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  1. Islam in Turkey

    salamun alaikum, i am so glad to c here many guys from turkey, even istanbul like me. last year, there were not so many people. i am so happy with that......
  2. Armenian Genocide

    peace, for example one thing armenians claim is ottomans did kill 1,5 million armenian. but there were 1.5 million armenians all over the world.
  3. Water

    peace of course if Allah wants to create in different forms it can be. but if we look at the causes- reasons and results all over the world, we will conclude that we need water to live. one important thing that makes water special is it makes hydrogen bond with each other. bec. of this property it became gaseous at high temperature and it is not gaseous at normal conditions. if we look at the periodic table. i mean its place at the periodic table, it should be gas at normal conditions. but its liquid that fits to make life ok. if it was in gaseous form, we cant drink water, we cant use water and we cant have water. there would be no sea, lake etc. and seems cant be any life.....
  4. Journalist Gunned Down

    peace, i am as muslim and turk i can say whole muslims in turkey condemn this provocative action. we dont know who wanted him to die. but we are so sorry on it. in turkey all newspapers which have more muslim identity all of them condemned this event...
  5. An Erased History

    oh, Livius we are both as a muslim and Turk so sorry on the death of him. this is nothing but provocative action. this event is done, bec. this make many people think like what u say. but this is so ugly to think like that. we believe in God. and in God's religion provocative like acts are forbidden. if u look at from different perspectives, in Turkey it is said that this may be done by armenians to show them as aggrieved people. to show them as victim of something. or other scenario is to come into focus this death and make to turn people's attentions from north iraq to istanbul etc. the problem with the armenian issue is nothing but political, they approach this issue strategically. ottoman did this, ottoman did that is not the issue. when we look at france, they try to accept even as a law, i mean they try to forbid to say something against armenian genocide. to discuss the issue is more democratic way to solve the problem, but what i see is they just want us to accept it without any discussion, and to tell nothing on it. (but we suppose they're democrat) when the subject is this, we look at the history of france what did they in north africa. how many people they killed. but not any country all over the world accept france as doer of genocide. and look at america, what they did do, and still doin at iraq, nobody accept america as killer, i mean forbid america to do something etc. when we look at the problem, there r 2 things we should give attention. First of all, ottoman was a muslim country and what a muslim country did was accepted as cruelty not like any christian country. other thing is armenia make lobby all over the world, especially in france and usa. it is very small country. what i feel they try to litigate or bring turkey into court this may make the country gain many things.
  6. Visio 2003

    selamun aleykum, is there anybody who knows to use visio. it is one of the office program. it is better to make charts w/ them especially while workin. i can use it. but the problem occurred. the files i made became just text only. i can do any changes, or works on the files. and it is not possible to open either a new file or change somethin on the file. i am not sure what to do???????
  7. A Message From Your Brother In Islam

    selamun aleykum, thx slave this is what i feel and i do too. 2 open an ayah and read it give me great pleasure when i feel bad. in quran many times it is said about the dhikr of Allah. when i faced the deep grief, i am usually in lack of dhikr. i feel this. when i look at me, inside of me, my nafs, i notice the problem with me. in daily life, u know life is goin on, everything is daily ok. but the real thing we should do is while doin daily things whole day not to forget the dhikr of Allah. of course we pray salaah, prayer 5 times in a day -even sometimes while praying we can b careless what we say as the meaning-. but this is not enough to dhikr Allah. this should be whole day long. in holy quran it is said, in regard to prophets, they are the people who usually says alhamdulillah and the thx to Allah. ok i cant compare myself with a prophet but just to take them as an example i am failed so much. these are just my feelings. not to criticize u slave or others, just somethin on me....
  8. "hope" In Diffferent Languages

    selamun aleykum, "umut" in turkish this is noun umut etmek is the verb one....
  9. Pilgrims Die In Stampede

    selamun aleykum, now i am back from hajj, and for the jamarat it was really hard times for the people. i didnt see dead bodies but at the very time i was there.....
  10. Hajj

    oh inshaAllah my dear sis and bros i hope my Rabb will bring my mind the whole duas that people want me...... and inshaAllah all of u may go to Hajj B)
  11. Hajj

    selamun aleykum bros and sisters i am proud to say that i will inshaAllah go to HAAAJJJ i wanna make dua 4 the moslems all over the world... i hope Allah accepts what we do 4 the sake of Him.....
  12. 35 Ways U Can Tell That U R Asian!

    assalamun aleykum haha this is sooooooo much familiar, i m turk though........
  13. Eid Mubarak To Everyone In If

    selamun alaykum; eid mubarek to all the if members, brothers and sisters and all their families... may Allah Almighty shower us His blessings of Rahme and Raheem on the Ummah :D
  14. Science Center

    selamun aleykum, thx bro this is what i try to looking 4... yes i need more examples
  15. Science Center

    salamun alaykum, when u google as sciencecenter u can easily c it , bro it is something like informal learning. if u finish it u cant have any uni diploma or sertificate. but u may learn science with fun. there are many experiments you can do. there are many labs in it...it can have aquarium, small zoo etc. and you may learn many things about animals, botanic something like that.