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  1. I Am Not Getting Out Of Bed

    :D :D :D :D ...loool Thanx for sharing!
  2. *too Shy To Get Married*

    :D Insha'Allah...things go well for you sis :D ..do let us know who things go :D
  3. How To Ignore

    :D :D ..is there anyone else who would like to add to which ones the best??... :D
  4. Parrot Videos

    :D Parrots eat chicken?? :D Maybe it flew away from someones bird cage..i dont know what a parrot wud be doing roaming around town.. :D
  5. Free Haircut...

    :D :D :D that was funny :D
  6. Non Muslims with Muslim names

    :D I agree with Mujahada^^... One problem it leads to for example.. if on the news a bombing or something major happened and the person who did it had a muslim name but wasn't a muslim..everyone will assume it was a muslim who had done it right?.. There was an incident that happened about a year ago here i think..there was a sniping..a sniper and they found him and his name was something like Jonathon Matthew Mohammed. Everyone assumed it was a muslim and started sayin Islam is a violent religion which started leading to many problems jus cuz he had the name Mohammad in it..
  7. .........

    :D I've had nachos with mozarella cheese melted on it.....man was it good! :D ..and then on the side they had nachos with different sauces on it...it was like a big dish
  8. Finding Husbands

    :D Yea...but the girl he's marrying is younger tha him right?
  9. Death & The Pope

    :D Yea, and it was also said that b4 he was dying on his death bed he asked to have the bible be read over him..
  10. Media Slant

    :D This one? :D :D :D...lol...whats so disturbing
  11. Locusts

    :D *runs to the bathroom* :D
  12. Finding Husbands

    :D I guess that if I married a younger guy..I'd feel he wasnt as mature as me??..i dunno..it'd be weird :D
  13. Death & The Pope

    :D Yes she was..^^ She died b4 the Prophet :saw: had become a Prophet
  14. languages

    :D I speak English Somali A bit of Arabic and a bit of French..but am studying now tho... :D So...2 and 1/3 :D