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  1. Wudhoo, Music & Swearing

    Salaam brothers and sisters...hows everyone? inshallah you are all well. Just wanted to ask a question thats been bothering me for quite awhile now. Everytime before i go to college i try to do my wudhoo so as to stay clean spritually....however when there's like an assembly or a presentation in class, some people tend to put on music in the background to make it more attractive. This has happened to me so many times in college and i'm sure its happened to most of you as well. My question is that "Does my wudhoo become batil when i listen to music, even though i'm not intending to listen to it, its not like i can leave in the middle of a presentation, because it doesn't look good. Does my wudhoo become batil then?" Another short question....when your in wudhoo and then you attend your class, and there's not other space left in the class, its full up and the person sitting next to you has a tendency to swear every so often or he sometimes swears in his conversations, does that again make my wudhoo batil? Mohsin
  2. Studying Financial Management

    Salaam brothers and sisters...just want to follow up on the studying of financial management. Like on of the sisters said that it is haraam to deal with interest, let alone give it or even take it. Does this mean that when or if i graduate as an Accountant (inshallah) that i should not work in any non Islamic company that could possibly deal with interest? Should i have to move to an Islamic country just to do my job? Mohsin
  3. Salaam Alaykum everyone......I was asked during my lesson about the Prophet (pbuh) and his wives.....it is said that he had 11 wives......this is what bought up a question, which goes like this..... "Why is it that the Prophet (pbuh) had 11 wives, is it not wrong to do so. Lets say for example that one of the wives is sick and can't become a mother, then shouldn't the Prophet (pbuh) have to care for the wife and not go and get married again to another person." This is what baffled some of my classmates, that how can this be possible. "If a male can get married so many times then why can't a female do the same" I hope you understood what was said if not then tell me and i will try and explain it a bit better if i can. Jazakullah Mohsin
  4. Remember Just Remember....

    When things are down and your out of your mind, remember just remember, Allah is the kind When your life is in darkness and nothing is right, remember just remember, through the darkness Allah is the light When nothing makes sense and your heading for demise, remember just remember, it doesn’t make sense, but Allah is the wise When times are troubles and no one seems to care, remember just remember, Allah won’t hurt u, he is the fair. When your hear is breaking and your pain makes u fall, remember just remember Allah sees it all When your weak and the road seems long, remember just remember seek strength from the strong When your life is a burden and everything is unstable, remember just remember, Allah is the able When the way is cloudy and there’s no one by your side, remember just remember, Allah is the only guide When no one wants to listen or is willing to lend an ear, remember just remember, Allah is always ready to hear. When your poor and penniless and your stuck in a niche, remember just remember, Allah is the rich When your down in your misery and there’s no where to run, remember just remember, you can always run to the one When your scars are hurting and your hear is in fear, remember just remember, Allah is really here Sorry i forgot to mention who its by, its not from me, although i wish it was, but i got it from my grandparents house, it was stuck on the wall, but it doesn't say who the author is, so i don't know
  5. Advice For A Friend In Need

    Salaam Alaykum I got this friend and he's kinda got an illness, he's muslim and he keeps on saying why is Allah testing me sooo much, he's also had to retake yr 12 because last yr he was really ill, nows he's saying that he's kinda loosing faith in Allah because he's been through sooo many tests and can't handle it...what do u think he should do. how can u comfort the guy and reasure him that everything will be ok and not to lose faith in Allah?
  6. Sociallising

    Salaam alaykum, this email i received from my brother, please anyone comment on it if there is a mistake so that i can correct him if there is any Islam encourages the Muslims to socialise among themselves and not to lead the life of seclusion and isolation. Today, it is common to find some people rarely coming to the Masjid and they hardly mingle with others. One of the many common reasons that they give is, 'socialising with others adds to various problems. Sometimes, it may also lead one away from TAQWA (level of God consciousness). Islam does NOT view seclusion and isolation favourably. When one does this, he denies himself with many benefits. In the days of Imam Ja'ffar as-Sadiq (as), there lived a person who had isolated himself from the people. One day, some people praised him in presence of our Imam (as) and said, "This person never comes out from his house. He always and at all times remains busy in remembering God and the Hereafter". Imam (as) was not impressed. He (as) asked, "This one who sits in a lonely corner, how does he improve his religious behaviour without seeing anybody?". (Usool al-Kaafi) Indeed, One who does not come to the Masjid at all and does not socialise among Muslims, such a person suffers from different problems that affects his spiritual wellbeing. Among them are he never comes into contact with religious scholars. Therefore, ignorance in religious matters becomes greater share in his life. He does not get to learn and practice the Islamic etiquettes that are required to be observed by Muslims. There are certain Aadaab (etiquettes) that have to be observed by Muslims when they are among themselves. Such as: Extending of Islamic greetings; Usage of Islamic phrases like, 'Inshallah, Mashallah etc'; Learning to sit on the floor particularly during sermons, Majalis & prayers, when a person is in the Masjid. In addition, such a person lacks motivation to do good deeds purely for the sake of Allah, the Almighty. The following anecdote is instructive: There was a man who never used to come for Jumu'ah (Friday) prayers. One Friday, he happened to be near the Masjid when he heard Adhaan. Somehow, he felt like guilty to escape and so, on that day he decided to pray the Jumu'ah. It so happened that the Imam was giving a sermon in which he pleaded to people to contribute towards the refurbishment of that Masjid. This man was blessed with wealth. Immediately after Salaat, he came forward and paid the total cost of refurbishment and he felt extremely good within himself. Later on, he admitted, "Had I not come to the Masjid, I would not have been motivated to do this good act". Therefore, Islam does NOT view seclusion and isolation favourably. When one does this, he denies himself with many benefits. This is an email that i got from my brother, jazakullah
  7. A2 Accounts

    Salaam Alaykum, hows everyone? First time i been in this part of the forum, well there's a first time for everything For anyone who's in A2 level and doing ACCOUNTS i need help on Club Accounts, what i don't understand is how to do it......i've got this question and i'd like to see if anyone who does Accounts or who knows something about Accounts or Club Accounts to help me out please, this is the question........ "A club charges £460 p/a for membership. In the year to 31 May 1999 the club had 280 members. During the year 290 members paid one full year subscriptions. This included 20 members who also paid for the year to the end of 31 May 2000. The remaining 10 members sill owed thier membership subscription for the year at 31 May 1999. Show the subscriptions account and extracts from the Recipets and Payments account and the Income and Expenditure account for the club for the year ended 31 May 1999. Where would you put the subs due and subs prepaid on the Balance Sheet of the club at 31 May 1999 and what are the relevant amounts?" I've tried this question and i've done the reciepts and payments T account and the Income and Exp T account. In the R+P account subs is on the debit side with an amount of 142600 and I+E account with subs on the credit side of amount of 128800. Subs account i don't get. Same with the question below Another question "A club charges £80 p/a for membership. In the year to 30 June 1999 the club had 300 members. During the year to 30 June 1999 the club recieved £24400 in membership subs. On examinations of the membership records the secretary discovered that 9 members had not paid thier membership subs for the year but had availed of the club services. Show the subs account and extracts from the reciepts and payments account and the income and expenditure account for the club for the year ended 30 June 1999. Where would you put subs due and subs prepaid on the balance sheet of the club at 30 June 1999 and what are the relevant amounts? calculate the number of members who owed for thier subs at 30 June 1999?" If your not sure on what i'm talking about then let me know because i'm stuck on this, and i need help
  8. Salaam everyone, hows everyone doing?? Just a quick question.....you know when u read prayer (salat) should it be read in a loud whisper or in a normal tone as if your speakin to someone but a bit quieter then normal? I know in Zohr and Asr prayer, first 2 rakaats are said quietly, but what about the rest, like the ruku, sujood, qunoot etc, shoudl they be recited in a normal lower tone or in a lour whisper??
  9. Salaam alaykum dear brothers and sisters I'm really confused in this matter, because when one thing increases the other decreases, i'm more into Islam then i am into my studying, but then again i don't get the the grades i want. So what i'm trying to say is that how can u balance ur studying with Islam, because i have to put in more effort in my studying then i do with Islam, i was wondering how other people cope? Please help me in this situation because i'm really starting to go downhill with my studying
  10. Whilst In Wudhoo

    it can be broken bro, music is ont the things which can break the wudhoo
  11. Whilst In Wudhoo

    Salaam alaykum brothers and sisters, Hows everyone doing? Alhamdulillah your all well. The question that i want to ask, is some what to do with wudhoo and music. We all know that there are many things that can break our wudhoo, like for instance, listening to music, backbitting, going to the toilet, lieing (not sure if i spelt that right, but you get what i mean) etc etc. I'll give you an example and this is while i'm in wudhoo..... i'm upstairs listening to a lecture or watching a lecture online, and i want to see what my parents and brothers are doing downstairs, so when i come downstairs i see that their watching tv or a drama of some sort, and then suddenly music starts playing in the background or a song comes up in the tv, remember my intention is not listen to the music but to see what my parents and brothers are doing, thats all i want to see. So after this, my question is that whilst i'm in wudhoo and unintentionally a song or music in the background starts to come up on tv, (remember unintentionally), does this break my wudhoo even if i want to just listen to the dialogue that the actors/acteresses are saying, does this still make my break my wudhoo. I hope you all understood my question and inshallah i'll get a reply soon Mohsin
  12. Typing The Wrong Email Address

    Salaam lol cracked me up, person waking from the dead n reachin a place where there'll b computers
  13. Funny Pictures

    Salaam....thats some wicked car, i'd love to have one like that, inshallah one day i might
  14. Left-right Brain Conflict

    Salaam, i beat u bro... 12.7 sec, can any1 beat that? By the way thanks for ur advice lol and jazakullah sis zabrina for the post
  15. Purpose Of Namaaz (salaat)

    Salaam....i guess no one knows why we pray five times a day