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  1. :D :D Salaam to all Afghanistan and all other countries... In Afghanistan Islam is strong and people follow it without doubt... The Afghanistan should get better know, because Afghanistan suffered too much pain.. If Allah wills, afghanistan will get better until the appointed time... Pray for Afghanistan and All muslims around the world.... May Allah save every muslims from evil .. :P
  2. The 3 Word Story

    is beyond our
  3. The 3 Word Story

    but all lifeless.
  4. Assalamu Alaikum sister Sorry to hear what you are going through. If you can post some more information like location, we might have a sister here in the same location who might be able to help you out. May Allah swt find a way out of this for you.
  5. Jay

    Peace be upon you Jay.. Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay..
  6. Hmm looks like this could be something like the Skynet as it was shown in the movie called Terminator.. This doesn't look that advance, well we just have to wait then and see what happens.. If a worm like this takes over a nuclear plant, will we see any mercy? Nation-state most likely culprit behind Stuxnet ability to destroy nuclear plant [using large font size is not allowed] DESTRUCTIVE cyber worm, powerful enough to bring down whole industrial installations, may have Iran's nuclear program in its sights. Experts cited in The Christian Science Monitor yesterday say Stuxnet sparked both awe and alarm in the world of digital security when first identified in June. Far more advanced than mainstream malware often used for identity theft, Stuxnet is reportedly able to take over a computing system via nothing more than a rogue memory stick. Potential targets include Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant, as well as other installations in countries where the worm was found. Bushehr, whose August start-up was delayed for unknown reasons, is viewed by much of the West as a nuclear threat, a claim Tehran consistently denies. "Until a few days ago, people did not believe a directed attack like this was possible," Ralph Langner, a German cyber security researcher told the newspaper. "What Stuxnet represents is a future in which people with the funds will be able to buy an attack like this on the black market. This is now a valid concern." Months of reverse-engineering of the worm left many key questions unanswered. Who had the motive or the means to develop such a complex attack software to destroy a single, as yet unidentified, high-value target? US security experts agreed the wealth of resources needed to develop the malware make a nation-state the most likely culprit. "This is the first direct example of weaponised software, highly customised and designed to find a particular target," said Michael Assante, former chief of industrial control systems cyber security research at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. The worm, which so far infected over 45,000 industrial networks throughout the world without causing major damage, is a "key for a very specific lock", Mr Langner said. "In fact, there is only one lock in the world that it will open. "The whole attack is not at all about stealing data but about manipulation of a specific industrial process at a specific moment in time." Once resident inside a system, Stuxnet simply waits, checking every five seconds to see if its target parameters are met. Once they are, it triggers a sequence - the code DEADF007 - that forces the network's industrial process to self-destruct. "After the original code (for the entity's regular process) is no longer executed, we can expect that something will blow up soon," Mr Langner said. "Something big." And it might already be too late for the target, he added. Analysis produced by Microsoft in July pinpointed Iran as the epicenter of the global infection map, leading many security experts to suspect that one of its enemies could be involved. "This will all eventually come out, and Stuxnet's target will be known," Mr Langner said. "If Bushehr wasn't the target, and it starts up in a few months, well, I was wrong - but somewhere out there, Stuxnet has found its target. We can be fairly certain of that." Read more: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/technology/nation-state-most-likely-culprit-behind-stuxnet-ability-to-launch-rogue-nuclear-weapons/story-e6frfro0-1225928188990?from=igoogle+gadget+compact+news_rss#ixzz10Jdu1BdE"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/technology/nation-s...s#ixzz10Jdu1BdE[/url]
  7. Inspiring Islamic Quotes

    Thankfulness It was al-Junaid (may Allah the Exalted bestow His mercy upon him) who said: "Thankfulness means that you do not look upon yourself as worthy of the gracious favor you have received." Copied from facebook. Posted by Facebook user Quotes to Reflect Upon
  8. Salam alaikum brother, Don't lose hope, there is still hope as long you have a breath left in your body... Keep repenting, even remorse is a sign of repentance.. Watch this video, it may help you realise that Allah is The-Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful..
  9. I am going to try this my self inshallah... Thanks dot for the results..
  10. Support In U.s. For Afghan War Drops Sharply, Poll Finds

    Are you sure its a dirt-hole? You may call it a dirt hole, but it is a paradise for those who are born there.. You don't even know why the world is interested in this dirt-hole, do some research.. Its a land full of treasures with an estimated value of of 3 trillion worth of resources or could be more... The war was never about osama or taliban, it was about maintaining the power for a bit longer.. This can only achieved through invading and looting resources of other countries... Afghanistan is going to be the Saudi Arabia of lithium and the future of iphone like phones are in Afghanistan inshallah.. Russian came for the same reason, but failed.. http://www.guardian....ineral-deposits
  11. Sufism And Salafism: The Grand Deception

    By analysing action of one man, they can't blame the whole path to be the root cause of his actions.
  12. The Gospel Of Barnabas

    Peace be upon you all I heard that The Gospel of Barnabas was rejected 300 years before Prophet Muhammad pbuh. I would like to hear the views of Christians on this Gospel and why it was rejected. Some questions I have: Was it rejected because it prophesied the coming of the final prophet pbuh? Was it rejected because it described the true message of Jesus pbuh? Was it rejected because it was the truth and went against the views of Christianity, such as trinity? Thank you
  13. Hello~

    Hi Welcome to the forum.. hope you enjoy your stay and learn more about Islam. Anything you need just let us know..
  14. A Little Help For A Teenage Sister Trying To Find Her Way...

    Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh sister, If your family is going to support you, then go for it.. Don't worry about your friends, if they really care about you, they won't abandon you so easily. Put your trust in Allah and take your shahada either in masjid in front of couple of witnesses or just do it privately in front of Allah, and Allah is sufficient as a witness. Listen to your heart, you have received a gift from The King, so take it before you lose it.. If you need any help, just let us know and we will do our best to help you out inshallah(If God wills it).
  15. Husband And I Broke Up

    May Allah swt help you sister and find you a way out of this, ameen..
  16. Bring Back The Sidebar

    Ya the side bar was good.. This forum have too many sections, which makes it look like its not active.. I would suggest some of the subsections needs to be removed aswell to make this forum look like active...
  17. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Well, you stick to your belief and I will stick to my belief.. . I can't make you believe in what I believe.. So asta la vista...
  18. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Well the reason I believe that black magic exist is because it was done on my mother and also it was done on prophet pbuh and also God confirms that it exist and we should seek refuge with Him from it.. A close relative of mine did a black magic on my mother and other family members, but my brother and my cousin found it and they opened it.. There it was written that such person should obey such person like a donkey obey his/her master, and such person daughter/son of such should suffer and die slowly.... During this time my mother was not feeling well and doctor told her that she has appendix.. Well i scanned the black magic script and send it off to Pakistan to my aunty to ask a scholar that what it is.. She took it to a person who does black magic and that guy told her that this is one of the worst black magic that can be done.. So my mother asked for it to be removed/undone.. So this person removed it... After a while my cousin and brother got depressed for few months and my mother condition got worst.. So we took her to an emergency department and doctor found that her appendix has turned into cancer, but thanks to God that it wasn't too late.. Surgery was carried out immediately to stop the cancer spreading.... Thanks to God my mother is fine now since the surgery was done 5 years go. The surprising part is that the hard copy of script disappeared as well the digital copy of it, i checked it everywhere, but failed to find it..... The black magic is done by an individual who becomes jealous of someone happiness, wealth, children etc.. Its just that they can't see someone being happy... Anyway this is my experience....
  19. Why Does God Asked To Be Worshiped?

    lol you are funny man.. If i give you an answer based on what I believe, you will still argue... and you will still say why this why that.... I don't own anything in this world, so as I grew up my Creator guided me and though me why I exist and what should I do with this temporary life... In simple words I should obey my Creator, no question asked.. The answer to your question is given in the Quran by The Creator.. [21.23] He is not to be questioned about what He does, but they shall be questioned. If that doesn't satisfy you, then you let me know what will satisfy you?
  20. Why Does God Asked To Be Worshiped?

    The problem is you are comparing God to a human.. That's why you don't understand the reason behind these requests...
  21. Do You Believe In Magic?

    I believe in not just magic, but beyond that.. So be specific about magic.. Example what do you call magic? I don't want to give you wrong answer, so I need some clarification before i tell you what i believe in.. Your description of magic is not clear.. btw default state is not disbelief... Google what disbelief mean.. 5 years old with disbelief, hmm lol..Certainly default state is not disbelief..
  22. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Which magic are you referring to? Be specific.. Btw the default choice is not disbelief.. Its called "pursuit"... If you don't believe me, then be around kids and you will wonder about some of the questions they ask.. Each individual will have a different end, its based on when they call off their pursuit..
  23. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Good question, have you ever asked those believe in these things? Most of the time they hear it from their parents or elders, or friend etc.. The saying gets transferred orally to the next generation without being verified by previous generation.. My mom believes in some ancient things, because her mother told her, but I usually tell her that such thing doesn't exist in Islam.. Sometime those who are not educated will believe in these sort of things if its also believed by the surrounding community.. Proper education will help in this case.. In your case, you should educate them with proof.. and good luck lol..
  24. Do You Believe In Magic?

    The questions you have quoted does not concern me a bit... I think its you who have problem with these questions... I never ask these questions, I am just learning and observing.. Once truth reveals it self, I will accept it.. Until then most of the stuff are in ambiguity category for me.. Nor do i believe them, nor do i reject them.. It's just that i don't know everything about it... Going to Disney with dragon, wats so special about that? Lets say neither i believe you nor i disbelieve you.. Its just that i don't know the truth.. But hey everything is possible for the Creator.. If he can make a lion subservient to us, then a dragon is no different... Its all about the Truth... Would you believe me If I say that there are certain humans who can read another person mind by the permission of their Creator?
  25. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Divorce is not good(specially if it involves children).. Do a search and ask those who have experienced divorce first hand... Your mind doesn't accept magic is because you are not open minded.. Open your mind and think that everything is possible, once you prove it that its not possible, then disbelieve in it.. You have a long journey ahead..