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  1. Islam in IRAN!!!

    ...in compare with other muslim countries ,their Iman is too weak. they have their own ways of things like when they wozo, they won't wash their feet which is a Farz in Islam, they pray 4 or some of them 3 times a day and that also all at once. the worst thing i saw which was very common among them is Seigha. like a man goes to one of their so called mullah and he has a bunch of widow or divorced women with him, then you choose one of them and pay some money to that mullah, then you will be married with that woman but only for a specific time and once the time is expired that woman will take his cloths and leave you. if after the expired time you try to stop her, that will be haram for you or you will have to go to that same mullah pay him more money and make a new contract. they say that our prophet has done the same thing and his sahabi also did the same thing so it's a sunnah... these are the few major actions i saw there which is very common there... there are lots of other things which will shock you... as i was there in Ashora too, the way they hit themselves, the things they do, it was just something very new for me. if there is any shia muslim reading this, can you plz explain what do real shia people believe in cuz things like this can be found in other sects too... like most sunni people also mix their old traditions and Islam together. wa salaam
  2. Islam in IRAN!!!

    Asalamalikom brothers and sisters... I have personaly visited Iran and have been to Mashhad, their so called holy city because the grave of one of their Imams (Imam Reza) is there and they have spent millions and millions to built that ziarat, they are still spending on that. since my hotel was very close to that ziarat so i would go there a lot usually just to pass like from one part to another part as it's very large in size. in their walls you can see it's written that this haram is cleaner than the Kabba. people believe that if you are sick or have some wish, you tie yourself to one of the walls of the ziarat and in 40 days your wish will come true or you will be healty. in the whole city no one says Allah when they need something or they want to start something, they all say either ya Ali or ya Imam Reza. their knowledge about the prophet PBUH and his life is very low. in the whole city there is one single Masjid for Sunni and that won't room more than 20 people in it. if you ask from anyone about sunni, they will say they are kafirs as they are thought so. continued...
  3. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Asalamalikom Afghans are strong and pure in their faith, mostly because they havn't let new ideas in confuse them and weaken their faith... Afghans living out of the cities are very pure, simple and strict with their religion but the people of city, specially Kabul, they are more westernized :D May Allah forgiver our sins, and give us the courage to go on His path, Ameen. Jazak'Allah u Khair
  4. a games console which belongs to someone else

    May Allah forgiver our sins, and give us the courage to go on His path, Ameen. Jazak'Allah u Khair
  5. What is a Muslim?

    May Allah forgiver our sins, and give us the courage to go on His path, Ameen. Jazak'Allah u Khair
  6. Is There A Link Between Alladin And Islam?

    May Allah forgiver our sins, and give us the courage to go on His path, Ameen. Jazak'Allah u Khair
  7. A Muslim's Journey Back To Islam

    yeah you are right brother... it's hard for some people... Jaka'Allah
  8. Nostradamus?

    Asalamalikom I have been hearing about this person who lived in the 16 century in France and people believe that he was a prophet of God. he has a book which he has predicted some future events and now his followers are comparing his predictions with the events, like Hitler and world war ll or JF Kennedy's assassination and many other events... I havn't read his writings yet so if anyone has any information about him, could you plz share it with us. Although, I did saw a documentry about him which in a way proved that his followers are changing his book and then somehow linking it with the events. some said that he knew black magic, let's imagine that he did predict things and they did happen, as one magician said, she said that he probably had some angles to help him get the information... or some people say that you can get Jinn to help you. But do Jinn have the information about future??? if someone can plz give me some information about him and Jinn that will be great. wa salaam
  9. Curious Txt Message

    salamalikom brother... as others say, just delete it and dont' worry, things like this are a lot... probably they are done by these phone companies... Allah knows all
  10. Dreams About Qiyamat/end Of World

    let's hear what you have seen in your dreams...