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  1. One Third Of Scouts Are Muslims

    :D I think this is great! I know some people involved, they do excellent work, :D :D
  2. Emel Magazine

    :D I haven't visited most of them, perhaps phoning beforehand might help! I don't think the Dar-us-Salaam bookshop, in Regents Park masjid has it either, but it is a good bookshop, www.iccuk(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Or as the brother said, in East London sorry i can't be of more help :D
  3. Emel Magazine

    :D I think there are four pages of bookshops here: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.tijarapages(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/categories.asp?id=11&cid=1482710671"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.tijarapages(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/categories.asp?...&cid=1482710671[/url] :D that is of some use :D
  4. Emel Magazine

    :D You're right Brother, it is everywhere, from Newsagents to WH Smith and supermarkets! Can't seem to get away from it to be honest! It is now published monthly too! It depends on whether you like the what i call 'modernist' nature of it! Although, it does deerve credit for being THE FIRST Muslim Lifestyle magazine and first to go mainstream! :D
  5. Home Burgled

    :D :D I remember when my house was burgled, they stole meat from the freezer, ice cream and some other food! WIERD PEOPLE! They got away with a lot, weren’t caught, but :D we learnt a lesson from it, and tightened security at home. As the Brother said, check and re-check it is vital!! I really felt my privacy had been invaded too! May Allah protect out homes and belongings from such thieves, :D :D
  6. French Hijab Ban..

    :D I know what you mean sister emel! I remember watching a documentary on this, may have been on the BBC, and it followed some sisters, and showed what options some of them were taking! Could there me a history of the French opposing Muslims, in Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein' the actual novel not the silly films that have emerged ever since, the 'Turk' is discriminated against by the French and hated due to his wealth. :D
  7. Medication + Fasting

    :D Yeah i get it, it wasn't my regular doctor, was a fill-in non Muslim :D for your input, May Allah reward you well Brother! :D
  8. Medication + Fasting

    :D thats what i want to do! But still concerned about what the Doctor said, the medicine is anitbiotics for insect bites :D i think i will fast tomorrow, at least and see how it works out! :D
  9. Medication + Fasting

    As salaamu alaikum In a bit of a dilemma! I have been prescribed medication to take 3 times a day, and the Doctor told me not to fast! Now, if I make sure I have the medication, 3 times and still fast, is this ok? I really don’t want to miss any fasts! Let me know what you think I should do asap :D in advance Wa alaikum asalaam
  10. Death Date

    :D :D for this post Sister! May Allah swt reward you well for this reminder :D
  11. Woman Makes Shahadah - At 97 Years Old!

    :D This is great news :D :D to all the duaas :D
  12. Muslims Most Highly Educated In U.s.

    :D :D for the article! It is a shame that the same cannot be said for the UK, so many Muslim under-achieveing! :D they will sis, we need more educated Muslims in many fields! :D
  13. My Auntie

    :D Inna lillahi wa inna illayhi rajioun :D to the duaas :D
  14. Islam in England

    :D I'm glad i don't live near it! Why is it that one of the best bookshops in London, has to be there??!! It really is NOT FAIR! :D :D there are smaller bookshops e.g. Darus Salaam in Regents Park Masjid, nice place! Going out to eat, hmmm, i don't know if i am the best person to ask!! Anyone else? You want a segregated restaurant? No alcohol being served, RIGHT? Indian sub-contintent food or soemthing else? Central London, or anywhere? What do IF-ers think of Edgeware Road? Never actually been down to the shops there, just went past it loades of times! :D i think there is an online directory of Halaal restaurants somewhere!! :D
  15. Battle For Islam

    :D It's true!! Why is that so many Muslims now think that the only way to achieve 'real success' is by forgetting Islam? I watched it, personally i thought it was very culturally-immersed! What was the purpose? To show that some Muslims have got closer to God, or rather reinterpreted Islam for their own liking!! Allahu Alam! May Allah swt open the eyes of those who appeared in the programme, to allow them to follow the Straight Path, :D :D