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  1. The Names Of Each Set Of 10 Days

    I didnt know that - thats is very good information.
  2. Planned Anything For Ramadan?

    Inshallah i want to improve on previous Ramadans by spending the time in rememberance of Allah and in search for forgiveness.
  3. Is Bottom Of Shoe Facing Upwards A Sin?

    u kidding right? i was told this when i was a kid but i dont really believe its true?
  4. Is Bottom Of Shoe Facing Upwards A Sin?

    I agree with brother DoT on this issue.
  5. Help Making Logo

    Asalaam Alaikum Thanks for the reply. I dont have difficulty in changing the logs - its the designing of the logo i need help with. Thanks
  6. Help Making Logo

    Asalaam Alaikum My forums website is 4muslims/forums If you see the header at top it still says (www.)"http://invisionpower#####"]invision[/url] power board, i want to replace it with an image saying 4muslims (and underneath it "islamic forums" in smaller font). Can any1 help me make this image - it would be much appreciated. The hard thing it to maintain the green background which goes from darker to lighter from top to bottom. Who can help please?
  7. We Advertise On Your Site.

    what do you mean page rank 4 ???
  8. Asalaam Alaikum 4muslims/forums is now 1 yr old and to mark this we have upgraded to "http://invisionpower#####"]invision[/url] forums. Please make dua we can be successful in pour aims to spread Islam and act as a safe meeting place for Muslims.
  9. Help With Invision Admin Panel

    how do i change the position of forums within a category
  10. Asalaam Alaikum MY forums at 4muslims are being upgraded to "http://invisionpower#####"]invision[/url] because the phpbb free boards kept being hacked. However i have no experience with "http://invisionpower#####"]invision[/url] admin control panel and would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. Asalaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters as you know after much hack attacks the 4muslims website has now moved to "http://invisionpower#####"]invision[/url] boards. However we need brothers and sisters who are familiar with it to help us. Cant even figure out the Admin Panel yet. Anyone who can offer such help please email me at admin[at]4muslims and all of you keep an eye out for our relaunch in the next few days.
  12. Reverts Listing

    there are some canadians on the reverts listing - you might want to contact them
  13. The Dislike Of The Salaf In Giving Faataawaa

    Truly Excellent post - could i post it elsewhere?
  14. Looking At Women

    WELL YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL BECAUSE ITS A SLIIPERY SLOPE! i mean what if you look enquire and its not good enough for you - will you look and enquire forever lolz
  15. I was confused to see such OBVIOUS sects mixed in with those groups of Muslims who are only seen to be a sect by another sect. I was more confused by not being able to reply to these posts. It was strange because the person posting all those posts had some really contradicting ideas which his posts were reflecting too. I was just wandering what the standard view is that others are being categorised by - the fairest way to do that is to ask the brother posting about other groups what group he is labelled as belonging too.