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  1. Is It Possible

    Salam ALeikom, I just want to remind of the story of a lady who was a prostitute, one day she saw a dog who was very thirsty so she got the dog water from the well, the Prophet peace be upon him said this woman is FORGIVEN by Allah, imagine she does the worse things..so Allah knows best. And when we are forgiven it does not mean Allah is completly happy with us , when we are pardoned Allah erases the bad deed completly...take a look at some of the 99 names inshaALlah... I try my best not to pass judgement because Allah will decide who goes where.
  2. The Best Age To Marry?

    :D it is best to get married young it protects you from a lot!! i got married young and my husband (between 18-25 category ) is young also alhumdulillah Allah gave us the chance. I know if we were not married now, we would both be wasting our time in the dunya, and a couple of our friends act immature at times (gossip, jokes wasting time at the mall) so we are so thankful to be away from all of that because now we feel we are closer to Allah. Allah knows best when everyone is ready
  3. My Sister :(

    :D maybe try to explain to her that when you pray Allah listens to everything you have in your heart, and He will give you a good life inshaAllah . when you don't pray you will feel lost and far from Allah, try to explain that prayer is a time to cleanse your soul, and maybe try to tell her that on the Day of Judgment Allah will look at our prayers before looking at any other good deeds, if the prayers are not done He is not going to even look at our good deeds!! good luck, i know it's hard it happens in most families now
  4. Rewards For Conversion

    salam aleikom 1 thing I know for sure is ALL the sins committed before conversion are forgiven!! SubanAllah!!
  5. Arabian Horses

    :D well I have read most of the book called the "Sealed Nectar" it talks all about the Prophet peace be upon him's life with much detail and I haven't read anything about Arabian horses their. I have never heard these myths you have posted, anyways Allah created everything....
  6. Salam Aleikom...about Salman Rushdie

    :D thank you soo much this clears it up big time!! The Qur'an is so beautiful but is often misunderstood :D
  7. :D I was reading a biography on Salam Rushdie because I wanted to know why he is the way he is...so i read this: "The publication of The Satanic Verses in September 1988 caused immediate controversy in the Islamic world due to what was perceived as an irreverent depiction of the prophet Muhammad. The title refers to a Muslim tradition that is related in the book. According to it, Muhammad (Mahound in the book) added verses to the Qur'an accepting three goddesses that used to be worshipped in Mecca as divine beings. According to the legend Muhammad later revoked the verses, saying the devil tempted him to utter these lines to appease the Meccans (hence the Satanic Verses). The book was banned in many countries with big Muslim communities" Now here's the thing, i read this to my mom and she said she has heard about these 'verses' and that the Prophet (peace be upon him) actually did this! Allah Forgive me but I got really mad with her and I tried to explain to her there is no way Allah's favorite person would do such a thing, he never sinned! I told her he is 'Habib Allah' and he was never influenced by the shaytan. Well that did not do, she said to me; "What about the Surah that talks about the Prophet frowning to the man?" I told her that is different, that is dealing with people, and the Qur'an is the WORD of Allah, it is perfect. Well I dont know what else that I could do for her to understand the Prophet would never make a mistake with the Qur'an when it comes from Allah... :D Any suggestions?
  8. Allah Loves Us Soo Much!

    :D Ramadan kareem to you and your family also ! :D My favorite (i love all the episodes, they all make me teary-eyed) was the episode about Ash-Shakour and Al-Jabbar those two hit me so hard. I had no idea that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) walked to Taif (spelling??) he walked 3 days and up 5,000 feet mountains and then the people rejected him. I had no idea the mountains were so big!! SubhanAllah!! :D
  9. Allah Loves Us Soo Much!

    :D please take a few minutes and check this out... (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.amrkhaled(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/acategories/categories192.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.amrkhaled(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/acategories/categories192.html[/url] Amr Khaled is talking about the 99 names everyday on IQRA tv, broadcasting from Mecca :D Alhumdulillah his website has posted the lectures in English if you understand Arabic check out his site at www.amrkhaled.com, if you also have good computer screen you can watch the show with the subtitles! Enjoy!
  10. :D I found this by accident, its a great site... (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamic-knowledge(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Fast_Zakat.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamic-knowledge(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Fast_Zakat.htm[/url]
  11. Learn The Hijri Months...in A Fun Way!

    :D very cute. will keep this for when there are kids in my family inshaAllah. thank you for sharing.
  12. The Issue of Image and Drawing in Islam

    :D i was wondering can people display photos if only the the top half is shown? like a family portrait? at the moment i keep all photos in albums.
  13. Are Those Who Make Takfeer Kaafir?

    :D Some people suffer from inner rage, which can be a result of child abuse. Many of these people cannot control their anger due to the inner rage, and have violent thoughts towards others for very small situations. However, this is not acceptabele in Islam. Islam does not permit revenge, revenge only breeds more revenge. The Blessed Prophet would only get angry when someone insulted the Qur'an and Islam. We should not mock these people for their anger, no one likes to lose control of themselves. We should InshaAllah try our best to show them how to use Islam has a tool in controling themselves.
  14. Is Islam An Arabic Religion?

    :D every word you learn from the Qur'an if you are not an arabic speaker has a bigger reward. You are making a struggle and Allah gives more hasanaat (rewards) to those who strive to learn the language. It is important to know what you are reciting when praying. It will increase your focus during the prayer, and Allah is always listening to what we say.
  15. Voices From The Conflict: Tuesday

    :D Allah have mercy on the innocent who have passed away and the innocent who can not protect themselves.