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    pray pray pray and again pray
  1. Help

    Selam aleykum werahmetullahi weberakatuh sorry brothers it is not good quality sorry that i muss said this does somebody know a b[##][/##]ether one tell me ..... :D :D
  2. Help

    ASSALAMUN ALEIKOM WERAHMETULLAHI WEBERAKATUH InshaAllah somebody can help me here i want good quality quran from Soad SHureem does somebody know good websites.. but realy i muss have a good quality help me brothers and sisters :D JazakAllahu khair Assalaam .
  3. Prayin In My Dream

    Selam aleykum werahmetullahi weberakatuh brothers and sisters slm i want to ask u all 1 quistion. i had a dream that my father was praying what does this means. my father was verry religous but now no more can this that he going beginn again with praying quran reading and ........ :D Selam aleykum
  4. Talkig To A Jinn

    lol my brother:) gyair inshaAllah
  5. Where Is The Dajaal?

    Assalamun aleikom werahmetullahi weberakatuh us prophet sallahualeyhivesellem says.... : the biggest fitne ever. between ADAM and my Ummah dajaal is the biggest fitne ever. He shal come on world in DAMASCUS in syria this is an hadith the jews shall help him with an army from 200.000 and i dont know how and what the names are in arabic but in turkish we call them ASHABI KEYF this are 7 mans and 1 dog that have sleeped 337 years in a mountian in asia somewhere in turkey i think but not sure but this 7 man are going to help prophet ISA aleyhisselam vs 200.000 jews this is what i know brothers Islam says always share your information with your other brothers so i do it now try to understand it hehehe :D :D
  6. Islam in Chechnya

    Selam aleykum brother basayev and all chechynian brothers InshaAllah 1 day wil be peace in Chechnya :D InshaALLAH dont worry brothers Take care thanks for all information..... selaam..
  7. Islam in Chechnya

    Salam Aleykum brother:)))) Selam i mean the modjaheedin that has lived in 18th :D he is a great modjaheedin i dont know who is shamil basayev:D
  8. Amir Sultan And Buhari

    SElam Thank you brother :D :D
  9. Amir Sultan And Buhari

    Selam aleykum brothers and sisters well i did read half hour ago IMAM BUHARI and Amir sultan they said that amir sultan is buhara amir sultan how can this be imam buhari lived in Hicri 810 and Amir sultan 1400/1500 no way i dont understand can somebody help me plz ? :D :D :D :D :D
  10. How A Dream Changed My Life Forever...

    Selam aleykum brothers Mashallah Nice dream i did saw us prophet too on my 9 or 10 i dont remember i am 15 now I saw Mohammed mustafa sallahualeyhivesellem and Saint Ali :D :D
  11. 3 Questions

    Selam brother Elhamdullillah its exelent thankyou :D
  12. Islam in Mauritania

    Selam brother can u tell me something abbout the history of it??
  13. Islam in Mauritania

    Selam aleykum Brother thank u for sharing it Elhamdulillah!:D
  14. Islam in Sudan

    Selam Aleykum brothers is there in Sudan any ottoman buildings? is the whole population muslim?
  15. Selam aleykum brothers and sisters i have an quistion what was the meracles from davud aleyhisselam........?