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  1. When you Need an Answer to Something

    there is usually wisdom behind most things that have been said. w/slm
  2. When you Need an Answer to Something

    salaam Abu Dharr (rad) narrated "the prophet (saw) passed by me while i was lying down on my stomach. He (saw) then struck me with his foot and said "O Junaidab, this is nothing other than the lying-down position of the dwellerws of the hell fire. related by ibn Maajah (3724) and al- Albaanee ruled that it is authentic (3017) with this hadeeth in mind, it becomes clear that the reason behind the karahaa (i.e the deed being makrooh [disliked]) is that one resembles the dwellers of the hell-fire when one lies down on his stomach. taken from the book of manners. w/slm
  3. What is YOUR favourite smell?

    salaam my favourite smells are paint marker pens diesel freshly cut grass and the toilet right after someones been in it ahhhhhhhhhh lol ui know i was only joking right? and guys lay off dog :D havent you ever done something wrong? would you like to be criticised its like an invitation but you are refusing it.. w/slm
  4. last prophet

    salaam nope isa is the prophet :grin: this is because a prophet is someone who empahasises the message of the messenger before him. like Musa he had the torah and harun was appointed prophet, therefore musa was a prophet(called people to the previous message) and a messenger (recieved new scripture/text. w/slm
  5. Who was that Son?

    3washey has gone off.. can i post? if so then my question is name prophets that are not mentioned in al anaam verses 83-86 3 are given 1)muhammad 2)shuaib 3)hud 4) 5) 6)
  6. last prophet

    salaam who is the last prophet?? insha'Allah you will all learn from this i think most of you will get this wrong...now your thinking this is easy its..... ill leave you to figure it out it takes the mind :D , so most of you cant compete anyway lol j/k w/slm ps. good luck! :grin:
  7. Prophets

    :D it seems like everyone thinks it is al-anbiya sorry to disappoint you. it also looks like alot of peop;e are making guesses,heres another clue *HINT* it has 165 verses in it and is in juz 7 & 8 Keep trying!! :grin: :D
  8. salaam why don't you compile some of the opinions and leave the person to choose and give your opinion also? w/slm
  9. salaam sorry :blushing: tried it myself...didnt work :D w/slm
  10. salaam why dont you just do lots of spaces?? w/slm
  11. another cricket joke

    salaam ive heard the one about baseball "you're pitching tuesday" w/slm
  12. Sheikh Shuraim!

    salaam pardon me if im wrong but aren't those portable devices supposed to be really rubbish and clear?? w/slm
  13. Prophets

    salaam one person has tried and made masha'Allah an intelligent guess, however it was not correct. w/slm
  14. Prophets

    :D which is/are the verse(s) that contains 18 prophets? :P *HINT* it's in one of the surahs before al ankaboot (spider) :grin: :D p.s send as PM. Answer will be revealed on 20th december naming each member that got it right
  15. do you lower your gaze?

    salaam i do but it feels natural.Also the Prophet said: if any of you can get get married do so and whosoever cannot, then fast for fastting lowers the gaze. and Allah knows best w/slm