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  1. Milk Based Harira?

    Salaam, I'm not very much of a cook and do not know how to cook harira but I love harira soup which chicken in it, It's amazing, my neighbour cooks it for me. sorry i couldn't be more help.
  2. Ramadan Health Guide

    Asalaamalikum, I've read the Ramadan Health guide and it is very useful, worth a read or even a quick browse. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsheffieldpct.nhs.uk/news/5-1-ramadan.php"]Ramadan Health Guide[/url] Walikumsalaam
  3. Donation

    Asalaamalikum, Ramadan Kareem, May Allah Accept all your dua's Inshallah. :sl: I was just was after some advice really, I’m wanting to set up regular monthly donation inshallah but I’m not sure which UK based charity I should go for? I’ve only ever used a charity twice before. Usually I give sadaqa and zakat to my parents and they take care of distributing it amongst the needy but I’m know wanting to set up something more regular, ideally donating money to an orphan so was hoping someone could recommend a reliable charity Inshallah. Jazakallah in advance for your help. Walikumsalaam
  4. Hadith Denier

    Asalaamalikum, I pray you are all in the best of health, iman and taqwa. I work alongside a Muslim lady, occasionally we've discussed Islam and where we stand on certain issues etc... Like you do... However the reason for me writing this post is because she has said something which has concerned me a great deal... She doesn't believe in hadiths, she doesn't believe they are authentic and can't be trusted... from what I understand, she refuses to believe in hadiths, she questions Allah swt decision (one of her relatives died and she was extremely upset saying her death was wrong, out of order etc...) . She has said other similar things. I've tried to explain to her in a kind, gentle and soft manner that some of the things she is saying are completely out of order and explained why this is so, but I seem to be talking to a brick wall. I think initially I was quite shocked. To me it feels like she is ashamed to be a muslim,.. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to give dawah to such a person? walikumsalaam
  5. Blood Donation

    Asalaamalikum While on t similar topic, I have always been curious to know as to whether Muslims are allowed to donate their organs after death? walikumsalaam
  6. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Asalaamalikum something I came across.... There is a reference to this punishment in the Bible, for instance. It reads: "If a man is found sleeping with another man's wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die." (Deuteronomy 22: 22) and also in Leviticus, we find the following verse:"If a man commits adultery with another man's wife-with the wife of his neighbor-both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death" (Leviticus 20: 10). walikumsalaam
  7. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Asalaamalikum Inna Lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioun, May Allah grant the sister a high place in Jannah There are a lot of interesting views some I find shocking… as for the matter of stoning someone to death…for me I feel it is irrelevant what WE as weak individuals feel about stoning someone to death, not everyone is going to agree. Yes it is shocking the whole idea of stoning someone to death for adultery or any other crime which requires stoning, MAYBE that is the point, to shock people away from committing crimes against themselves. What matters is that we apply the laws of Allah swt correctly and follow the sunnah of the prophet Muhammed. Stoning someone to death may be uncomfortable for people to stomach, some people may say it is not acceptable in this day and age? My question is why? Why are the Law’s of Allah not relevant now? Also a side point....Its only uncomfortable for those who lead happy lives in their own comfortable homes. What we must understand is that, its not for us as individuals to deciede what is right and what is wrong. Or which rule needs to be changed and which doesn't according to how our emotions are. Today we might feel that stoning to death should be abolished, tommorow our emotions may swing in a different way and we might change more of the rulings on punishment. The point being is that, we are weak individuals, we will change, our thoughts change...our emotions fluctuate....but we ultimatley put our Trust in Allah swt in ALL our affairs, we know he is the One who gave us life and He will end it. If he desires that stoning should be the punishment then we accept it. Punishments have always been considered an integral part of the concept of justice in Islam, not only Islam but for other religions too. Muslims should not feel they have to apologies or make excuses to explain or make acceptable to the West what has been so clearly laid down by the Qur’an and the Prophet. Finally, if there is scope for change with the Hudood (punishment) laws then thats a matter for the scholars to deciede on the basis of texts Quran and Sunnah..and we shouldn't change the laws based on how we at a certain time might feel, otherwise we fall into the same trap as the disbelivers, who once upon a time frowned upon Homosexuality and now openly embrace it....Once you were considered strange if you were homosexual, now your strange if you dislike homosexuality and reject it... Finally I leave this with you... It has been reported from the Messenger of Allah SallAllahu 'Alai wa Sallam, which has been authenticated by al-‘Allaamah al-Muhaddith al-Albaani in his Sahih al-Jami’ as-Sagheer – that he SallAllahu 'Alai wa Sallam said: "Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers." walikumsalaam
  8. Analogy Of Life

    Asalaamalikum. I've read this analogy before and I think it's a really good one. Walikumsalaam
  9. The Great Virtue Of

    Asalaamalikum The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah Allah, the Exalted said, "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that will make for greater purity for them. Indeed Allah is well acquainted with all that they do." [an-Nur (24):30] So Allah made purification and spiritual growth to be the outcome of lowering the gaze and guarding the private parts. It is for this reason that lowering ones gaze from (seeing) the prohibited things necessarily leads to three benefits that carry tremendous value and are of great significance. The First: Experiencing the Delight and Sweetness of Faith This delight and sweetness is far greater and more desirable that which might have been attained from the object that one lowered his gaze from for the sake of Allah. Indeed, "whosoever leaves something for the sake of Allah then Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, will replace it with something better than it."[1] The soul is a temptress and loves to look at beautiful forms and the eye is the guide of the heart. The heart commissions its guide to go and look to see what is there and when the eye informs it of a beautiful image it shudders out of love and desire for it. Frequently such inter-relations tire and wear down both the heart and the eye as is said: When you sent your eye as a guide For your heart one day, the object of sight fatigued you For you saw one over whom you had no power Neither a portion or in totality, instead you had to be patient. Therefore when the sight is prevented from looking and investigating the heart finds relief from having to go through the arduous task of (vainly) seeking and desiring. Whosoever lets his sight roam free will find that he is in a perpetual state of loss and anguish for sight gives birth to love (mahabbah) the starting point of which is the heart being devoted and dependant upon that which it beholds. This then intensifies to become fervent longing (sabubah) whereby the heart becomes totally dependant and devoted to the (object of its desire). Then this further intensifies and becomes infatuation (gharamah) which clings to the heart like the one seeking repayment of a debt clings firmly to the one who has to pay the debt. Then this intensifies and becomes passionate love (ishk) and this is a love that transgresses all bounds. Then this further intensifies and becomes crazed passion (shaghafa) and this is a love that encompasses every tiny part of the heart. Then this intensifies and becomes worshipful love (tatayyuma). Tatayyum means worship and it is said: tayyama Allah i.e. he worshipped Allah. Hence the heart begins to worship that which is not correct for it to worship and the reason behind all of this was an illegal glance. The heart is now bound in chains whereas before it used to be the master, it is now imprisoned whereas before it was free. It has been oppressed by the eye and it complains to it upon which the eye replies: I am your guide and messenger and it was you who sent me in the first place! All that has been mentioned applies to the heart that has relinquished the love of Allah and being sincere to Him for indeed the heart must have an object of love that it devotes itself to. Therefore when the heart does not love Allah Alone and does not take Him as its God then it must worship something else. Allah said concerning Yusuf as-Siddiq (AS), "Thus (did We order) so that We might turn away from him all evil and indecent actions for he was one of Our sincere servants." [Yusuf (12): 24] It was because the wife of al-Aziz was a polytheist that (the passionate love) entered her heart despite her being married. It was because Yusuf (AS) was sincere to Allah that he was saved from it despite his being a young man, unmarried and a servant. The Second: The Illumination of the Heart, Clear Perception and Penetrating Insight Ibn Shuja al-Kirmani said, "whosoever builds his outward form upon following the Sunnah, his internal form upon perpetual contemplation and awareness of Allah, he restrains his soul from following desires, he lowers his gaze from the forbidden things and he always eats the lawful things then his perception and insight shall never be wrong." Allah mentioned the people of Lut and what they were afflicted with and then He went on to say, "Indeed in this are signs for the Mutawassimin." [al-Hijr (15): 75] The Mutwassimin are those who have clear perception and penetrating insight, those who are secure from looking at the unlawful and performing indecent acts. Allah said after mentioning the verse concerning lowering the gaze, "Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth." [an-Nur (24): 35] The reason behind this is that the reward is of the same type as the action. So whosoever lowers his gaze from the unlawful for the sake of Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, He will replace it with something better than it of the same type. So just as the servant restrained the light of his eye from falling upon the unlawful, Allah blesses the light of his sight and heart thereby making him perceive what he would not have seen and understood had he not lowered his gaze. This is a matter that the person can physically sense in himself for the heart is like a mirror and the base desires are like rust upon it. When the mirror is polished and cleaned of the rust then it will reflect the realities (haqaaiq) as they actually are. However if it remains rusty then it will not reflect properly and therefore its knowledge and speech will arise from conjecture and doubt. The Third: The Heart Becoming Strong, Firm and Courageous Allah will give it the might of aid for its strength just as He gave it the might of clear proofs for its light. Hence the heart shall combine both of these factors and as a result, Shaytan shall flee from it. It is mentioned in the narration, "whosoever opposes his base desires, the Shaytan shall flee in terror from his shade."[2] This is why the one who follows his base desires shall find in himself the ignominy of the soul, its being weak, feeble and contemptible. Indeed Allah places nobility for the one who obeys Him and disgrace for the one who disobeys Him, "So do not lose heart nor fall into despair; for you must gain mastery if you are true in faith." [Ali Imran (3): 139] "If any do seek for nobility and power then to Allah belongs all nobility and power." [Faatir (35): 10] Meaning that whosoever seeks after disobedience and sin then Allah, the Might and Magnificent, will humiliate the one who disobeys Him. Some of the salaf said, "the people seek nobility and power at the door of the Kings and they will not find it except through the obedience of Allah." This is because the one who obeys Allah has taken Allah as his friend and protector and Allah will never humiliate the one who takes his Lord as friend and patron. In the Du`a Qunoot their occurs, "the one who You take as a friend is not humiliated and the one who You take as an enemy is not ennobled."[3] Notes: [1] Reported by Ahmad [5/363], al-Marwazi in "Zawaid az-Zuhd" [no. 412], an-Nasa'i in "al-Kubra" as mentioned in "Tuhfah al-Ashra" [11/199] from one of the Companions that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "indeed you will not leave anything for the sake of Allah except that Allah will replace it with something better than it." The isnad is saheeh. [2] This is not established as a hadeeth of the Prophet . [3] Reported by Abu Dawood [Eng. Trans. 1/374 no. 1420], an-Nasa'i [3/248], at-Tirmidhi[no. 464], ibn Majah [no. 1178], ad-Darimi [1/311], Ahmad [1/199], ibn Khuzaymah [2/151] from al Hasan from Ali (RA). The hadith is sahih. The isnad has been criticised by many, however none of the criticisms hold. Refer to: "Nasb ar-Rayah"[2/125] and "Talkhis al-Habi" [1/247]
  10. Safeguarding The Tongue

    ASalaamalikum enjoyed reading article...Jazakallah Khayr walikumsalaam
  11. Hindu Goddess Is Man From London

    Asalaamalikum Lolz I can’t help but laugh, I find it quite amusing. Any way, May Allah guide these people back to the straight path which leads to jannah Inshallah. Walikumsalaam
  12. Showing Kindness

    Asalaamalikum... Good reminder… I’ve just been reading a thread and I really am quite saddened and shocked to some extent to see how harsh some people can be when giving advise.. There a certain manners to be adhered to when giving someone advise. When someone turns to us, it may be because they have no one else to talk to, kindness and gentleness goes along way for someone when they in a state of distress. By being harsh, you may be adding to that individual’s despair and anguish. Think before you speak! Walikumsalaam
  13. Who Hijacked Islam?

    Asalaamalikum tech diver if only it was as simple as you put it! Did you even take the time to watch the video before replying??? Walikumsalaam
  14. My Great Gran..

    Asalaamalikum, It's always difficult to lose a loved one, May Allah grant you patience and May Allah grant your grandmother jannah Inshallah. walikumsalaam
  15. Need Duas-very Serious Hardship Occured On Close Ones

    Asalaamalikum, Sorry to hear what your family is going through, I make dua that Allah facilitates your families affairs in the best manner Inshallah. Walikumsalaam