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  1. Inheritance In Islam

    Asslamualaikum all, I have come to you for a really important question! I tried ask-imam and Islamonline and simply can't find an answer, inshaAllah someone here can. Now please bear with me, its a very difficult question and so are the circumstances!! Well basically -A father has passed away now, however before doing so he paid a deposit on a house, however he didn't live in the house, he allowed his family members to live in it - he has several children, they are now aged around 30+ and are married, of them one of the boys lives in that house, along with his family as he is married - both this brother and another (so brother one and brother 2) pay the mortgage on this house, they have done for a very long time, and continue to do so - now they want to sell the house, from this who does the money go to? 1) the two brothers OR 2) all the children, and it is split according to Islamic law, becuase the father had initally placed a deposit on this. I hope inshaAllah I have explained this accurately! walaikumsalam ps - a very quick reply would be much apprecaited!!
  2. Urgent

    Assalamu Alikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakahutu Hope you are all well inshaAllah. please can someone let me know if they know a graphic/webdesigner who can work along side a small team for the sake of Allah (swt) i.e voluntary in the almaghrib UK project...almaghrib(contact admin if its a beneficial link) we are working towards getting Muhammad Alshareef institute to London, seminars will take place early september inshaAllah. need some one who has some/little experience in the following: Multimedia Design; Posters, leaflets, logo design, animation, web and more: strong attention to detail, flare for graphics design, experience in designing to a brief. And possibly with the following packages: Macromedia Director MX, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX and 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator 9.0 and Premier and others. Even if the brother/sister has little knowledge in this area that would be ok, we are not neccesarily looking for professionals. most of the work would be transferred via email and little if any 121 contact, so they can be from any location...meaning within UK, if the above doesnt meet your criteria please ask around friends who may be suitable/interested. Allah Alim. JazzakAllah khair. Please provide name and email ad. need an urgent response ASAP. please email property.of.Allah[at]gmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link) if you're interested or know anyone who is
  3. Islamic Forum

    Asslamualaikum subhan'Allah this forum has bought so many people togther from different end of the earth, those of different nationalities, race but one religion and one true aim in life. And surely bought people with different levels of Iman togther, trying to imrpove one another. But it seems to me, some (a minority) members are what some would call 'extreme', the majority and known as 'moderate' Muslims, and it seems within these boundaries clashes have occured, with neither willing to agree with the other, or accept their opinions on specific things. This is definitely a good thiong in IF, however it can also be seen as a bad, where Muslims are making point of what is right and wrong without any proof, or without being any kind of scholar, but just simply Muslims in the eyes of our Lord. I think this is one of the many reasons why the forum numbers have decreased and IF is no longer what it was, I pray that insha'Allah IF returns to its best, and helps non-Muslims understand the beauty of Islam, insha'Allah, and its best members stay to improve IF. Other reasons for IF's decreased member input can be explained through the rules enforced, the forum's which have been removed and added, and also the uncertainty of whether IF will be up and running. And most definitely of how easily members are banned when constructive critisism (in my view) takes place. May Allah help us all to stay on the right path and increase our Iman. walaikumsalam
  4. Nature Or Nurture

    asslamualaikum Jazakhallah'Khairun for your replies, i understand what your saying completely, but it seems that its hard to mke Muslims understand this, let alone non-Muslims! Well sometimes I think nature more so, then Nurture! Becuase if two people live next door to each other, hence in the same environment, and one turns out better than the other, isnt that because of the family and the upbringing?! Well i do think that guys can control their nafs, and there is more to life than women, I mean Alah has given laws to abide by, so we should. Jazakhalah'Khairun once again, brother MA can you gt hold of that hadith? walaikumsalam
  5. I Really Need Help!

    asslamualaikum Maybe you should try the computer room brother or if you go to this forum, some people are willing to help "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.photoshoptechniques(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.photoshoptechniques(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/[/url] sorry I couldnt help you anymore walaikumsalam, all the best!
  6. Nature Or Nurture

    asslamualaikum I wanted your view on something really important, primarily on the Muslim Youth today, and why they are in the state that they are. Why are we so astray from our Iman? Why do we seem to be embarrased, and continue to implement Western cultures in our lives. Let me tell you why I am asking this, today ast university I was with 2 female friends (one a Muslim though non-Hijabi, and one non-Muslim) we were sitting down to have lunch, and they decided to get drinks from the Vending machins. So i was sitting alone, and on the opposite table there were 4 'Muslim' Lads sat there, talking very openly about 'Girls' I was feleing un-comfortable so waited for my friends to return so we could sit elsewhere. Anyway whilst I was waiting one of the boys said 'I prefer Muslim Girls myself' Pointing and laughing in the direction I was seated, they were Arabs (I know that becuase I have seen them around this building before besides they had strong Arab accents), anyway I felt really uneasy so decided to move. As we were moving the lads commented something about 'Arab and Asian' Girls, which meant only one thing. Well this lead into me and my friends having quite a heated and deep conversation, regarding boys. They continued to say that all boys are the same, and they only think of one thing, me on the other hand thinks not all are the same, if they are able to control their Nafs, surely they dont all think the same. I said that I have seen boys who come to our house and if I answer the door, they look on the floor or dont give me eye-contact when asking if my father or brother is in, and if not they tell me what message to pass on. This was my basis, saying that they dont all think the same, however they had other ideas. Now, the Muslim girl who isnt a 'Hijabi' see's herself as being quite liberated and having a lot of freedom becuase she talks to guys and hangs out with them, so she felt that she was a better judge of boys. So i said, well obviously if they hang out with the girls, they must think about girls, which causes them to hag out with them, but NOT all are like that. And this non-Muslim friend of mine, wasnt really interested in my theory, an kept saying that the only reason you wear 'Hijab' is becuase of guys, so that means you admit that is all they talk about. Now, yeah one of the many reasons is to protect yourself *but if you have done your part, and a guy looks at you, that is no fault on you, it is on the guy, which is what Iwas saying* she didnt seem to be interested. So, my question is, is the thinking of Male Muslim Youth today Nature or Nurture, is it becuase of their upbrining and they have no boundaries set in their homes, or is it becuase of the environment in which we live in? And the same for the Female Youth, why do they dwell so much on fashion, and looking good, when Islam says have 'hayah' and 'guard your modesty?!' walaikumsalam PS - Sorry for rambling on, and hope this made sense, and hope to read what you guys think!
  7. Shape Shift

    asslamualaikum I am done, Jazakhallah'Khairun anyway walaikumsalam :D
  8. 1089-1053 Talksport

    asslamualaikum I have heard him quite a few times, he is very ignorant I think doesnt want to listen to anyone else's view! yeah he is slightly better, but reminds me of James Stannage (Key 103 in the North West, anyone listen to him?! He is an athiest, actually not even that, dont know what he is, but he aint willing to listen to anyone either! walaikumsalam
  9. Shape Shift

    asslamualaikum, can somebody please help me with this program, I have to create a program called ShapeShift which does simple calculations and manipulations of simple shapes expressed in two-dimensional co-ordinate geometry. The program is given a number of commnad line arguments which define a shape (circle, triangle or rectangle). A circle has 3 arguments (2 more for OffSet values) triangle has 6 arguments (2 more for OffSet values) rectangle has 4 arguments (2 more for offset values) the program then reports a standard output * the details of the original shape - givning all the points * the area na dperimeter of the shape * and details of the shifted shape these classes have been created public class Circle { // Use the circle to find the centre and the radius. private final Point Centre; private final double Radius; // Construct the two values public Circle(Point requiredCentre, double requiredRadius) { Centre = requiredCentre; Radius = requiredRadius; } public double areaCircle() { return (Math.PI * (Math.pow(Radius, 2))); } // areaCircle public double Perimeter() { return (2 * Math.PI * Radius); } //Perimeter } // Circle public class Point { // Two Coordinate values for each point private final double CoordinateX; private final double CoordinateY; // Construct the two values public Point(double requiredCoordinateX, double requiredCoordinateY) { CoordinateX = requiredCoordinateX; CoordinateY = requiredCoordinateY; } // Get the X Coordinate public double getXCoordinate() { return CoordinateX; } // Get Y Coordinate public double getYCoordinate() { return CoordinateY; } // The layout, when demonstrating the two values. public String toString() { return "(" + CoordinateX + "," + CoordinateY + ")"; } // String // Calculate the moved coordinates, when added to OffSetX and OffSetY public Point movedPoint(double OffSetX, double OffSetY) { return new Point (CoordinateX + OffSetX, CoordinateY + OffSetY); } //movedPoint // Calculate the distance between two points public double distance(Point other) { return Math.sqrt(Math.pow((CoordinateX - other.CoordinateX), 2) + Math.pow((CoordinateY - other.CoordinateY), 2)); } // Distance calculated } // Point public class Rectangle { private final Point a; private final Point b; // Constructor Method public Rectangle(Point requiredA, Point requiredB) { a = requiredA; b = requiredB; } // Get point c for the third commnadline public Point c() { return new Point(a.getXCoordinate(), b.getYCoordinate()); }// c // Get point d for the forth commandline public Point d() { return new Point(b.getXCoordinate(), a.getYCoordinate()); } //d public double AreaRectangle() { return (a.distance(c()) * a.distance(d())); } public double PerimeterRectangle() { return (2 * (a.distance(c())) + (a.distance(d()))); } } // Rectangle public class Triangle { // Triangle, has 8 values including 2 OffSet values. private final Point TrianglePoint1; private final Point TrianglePoint2; private final Point TrianglePoint3; // Constructor Method public Triangle(Point requiredTrianglePoint1, Point requiredTriagnlePoint2, Point requiredTrianglePoint3) { TrianglePoint1 = requiredTrianglePoint1; TrianglePoint2 = requiredTriagnlePoint2; TrianglePoint3 = requiredTrianglePoint3; } public double PerimeterTriangle() { return (TrianglePoint1.distance(TrianglePoint2) + TrianglePoint2.distance(TrianglePoint3) + TrianglePoint3.distance(TrianglePoint1)); } // PerimeterTriangle // Work and return the area of the triangle public double AreaTriangle() { double semiPerimeter = (TrianglePoint1.distance(TrianglePoint2) + TrianglePoint2.distance(TrianglePoint3) + TrianglePoint3.distance(TrianglePoint1) / 2); return Math.sqrt(semiPerimeter * (semiPerimeter - TrianglePoint1.distance(TrianglePoint2)) * (semiPerimeter - TrianglePoint2.distance(TrianglePoint3)) * (semiPerimeter - TrianglePoint3.distance(TrianglePoint1))); } // AreaTriangle } //Triangle all complile except my main class, below!! public class ShapeShift { /* A program which performs simple calculations and manipulations of simple shapes expressed in two-dimensional co-ordinate geometry. The program will be given a set of command line arguments that define a particular shape, the shapes are as follows, circle, triangle and rectangle. The program will create the specified shape and also a similar one, where each point has been shifted the X and Y offset */ public static void main (String[]args) { // To be valid there must be a minimum of 5 arguments, which are taken by the // circle, the triangle will have 8 and the rectangle 6 if (args.length == 5 || args.length == 8 || args.length == 6) switch (args.length) { case 5 : Point circleCentre = (Double.parseDouble(args[0]), Double.parseDouble(args[1])) double Radius = Double.parseDouble(args[2]); Circle circle = new Circle(centreCircle, Radius) double areaCircle = circle.areaCircle(); double Perimeter = circle.Perimeter(); double OffSetX = Double.parseDouble(args[3]); double OffSetY = Double.parseDouble(args[4]); Point shiftedPoint = circleCentre.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) System.out.println("Circle (" + Point.toString() + ")"); case 8 : Point TrianglePoint1 = (Double.parseDouble(args[0]). Double.parseDouble(args[1])) Point TrianglePoint2 = (Double.parseDouble(args[2]), Double.parseDouble(args[3])) Point TrianglePoint3 = (Double.parseDouble(args[4]), Double.parseDouble(args[5])) Triangle triangle = new Triangle(TrianglePoint1, TrianglePoint2, TrianglePoint3) double PerimeterTriangle = triangle.PerimeterTriangle(); double AreaTriangle = triangle.AreaTriangle(); double OffSetX = Double.parseDouble(args[6]); double OffSetY = Double.parseDouble(args[7]); Point shiftedPoint1 = TrianglePoint1.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) Point shiftedPoint2 = TrianglePoint2.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) Point shiftedPoint3 = TrianglePoint3.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) System.out.println("Triangle (" + Point.toString() + ")"); case 6 : Point a = Double.parseDouble(args[0]) Point b = Double.parseDouble(args[1]) Point c = Double.parseDouble(args[2]) Point d = Double.parseDouble(args[3]) Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle(a, b, c, d) double AreaRectangle = rectangle.AreaRectangle(); double PerimeterRectangle = rectangle.PerimeterRectangle(); double OffSetX = Double.parseDouble(args[4]); double OffSetY = Double.parseDouble(args[5]); Point shiftedPointa = a.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) Point shiftedPointb = b.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) Point shiftedPointc = c.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) Point shiftedPointd = d.movedPoint(OffSetX, OffSetY) System.out.println("Rectangle (" + Point.toString() + ")"); else { // If incorrect commnadline arguments are entered, the following eror // messages will be appear System.out.println ("Usage: java ShapeShift x and y co-ordinates and offset values,"); System.out.println ("Where: x and y co-ordinates are double, and 2 offset values,"); System.out.println ("and: the number of entries depend on the shape, if circle 5" + " entries, if triangle 8 entries and if square 6 entries."); System.out.println("Please enter 5, 6 or 8 values"); } //else } //if /* Print out the final answer for each shape*/ private static void printAnswer(double area, double perimeter, double OffSetX, double OffSetY) { System.out.println("has area " + area + ", perimeter " + perimeter + "[##][/##]n" + "and when shifted by X Offset " + OffSetX + " and Y Offset " + OffSetY + ", gives "); } //printAnswer } //main } //class ShapeShift but there are some errors when I compile it, these are errors like } needed, and some more ; are needed, I cant say where coz I dont have Java at home I do at uni...but need some help please...!! will be so grateful walaikumsalam
  10. Changing My Course

    asslamualaikum becuase I am finidng it hard, from the basics to the most advanced features! You can only truly undertsand accounting if you can gradp the basics, right?...well I cant even do that! I mean i kno the accounting equation, debit, credit and the simple stuff but like we do 'managemnt accounting' 'finanical reporting' and 'financial decision making' this is the hardest, vasue its all numbers and not essay based whereas 'management, information and IT' is essay based, and i liked that! so I am chnging coz i dont like accounting its to hard to understand! :D walaikumsalam
  11. Muslim Unity Convention

    asslamualaikum "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ramadhanfoundation(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ramadhanfoundation(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/[/url] walaikumsalam
  12. Muslim Girls Wins Right To Wear Jilbab

    asslamualaikum Brother, Allah answers our prayers in three different ways, he gives us what we want in this life, He gives it in the hereafter or gives us something which will be more beneficial for us. And in this particular case Shabina got what she wanted, and masha'Allah Actually, 16 year olds are very mature, just like some 18 year olds are and some aren't, in the same way some 16 years olds are and some arent. In this particular case I think Shabina was very strong and worked hard for her goal! :D Jazakhallah'Khairun brother that was surely a good reminder!! firstly, of course she could have gone to Islamic school, but it costs money and is expensive, with her family paying taxes and being good law abiding citizens she has the right to a state education thus has her right to wear as she places and see's fit, and with this particular case being the Jilbab (which is more than just a piece of cloth) I say she has done right. As for oppression and education in other Islamic lands thats a whole new argument, and so wont go into that here wel said brother, if only more people thought like you. another excellent point raised brother, just becuase we live in 'Kuffar' lands doesnt mean we cant implment Islamic life into it, it is a democracy isnt it?! :D that made me smile brother....but I understand why its getting you mad :D and what sistr Shabina has done has helped the Ummah, and the Ummah should unite and applaud her for her hard work and dedication well brother considering you have a sister, I cant believe why you cant understand the importance of this victory I understand whee youre coming from brother, but surely this step is a step forward? insha'Allah Muslim lands can improve, and the Qur'an and Sunnah implemented as it should be. But you saying that people in Muslim mands are oppressed, isnt becuase of Islam but becuase of the political groups and thats what needs to be fixed agreed, masha'Allah well said sister Insha'Allah we can end this argument and be happy for Sister Shabina's perserverence, strength, courage and devotion of Islam to do what she thinks is right. walaikumsalam PS - I would like to bring this to people's attention, and see the comments made my Muslims and Non-Muslims, to both extremes "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4311019.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4311019.stm[/url]
  13. Changing My Course

    asslamualaiikum I completely understand what your saying brothe,r but I suppose thats a risk that I will have to take, and surely anything is better than Accounting!! Its just so hard, I regret picking this course..!! And plus with the computing for business applications I have seen the course outline and the courses studies it is more my cup of tea, than the accounting, and in reality i should have researched it more when I first came to University, I suppose I just made rash decisions..! walaikiumsalam
  14. I Am Getting Married!

    asslamualaikum :D :D aaww masha'Allah sister thats brilliant news, Ameen to the dua's insha'Allah this will be a new begining for you, may Allah bless your marriage and keep you happy always! :D walaikumsalam
  15. Muslim Girls Wins Right To Wear Jilbab

    aslamualaikum ok... Jazakhallah'Khairun for the reminder sister I did read it and understood it :D But my replies was just something I felt that needed to be done, so i could explain the both extremes, like I agree wtih Shabina and bro d-ziner deicdes not to, just trying to mkae him understand my point of view. But, lets end this discussion and just say Masha'Allah to sis Shabina, she is a brave girl and has a done a lot for the Muslim Girls walaikumsalam