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  1. Strive...

    Assalamualaikum :D very very nice wa-alaikum-salaam
  2. war poem

    :D Please let me know what you think of this poem: I’m just a baby who wants to play What do I care of what the world say’s Come my friends lets go and play Black white and brown we are all the same The soldiers have come to liberate us My father says that they should leave us So now my fathers a terrorist that’s not nice And the soldiers are liberators that’s so nice Why do we fight it doesn’t make sense Why cant we play that makes sense Now my father has died and I just cried My mother is sad things are so bad I’m no more a baby I don’t want to play Now I listen to what the world say As I grow older its plain to see All is not what seems to be The soldiers have come to conquer land Please my friend don’t give them your hand They never did care about me and you It’s all about greed let me tell you Now I’m a man let me see What I can do to make us free Oh you conquerors let us talk Leave our land and take a walk Who wants to fight it’s just not right But if you don’t leave then I will fight :w:
  3. Eye to Eye

    Assalamualaikum Good Poem I think you should enter it in a competion that I have seen on this site. jihadunspun Today is the last day for entering so hurry you will have to wait for the link to the competition to come up on the banner Wa-alaikum salaam
  4. war poem

    Assalamu Alaikum Jazakallah for the comments Yes I did write it I did not know what people would think of it I am glad for all the replies. :P :D :D Walaikum Assalam