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  1. Assalamu Alaikum


    Allhamdullillah, beautiful reminder. May we all pass our difficulties with this in mind InshAllah.


    JazakhAllah for sharing brother.


    Walikum Assalam

  2. Assalamu Alaikum


    SubhanAllah........... these are our brothers and sisters who are being repeatdly assualted and abused. :sl: May Allah grant them the highest of Jannah - Jannatul Firdous...


    I Pray that the help of Allah comes soon and that Islam rules the world once again, INSHALLAH!!!!!!!


    Its when we see videos like this that we actually remember the true reality of these lands SubhanAllah. Brothers and sisters, please keep them in your Dua's for patience, victory and success InshAllah.


    May Allah guide and protect us all from the wispers of shaitan, Ameen.


    Walaikum Assalam

  3. Assalamu Alaikum


    I Pray that the Palestinian people could live in peace and that the israelies and the West would aacept Hamas as the government of Palestine who were elected by fair and democratic elections, and leave them all alone.


    Palestine bears one part of my heart coz of the suffering they have endured over the last many decades. I Pray that a future would come where they could live happily and peacefully in a country that was stolen from them many decades ago.


    Please make Dua for our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and sisters in Palestine InshAllah.


    Ameen to all the Dua's InshAllah.


    Walaikum Assalam

  4. Assalamu Alaikum brother


    Excellent poem, really heartfelt Allhamdulliallh.


    May Allah (SWT) Bless us all the time, may He guide us to always hear good with our ears, to see good with our eyes and carry out good actions with our hands and always walk towards the good, InshAllah.




    Walaikum Assalam

  5. :D


    Ameen to all the Duas.


    Thank you all for the lovely words and Dua's, Allhamdullillah my Mom is much better now, but please do still keep her and my family in your Dua's - we need all the Dua's we can get InshAllah. I look at the problems in this world and what other people are being tested with - it makes my family problems look like nothing... SubhanAllah.


    I Pray that Alah protects all the Mothers and Fathers of this world and all the children, Ameen..


    May Allah Guide and Protect us all InshAllah



  6. :D


    Please make Dua for my Mom, she's really unwell at the moment and going through quite a rough time coz of other family issues.


    I don't know how else to comfort her apart from telling her that she needs to be strong and continue to be patience. That she needs to have Faith in Allah (SWT) and InshAllah her patience will be her virtue...


    Please brothers and sister make sincere Dua for my Mom. :D



  7. Assalamu Alaikum


    It was only this morning when me and my hubby were driving to work and was listening to Kamal Uddin's 99 Names of Allah. We said that we'll run a competition between us to see who can learn these Names and that the defeator will have to treat the other to whatever they want (within reason of course!). That'd give us something to work towards!


    And Allhamdullillah I log onto IF today - and heres this thread waiting to be read! Allhamdullillah, Allah works in mysterious ways!


    This is such a good idea, InshAllah I will learn alot from this topic.


    Can we post Names aswell?


    Walaikum Assalam

  8. :D brother


    You should continue with your Prayer brother and answer them after you have finished. When Praying your prayer you are facing Allah (SWT), and conversing with Him, therefore nothing should interupt this. :D


    Im not sure what the rulings are though if say like your house was burning down and you were Praying, would you then break your prayer and run? :D There must be some Hadiths written about this, but Im not sure - please help somebody!!



  9. Assalamu Alaikum brother


    This seems like a really excellent idea. InshAllah I will sign up and become a member of your site, and InshAllah follow this up every week.


    May Allah (SWT) reward you for all your efforts and guide us all on the correct path, Ameen.


    Walaikum Assalam

  10. Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters!


    Thanks for these sites bro, and your recommendations - will have a look at them InshAllah!


    May Allah (SWT) help you raise the money you need!


    Walaikum Assalam