dust of the big bang, well in Islam, Allah subhana wa ta`laa says it. so to me evolution has some of Islams teachings in it.
  9. Evolution or Creationism?

    anyway the topic was evolution vs. creationism not on harun
  10. Evolution or Creationism?

    wat do u mean?if something contradicts Islam how can u read the science part of it? its like milk, when it gets rotten, r u gonna take out the part that is rotten and keep the rest?no cuz the whole thing becomes rotten
  11. Evolution or Creationism?

    i was told not to read his stuff because it contradicts the main stream Islam, i read it somewhere here on the forum
  12. Evolution or Creationism?

    salam alikoum, i have a disscussion in class where the topic is creation or evolution. i know in Islam it talks about the big bang theory and the stuff now, i know that evolution is haraam, but i want to write how science is in Islam and how Allah created the universe in a big cloud of smoke . what should i do
  13. wat should i do

    thanx for ur support, actually, before they moved here, their aunt used to help them, and wat i hear was she would just give them the answer, second their parents know exactly wats going on i think they are the ones telling them to come to us.
  14. wat should i do

    salam please answer me
  15. wat should i do

    salam alikoum i want to first thankyou for your help, this was a great idea for having someone answer the questions, second i want to ask you, i have a neighbor who comes to my house everyday and me and my sister help her. she is 11 years old and her brother 9. the problem is they come here so we can do their hws for them and they go home, its been more than 2 months and im getting tired. we try to teach them but they dont care. the girl got left back becasue of this and she will continue to get left back. i had enough because we tired to much, we did everything to try to make her understand the words, and the math and stuff, but the next day she forgets wat we told her. not even the next day 10 mins later. so i want to know, since in Islam the neighbors have a right on us, do we have to continue to help her?i wouldnt call it help but cheating.what is the Islamic ruling on this?