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  1. Assalamualikum, Havnt been in here for a while. Two of my colleagues are leaving work. They are going on a 3-6 month tour of South America. im thinking, since theyr going away for such a long time they'll probably have more leisure time. And perhaps after seeing new things it might affect how they think. They are both british girls. Does anyone want to suggest something I can get them which will contribute to dawah? Inshallah refrain from suggesting 'an Islamic book'. As dumb as i am, ive managed to come up with that one lol. u can suggest specific books though.
  2. Challenging Quiz!

    waalaikumassalam sister Sakinah, JZK for your reply. Yes the above answer is correct, according to my knowledge, so i guess its your turn to ask? 'Uthman r.a. went into Makkah to try to make an agreement with the Makkans to allow the muslim pilgrims to enter makkah to perform the 'umrah. They (the mushrikoon) said, let us think about your proposal, give us some time, but since you're already in Makkah, you might as well perform the umrah your self. To this 'Uthman said.... By Allah, I will not perform 'Umra, while the prophet of Allah has not yet performed it'
  3. Challenging Quiz!

    Which campanion said the following? i) By Allah, I will not perform 'Umra, while the prophet of Allah has not yet performed it' ii) What was happening at that time for him to make such a statement?
  4. Challenging Quiz!

    Hey sister Sakina, One suspects you took offence from my earlier comment. I would like to publicly apologise for any offence caused inshallah, and do hope you forgive me. Your brother in Islam. To prevent future misunderstandings, perhaps after the answer we should talk a little more about the person, event or whatever the answer is. As well as prevent misunderstandings, it will also asist in increased learning inshallah. Rah, brother 'the mujahid', mA your knowledge is very impressive, i didnt think someone would get the Abu Basir question right that quickly. You been listening to Yasir Qadi? lol
  5. When Did God Make Heaven And Hell?

    eric, Jus wonderin, why do you think its an important question?
  6. Challenging Quiz!

    assalamualikum people (i dont know how to put it in arabic like you folks do lol). I cant help but notice some of these questions arn't actually related to Islam, someone wrote: "What was the name of Anas ibn Malik's mother?" <<what's that got to do with anything? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Muslim was returned to the Quraish by the prophet (saw) him self in 6 Hijri, i) who was this muslim? ii) why was he returned? P.S. sis Um-`Eesaa, you're questions are too hard! lol.
  7. My Holiday Pictures From Malta

    haha been there done that. (joke)
  8. Quiz

    Guys let it go, and someone else post a riddle.
  9. Challenging Quiz!

    whats the answer?
  10. I went on a field trip to Malta last week. During that week I shared a room with a British Christian. We spoke about religion, and he posed two questions that I couldn’t answer for him: 1) If Muslims believe every nation had a prophet for a specific time, then which prophet did the people of Jesus’ area follow after Jesus left this world? And how did they know about the message that had to be followed? After all, muslims reject the new testament dont they? 2) And Christians believe Jesus did die on the cross, whereas we believe he was raised alive, and Allah just made it appear that Jesus died when really he hadn’t died. Why would God mislead people by letting them think that Jesus died?
  11. Unmarried Sisters

    i told you lot this topic was dragging on.
  12. Unmarried Sisters

    Ok i think this topic is dragging on a bit now. Everyones just saying what they think to be true with hadiths etc.
  13. Unmarried Sisters

    Ok bro, i really think you should ask a scholar that instead of a sister lol. Alhamdulila, it would appear a lot of the sisters on this forum are steadfast in the deen, mashallah. However, difference of opinions do exist on this subject matter, so inshallah look into it, and follow the opinion which seems the strongest to you. It is very important you follow the one which feels right to you, as opposed to following one that provides you with most benifit, which should be the last criteria for us inshallah. I just want to say tho, regardless of whichever opinion you follow, do not make it the only opinion, when this happens, muslims accuse other muslims of doing haram and in extreme cases of being Kafir, so inshallah avoid that. I read something which is pasted below regarding opinions (three are shown): 1) Growing the beard is an obligation and shaving it is forbidden. This opinion is championed by Ibn Hazm and Ibn Taimiya among others. 2) Growing the beard in mandub (desirable) and shaving it is makruh (undesirable). This opinion is championed by Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Qudamah, Imam Shirazi, Imam Shawkhani, Imam Nawawi and Qadi (judge) Ayadh among others. 3) Growing and shaving the beard is mubah (permitted), which is the opinion of Qadi Abu Bakr Ibn ul-Arbi and Imam Qurtabi. As most of my posts finish off, i shall continue the trend by finishing off saying Allah KNOWS BEST
  14. Losing Trust On Myself...

    You know what, I'm one of those people that doesn't try very hard, but still achieves OK grades, and it doesn't necessarily sadden or make me happy. I Think people take education more seriously than they have to, and when this happens it results in sadness. So i would say put education into context, realise the other things that deserve more priority, such as your health. If you concentrate on the hereafter, which is guaranteed, that will help you to put things into context. I'm at Uni now, and i don't care that much how i do, bad i know, but oh well. Sometimes, Allah may be testing us with this, and whenever we are being tested, we shouldn't feel sad about it, so treat it like a test just in case it is a test Inshallah.
  15. Annual Gathering In Manchester For Dhikr

    Bro the talk happened on 22nd october.