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  1. My Feelings On Israel/palestine

    :D yeah, the peace process CAN work, but can u imagine it works? :D i just think it's funny, they're just like children who play hide and seek and will never give up to search...(bad thing 'bout others) :D but the way...it's just a metaphore..but if one day the both side are willing to compromise then it's a miracle!!!
  2. My Feelings On Israel/palestine

    peace yank, i really appreciate u'r opinion, as an american christian, personally do u think that israel and palestina can cohabitate in the same time if the peace process works? :D
  3. Conflict In Thailand

    peace, thank u for those links...it did help, i have a question concerning southern thai muslims...do they have less rights/chances than other ethnics in thailand?
  4. Conflict In Thailand

    salam, yeah....but here can u explain more 'bout <oppressed and feel different?> what wind of oppression? :D
  5. Conflict In Thailand

    :D well...u guys do know a lot 'bout the conflict between palestine and israel :D i've been debating with a friend 'bout a conflict in southern Thailand where muslims overthere wanna gain their independant (in my opinion :D ) so at last we decided to hear u'r point of view, from muslims and non-muslims, so pls tell us what you think...who's right, Thai's Government of muslims in southern thailand>>> ok, wish u luck, may Allah bless u all!!! (looking forward !!!)
  6. 3 Things!

    Salam, Nope, me myself havent't known most of these facts....thanks a lot bros and sis!!! :D
  7. To All The Non-muslims

    peace, yeah, u'r right, sometimes we can't really see what behind it.... well i don't really blame him for saying that there's contradiction in quran. if heunderstand he wouldn't say that :D
  8. Islam in Malaysia

    assalamualaikum; does any of you have malay marriage costume! i'm looking for some of it's phot :D os
  9. Islam in Chechnya

    i was wondering after i read those articles.... how come russia really wants to invade chechnya???? it is most likely like an israel-palestian conflict but why are't the news talk about it??? i have one more question...the majority of chechen is muslim right???? do they practice Islam???
  10. Islam in Chechnya

    gee, those are good websites, thank u, :D
  11. Islam in Chechnya

    still waiting............ :D
  12. Islam in Chechnya

    can't anyone just answer my question???? :D :D :D
  13. Islam in Chechnya

    Assalamualaikum, brother, i am keen to know more about the crisis in Chechnya, i mean ...actually i don't understand how it started..let me tell u something, i'm 15 so please don't explain to me with a difficult word, i heard they talked a lot about chechnya just don4t know what are their main fight...and if u have some photo, it would be helpfull! tq sister in Islam
  14. Firqah Al-i3tesam

    :D assalamualaikum, does anyone know where can I get their song's lyrics?? i couldn't understand 100%....
  15. Help Me Find The Courage

    Assalamualaikum, Brothers and sisters, 2 weeks ago I went to this exibition 'bout Islam... and masyallah, there was this palestian's munsyid...called AL-ILTISAM. I've never heard such a beautiful voice calling for justice before...they sang very good and I could hardly stop my tears....masyaallah, their song are full of courage, Now, i am asking u if u know this group, pls geve me some information, i've been searchig for the lyrics but couldn't find it... PLS HELP ME, i've been searching for more information on Palestine since that day, I love my brothers and sisters in palestine and want to know more 'bout them...but pls if u know this group, pls contact me, u'r sister in hope, may Allah bless u and our brothers in palestine. Wassalam