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  1. Salamualaikum Anybody live there??? whats it like? is it really an 'islamic state'? i'm so interested in the culture cause i've seen tons of iranian movies plus thats the only tv we get here. lol
  2. Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters me and a few of my friends have gotten into an argument over how a leader was chosen in an Islamic government. Maybe someone can help me. I wanted to know whether the caliphs in the past were chosen through western-style elections that are common today or were they appointed by the more educated people(like scholars.) or was there some other method? thanks
  3. Method Of Choosing A Leader

    thank you very much for your replies.
  4. Change Of Skin

    Salam alaikum I love the lilac crush color!!!! Its soo prettyful :P :D :D and the other colors are way too dark, in my opinion.
  5. Islam in IRAN!!!

    i think i'm referring to the main people that live there. so yea the shia and the generation right now but i don't want this to turn into a huge sunni-shia discussion!!! And if america and israel can have weapons then everybody can too. but i think they are haram and thats also what the grand ayatollah khomeini also believes.
  6. salamualaikum so long nails aren't hygenic and you can't do wudu with them, right? but what about manicures??? petticures???they're different sort of. are there any fatwas on this topic i've seen many religious muslimahs with them done lately. :D wasalam :D
  7. women-islam-manicure

    true... but what if it was only for your husband? and besides that, it makes a womens hand look different from a mans. but ya its haram.
  8. Islam in America

    I live in washington state where mashallah there are many muslims. our community is made up of mainly cambodian muslims. the thing i love most about being muslim in america is that its not forced on me. this way i accept it more. and also, its not mixed in with culture.
  9. I reached 50 posts!

    lucky you... i'm still not there
  10. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    what i really meant to say was the dari speaking afghans and only the ones i have met.
  11. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    sorry for offending you Samiullah. didn't mean to.
  12. can everybody see the 10% thing by my name? just curious :D
  13. The signs are clear but do you fear?

    two groups of people will be fighting each other, each with the same cause. :D
  14. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    What a joke!!! What afghan has strong iman? maybe back home but not here. quite rare nowadays
  15. 15 days before ramadhan``

    100 rakats???