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  1. I Need Dua Please

    Please brothers and sisters I need dua for a righteous beautiful spouse.may Allah accept our prayers.
  2. Pls Needs Dua

    please i need dua for a highly retentive memory.i remember most times with some dificulty and this has been frustrating and has been giving me some setbacks in learning so many things.does any one know what the prophet ask his companions to do if they complain of such. i think abu hurairah once complaimned of such.i also need dua as i sleep too much and miss my tahajud .
  3. Duaz---for Interview

    barak allahu fihi
  4. In Memorium

    amin to the dua
  5. Needs Help

    i stay in nigeria and i dont have a demo version.where can i get a demo version.
  6. Needs Help

    sallam allaykum brothers and sisters does any one know where i can get Rosetta Stone Language Software [Personal Edition Level 1and 2 CD-ROM ] pls i am in dire need of this software but i cant afford the cost of this cds
  7. sallam allaykum pls what does Islam say about males having wet dreams . what causes it does it have anything to do with supplicatting plentifuly before going to bed? jazak Allah khairan as u respod to this question.
  8. Spare a moment

    i pray Allah heals her amin . it is evident in sunnah that one of the prophets' wife use to recite Nas and Falaq for the prophat when he is ill.u can do this too . somebody to help the sister with a full text of the hadith i dont know it off hand.u can get it in sahih muslim or bukhari
  9. my uncle died of cancer

    may Allah have mercy on him amin.move close to his kids as they need u as regards their deen
  10. Why Always

    amin to the suplications above. may Allah guide him on the right path.Amin
  11. I am in so much pain! plz make dua!

    i pray Allah heals u. try to be reciting suratul Nas & Falaq often.