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  1. Would you mind pointing out where exactly?
  2. Syria Update

    As long as Assad has powerful allies (Russia, China, Iran) willing to block his removal, this will unfortunately go on.
  3. Us Soldier Kills Innocent Civilians In Afghan

    A guy went nuts and did something awful, yes he should and will be punished for it. No this was not some part of a US conspiracy, that's easy enough to see by the amount of damage something like this does to the already disfunctional relationship between the US and the Afghan people. My sympathies go out to those who have lost friends and relatives in this tragedy, and I can asssure you that every sane/intellegent person in the US views the acts of this individual with utter disgust.
  4. Nato Burning Qurans In Afghan?

    Getting back to the topic at hand, freedslave has a point that this could be about way more than just the Quran's. As for the incident itself, it was a mistake, one that can be chaulked up to culture differences and misunderstandings. The best thing that could have been done (IMHO) would've been to simply donate them instead of trying to dispose of them in any way.
  5. It should be pointed out that while Catholics believe in Purgatory, most, if not all Protestant denominations do not.
  6. Um, cover their behind might be a better way to phrase that Scotia. William Shakespeare once called death "The undiscovered country, from whose borders No traveler returns." (Hamlet Act III Scene I) The simple truth is that we have not one single shred of empirical evidence for anything which occurs to the soul/conscience after death, so, we have to take things on faith. All three of the Abrahamic religions tell us of God and His judgement, that said though the idea of an afterlife is far more prevelent in Christianity and Islam than it is in Judism.
  7. This guy is a joke as far as I'm concerned. There's no way I'll be voting for him if he does run next year.
  8. As An American

    I just want to say that as an American, I find the planned act of burning the Quran by a church in Florida absolutely deplorable. It is the idea of an idiot. I personally will be buying a copy of the Quran with the intention of donating it as a replacement for one of the copies destroyed. Many of us find this act to be horrible, and I hope you do not judge my nation based on the acts of the ignorant.
  9. Zionistrael Kill

    israel has created a real problem for itself with this one. The international press is all over it, and no matter how hard anyone tries to spin it, it's israel that comes out looking bad. Now I see that an Irish ship is going to try to run the blockade. Should be interesting to see how that goes.
  10. Facing Mecca? Round Earth?

    Just a thought, but if you lived at the point that was on the exact opposite side of the world from Mecca, in theory, you would be facing Mecca no matter which way you faced. Just a thought.
  11. It All Goes Back To 1918

    Ok, first let me reply to dot. Let me hit this one point for point, and I think you'll see where I am coming from. Firstly, you are absolutely right in that both the ideas of zionism, as well as the Zionist movement do indeed predate WWI. It is also true the break up of the Ottoman Empire and the British mandate sped things up greatly. That being said though, without the Nazis, there could have been no Holocaust. Now, let's suppose that it was a hoax (It wasn't, but I'll humor you for the sake of argument). Again, without the Nazi's, and without the Second World War, then you've lost two of the most important factors in creating the hoax. Even if, without these two factors (Nazism and WWII), the Modern State of israel had come into being, then without the sympathies and guilt generated by the Holocaust (whether you think it's a hoax or not you must agree that it has generated sympathy and guilt) israel would never have received the aid and support of the Western nations that it has, which is one of the root causes of the current tensions between the Muslim world and the West. crystal_sword Again, as I addressed with dot, the issues in the Middle east are long standing, but the events of 1918/1919 (signing of the Versailles Treaty) can be viewed as a turn in the road. Kab I've not seen the video, I'm more of a Military historian than anything else. that said you are right about the gains of the Bankers both during and after the war. Wilson (President of the US at that time) originally didn't want to be so harsh on Germany. The problem (as he saw it) was that the US had loaned tons of money to the Allies during the war. Neither France nor Britain could afford to pay us back unless they forced Germany to pay them. The only way to do that was if Germany accepted blame for the War. The was actually started by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but since that had fallen apart, the Allies couldn't get anything out of them. Thus Germany was basically given an Ultimatum, accept the blame and pay us (France and Britain) or the war would resume.
  12. North Korea And More Missile Testing.

    If North Korea starts the war then China will definitely not back them, as for the devastation, it could be far worse than Iraq and Afghanistan. The other thing is that North Korea is so completely willing to sacrifice anything and everything just to make a point.
  13. North Korea And More Missile Testing.

    crystal_sword, bare in mind that most Americans, my self included, have accepted the fact that we were basically duped into the Iraq War by Bush administration. There can be little doubt that his will be remembered as one of, if not the, worst of all time. War with North Korea would bring destruction not only to their own nation, but also certainly to South Korea, and possibly even Japan and China.
  14. It All Goes Back To 1918

    Ah, but again the nation of israel has used the Holocaust as a crutch to gain support. Also, the creation of the U.N. was the result of WWII. No WWII and the UN might no exist, or, it might have come to being in a different style and at a later date. You also have to remember that the cold war would've occoured much differently if at all, thus the American foreign policy of the late-40's to even today might be very different.
  15. North Korea And More Missile Testing.

    Getting back to the issue of North Korea, North Korea is a totally different animal than Iraq. Any conflict with this obviously rogue nation has potential for a far greater loss of life than what we've seen so far in Iraq. The hope is that perhaps once Kim Jong-il a more stable, and less radical personality might come to power (i.e. someone we can actually deal with).