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  1. Cheap Cell Phones Toronto

    ASlam Aleikum... i am a wholesaler for cell phone.. i have almost all kind of phones for sales in toronto/gta.... i have blackberry, sony nokia and many more... email me at great.cellphone.deals[at]gmail.co and just tell me what kind of phone do you want and make sure you write gawaher in there so i give you a special price for being in gawaher :sl:
  2. Halal Medicines

    Jazak Allah for your replies.. i was actually looking for whey protein... doesnt most of the omega 3's capsules are made out of soft gell which comes from gelatin?
  3. Halal Medicines

    aslam aleikum, i wanted to take some supplements like whey proteins and omega 3's but cant find any from halal sources. was wondering if you guys in uk know or have any halal supplements... would really appreciate jazak Allah
  4. Please Make Dua For Me

    aslam aleikum, i am or sorry... i was a very healthy person turning 21 in 10 days... never smoked... and used to help people from anemic problems and obese problems.... i am living a very happy life and had alotttt of plans which i was working on for my futurre and the muslims community in my city. but indeed Allah is the best planner. couldnt imagine something like this would ever happen to me in this age.... but my doctor told me that i have a disease for which there is no cure right now...i have problem in my lungs from which i get shortness of breath.. the lungs get worse day by day... this is due to second hand smoking... i urge all the muslims brothers and sisters.. that if you do smoke then please quit now and stay away from smokin area.. my doctor couldnt beleive this she made me re do the check up with breathing centre.. which is on 29th... pleaseeeeee make dua for me that the reports are positive.. and i geet better... jazakum alllah kher
  5. Careerbuilder.com And Monster.com

    not sure about careerbuilder but monster is pretty good source for getting a job.. wht i learned is that its more for higher postion jobs.... and mostly we have to contact the emplyers our selves because alot of people do not have access for searching resumes..... and actually i work for monster :D
  6. Help, Very Important

    Aslam aleikum alot of time hortons sell pork and when you are working in it you would ofcourse have to sell the pork sandwiches... wht u can do ukhti is maybe work in telemarketings or in any parks in summer like ontario place ...libraries or any stores
  7. wa aleikum aslam ***flyer*** Toronto * i need some help... i need ideas about good placards for the protest.. any suggestions??* [black]"The Prophet is closer to the believers than their ownselves" (Holy Quran 33:6) "None of you has perfect faith until i am more beloved to him then his parents, his children and all the people" (Riyadhus saliheen)[/black] [red]DO YOU LOVE THE PROPHET (PBUH)? DO YOU WISH TO DEFEND HIS HOUNOUR?? THEN COME OUT WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ON FEBRUARY 19TH AT THIS PEACEFUL PROTEST[/red] [blue]"The publication of the caricatures is clearly an insensitivity towards the perception and beleifs of a religious group" (the toronto star)[/blue] [green]organized by UNITED FRONT CANADA (supported by more then seventy five interfaith organizations) please visit www.unitedfrontcanada(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and cost your online petition [/green] *** for more info or for volunteering in organizing this rally please contact my***
  8. Plz Vote Yes

    salam aleikum (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_edition.cnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/02/06/cartoon.protests/index.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_edition.cnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/...ests/index.html[/url] cnn pole
  9. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    salam aleikum (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_counterpunch(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fisk02062006.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_counterpunch(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fisk02062006.html[/url] Newspapers in Norway have also published the Cartoons in Disrespect of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Telenor is a company from Norway. To bring the Norway Government into senses and record our peaceful protest, please BOYCOTT Telenor and: + Do not use their SIMS + Do not Easy Load any amount for the next 2 months + Do not buy new sims. I hope we can peacefully protest by boycotting Telenor and other products of the countries who have published these blasphemous cartoons.
  10. Video Card

    aslam aleikum my computer was working normally... but i had some viruses and after sometime my screen got wierd :D when i scroll up or down.. it moves slowly like waves... or a curtain... does it has to do somethin with video card? by the way i have a video card or do i need to have some programe to run the video card or somethin ;s plz help me out jazak Allah
  11. why is ribaa haram

    aslamu aleikim wht r the resons behind the ribaa/interest being haraaam ...... ive tried to look but couldnt find wht i was lookin for maybe u guys can help
  12. aslamu aleikum imagine if the girl and the guy are religious and avoid talkin to the opposite sex....but they wanna get married and ofcourse would like to know each other first........i mean is there any hadeeth or ruling that they can talk or somethin??

    aslam aleikum hmmmmmmm how about 1- Tomorow's heroes :D 2- UU United Ummah 3- Naseeha 4- PeRLS of abother path 5 Youth horizons
  14. Reviving Islamic Spirit at Toronto Skydome

    aslam aleikum did any one see the shahadahh???? tht was great mashallah
  15. is the word "YA" allowed?

    jazak Allah all so sami yousafs nasheeds does contain shirrk.....