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  1. Help..!

    :D wanted to reply to your post in General Discussion, but dont have 50 posts up yet..hope you get my msg here, if someone can move please do...if that's allowed. for creative fabric (learned in fashion design)... visit your local fruit shop and ask for an old hession potato sack not sure if you still have those where you live...cut a piece into A4 size and leave edges rough, stich with another natural thread like straw or thread like weed (may cost you nothing but will look like u went to a lot of trouble). "Crumble"...have you thought of using chocolate "Flake" or similar, paste wrapper and chocolate with crumbs falling to form letters...just a suggestion!!! "recycle" maybe get a milk carton open up to form your A4...cut letters from newspaper, tin cans and other material to form word???? :D this is useful?
  2. Pray for me...

    assalam alaikum have you thought why you feel so bad??? maybe if you make some notes, you will not make the same mistakes next year?? before next ramadan set some achievable goals, so you can have a sense of achievements...just a suggestion...may Allah accept our efforts. ameen