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  1. The 3 Word Story

    is beyond our
  2. The 3 Word Story

    but all lifeless.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum sister Sorry to hear what you are going through. If you can post some more information like location, we might have a sister here in the same location who might be able to help you out. May Allah swt find a way out of this for you.
  4. Jay

    Peace be upon you Jay.. Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay..
  5. Inspiring Islamic Quotes

    Thankfulness It was al-Junaid (may Allah the Exalted bestow His mercy upon him) who said: "Thankfulness means that you do not look upon yourself as worthy of the gracious favor you have received." Copied from facebook. Posted by Facebook user Quotes to Reflect Upon
  6. Salam alaikum brother, Don't lose hope, there is still hope as long you have a breath left in your body... Keep repenting, even remorse is a sign of repentance.. Watch this video, it may help you realise that Allah is The-Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful..
  7. I am going to try this my self inshallah... Thanks dot for the results..
  8. Support In U.s. For Afghan War Drops Sharply, Poll Finds

    Are you sure its a dirt-hole? You may call it a dirt hole, but it is a paradise for those who are born there.. You don't even know why the world is interested in this dirt-hole, do some research.. Its a land full of treasures with an estimated value of of 3 trillion worth of resources or could be more... The war was never about osama or taliban, it was about maintaining the power for a bit longer.. This can only achieved through invading and looting resources of other countries... Afghanistan is going to be the Saudi Arabia of lithium and the future of iphone like phones are in Afghanistan inshallah.. Russian came for the same reason, but failed.. http://www.guardian....ineral-deposits
  9. Sufism And Salafism: The Grand Deception

    By analysing action of one man, they can't blame the whole path to be the root cause of his actions.
  10. Hello~

    Hi Welcome to the forum.. hope you enjoy your stay and learn more about Islam. Anything you need just let us know..
  11. A Little Help For A Teenage Sister Trying To Find Her Way...

    Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh sister, If your family is going to support you, then go for it.. Don't worry about your friends, if they really care about you, they won't abandon you so easily. Put your trust in Allah and take your shahada either in masjid in front of couple of witnesses or just do it privately in front of Allah, and Allah is sufficient as a witness. Listen to your heart, you have received a gift from The King, so take it before you lose it.. If you need any help, just let us know and we will do our best to help you out inshallah(If God wills it).
  12. Husband And I Broke Up

    May Allah swt help you sister and find you a way out of this, ameen..
  13. Bring Back The Sidebar

    Ya the side bar was good.. This forum have too many sections, which makes it look like its not active.. I would suggest some of the subsections needs to be removed aswell to make this forum look like active...
  14. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Well, you stick to your belief and I will stick to my belief.. . I can't make you believe in what I believe.. So asta la vista...
  15. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Well the reason I believe that black magic exist is because it was done on my mother and also it was done on prophet pbuh and also God confirms that it exist and we should seek refuge with Him from it.. A close relative of mine did a black magic on my mother and other family members, but my brother and my cousin found it and they opened it.. There it was written that such person should obey such person like a donkey obey his/her master, and such person daughter/son of such should suffer and die slowly.... During this time my mother was not feeling well and doctor told her that she has appendix.. Well i scanned the black magic script and send it off to Pakistan to my aunty to ask a scholar that what it is.. She took it to a person who does black magic and that guy told her that this is one of the worst black magic that can be done.. So my mother asked for it to be removed/undone.. So this person removed it... After a while my cousin and brother got depressed for few months and my mother condition got worst.. So we took her to an emergency department and doctor found that her appendix has turned into cancer, but thanks to God that it wasn't too late.. Surgery was carried out immediately to stop the cancer spreading.... Thanks to God my mother is fine now since the surgery was done 5 years go. The surprising part is that the hard copy of script disappeared as well the digital copy of it, i checked it everywhere, but failed to find it..... The black magic is done by an individual who becomes jealous of someone happiness, wealth, children etc.. Its just that they can't see someone being happy... Anyway this is my experience....