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  1. Spiritual Awakening And Reversion

    Assalamu alalikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, may the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah subhanah wa ta ala be upon you dear brother. mashallah, allahu akbar!, I hope that you continue to grow stronger in your iman (faith) and that you stay on the true path, ameen. inshallah this site will answer many of your questions and will be a great source of knowledge and friendship, but I do also please recommend you find a masjid close to your home and go there to seek further guidance, advice, and help with the basics, as you are a new muslim, mashallah, I can say with absolute certainty that you will be greeted and accepted very warmly and enthusiastically. I am also a revert from a roman catholic family, I think I can understand some of what you may be going through right now, I can also say that I shared many of the views you have about the contradictions of my previous faith. I can tell you also, the most difficult part of reverting for me was my family and their reactions, but over time like you and your wife, I think my parents were very pleased to see the positive changes in my life and happily accepted it with many questions. I reverted when I was at university. On learning salaat and the arabic, take your time and be patient, it will come in little steps, and may Allah subhanah wa ta ala be pleased with all your efforts. The memorization of the prayer and suras in arabic I have found to be strangely easy to learn over time. I have heard others also say that same thing, really, it seems to just flow after a while, and I think it’s been said that this is one of the miracles of the qur’an. I’m very thankful that I found a very dear brother that helped me a lot when I reverted and that the masjid offered me classes. I'm not sure what city you are living in, but there may also be some resources available to you, please go to the masjid as soon as you can. On traveling to makkah for the hajj, as said before, but I will repeat it, you have nothing at all to worry about. There you will find millions of muslims of every race and nationality. Every corner of the world is represented. For me I was amazed that there were muslims from Japan. You will be part of a group from your country. It does take quite a serious effort to prepare for the hajj though, I will not get into any specifics on the fiqh of hajj in this thread of course, but there are many things to be considered before you go making any plans. On your wife and family, I will make dua that they are guided through your example, inshallah, your wife has always stood by you, and she sees the positive changes in your life. I married many years after my reversion, and my wife is muslim by birth. Please don’t hesitate to pm me pieter if you need anything, and I look forward to more of your posts. Again congratulations dear brother, salaam
  2. Closet Muslim

    salaam alaikum dear sister, I was catholic and reverted to Islam when I was young at uni. Like you, I thought my family would never understand, I just dreaded having to tell them, and I lead the half like that you're in right now. I managed to keep it secret for more than a year, but eventually I told them, and yes at first they were shocked, but eventually they got over it, and accepted me being muslim, and they saw how my life had improved. Since then I'm a bit older now, married, and I have a wonderful daughter. In my opinion my wife who was muslim by birth, had a much more difficult time telling her traditional family that she was interested in marrying a revert from an irish catholic family, lol. Amazingly, mashallah, now many years later, I can tell you that we are all getting along just fine. So my practical advice to you, but first, mashallah!, mahbrook!, I gotta say when I hear stories like yours, it makes me so happy, and I get chills every single time I meet a revert or hear or read a story like yours!!! Alahu Akbar! So, please be patient, put your trust in Allah(SWT) that you will stay on the right and true path, make dua that he helps you with the matter of dropping this on your family and that in time they will understand and accept you for who you are. On learning about Islam, if you absolutely cannot reach or atleast call a masjid, there's good information and study materials that you can find or order online. Just please be cautious of some of these websites, Gawaher is an excellent source for information on Islam and gives you a place to meet and interact with muslims from all over the world. Again be patent learning the prayer, arabic, and so on, especially alone, it will be a daunting task and not to be taken lightly, take it in little steps, start with learning the daily prayers, you're going to make mistakes and get discouraged, I did, but what's most important is that your heart and intentions are in the right place, and that you believe in the oneness of God, keep growing in your faith, and work to please your creator in every aspect of your life. All the rest will fall into place, inshallah. :sl:
  3. :D On wednesday my mother had a biopsy for a growth in her colon and the doctor advised that she should have surgery as soon as possible to have it removed, and we will have results of biopsy in a three days telling if it is cancer or not. i am very upset as is my family everywhere. what to say, she is my mother :D . Please make dua that she does not have cancer and will get through this surgery and be alright.
  4. So Happy To Be Back

    asalaam alaikum :D I have been away from gawaher for a long time, thought i would introduce myself, and inshaallah I would like to become an active member again. After browsing little. I am so happy to see many of the same brothers and sisters, so many interesting topics, and many great changes to the forum since last time i was here, and I pray every one is doing well. Where was I? I have been busy, I have switch jobs, have done some travel, and the best news, alhamdulilah I am getting married soon!!! and I am so nervous :D. salaams
  5. Alcohol Company

    salaam alaikum :D wow akhi, it is, just read the date, should have read it the first time, well that is good news, :D
  6. Alcohol Company

    asalaamu alaikum You must strongly advise your friend not to do this. What kind of example would he be making. As muslims we need to teach by example in our actions. It is good thing that the brother has made the decision to leave that haram job, and he should make the reasons clear to his employer why he is leaving, and it is right to want to change or eliminate that which is fitnah or that which leads to it, and yes alcohol is a terrible detriment to society. Just think of all the bad car accidences it causes, but please, think of the consequences of taking the server down. If he brings down the server they most likely will just be able to restore a backup anyway in no time. If he is caught he could be prosecuted and maybe even go to jail, and the suffering this would cause to his family. Instead your friend could volunteer in helping and informing people on how bad alcohol is to the individual and society, and why it is haram and give a chance to maybe perform da'wa. There are many outlets to do this, and would make a difference even if just one person. This is how we will inshallah, one day rid society of evils such as this, and god willing we will.
  7. Salaah Question

    salaamu alaikum How are you? I hope inshallah you are doing well :D. I go to a very small masjid and sometimes it is quite crowded during the prayer time. I sometimes get there little late or when getting up after prayer many brothers are still offering prayer. It is very crowded. I am never sure where to walk. I have heard crossing the prayer line invalidates the prayer. What do I need to be careful of when walking during the prayer time? What is okay and what may invalidate the prayer? shukran
  8. Help Please...

    :D This seems like a homework question? So I will offer just a hint. Maybe a little more than a hint :D. Hope it is helpful to you. With power did we construct the heaven. Verily, we are able to extend the vastness of space thereof. al Qur'an 51.47
  9. .........

    :D :D very well said sister Swanlake, could not have said it any better. I was little suprised too by the replies for the same reasons. My views on this issue is the same as yours.
  10. Channel 4 Documenbtry On Hajj

    salaamu alaikum Thank you so very much for sharing. I have not yet made the journey to hajj, and this was very informative for me. If just to see what is like to be there. I want to go so much. I have heard and read a good deal about the hajj, and have been told I should go while I am still young, but I don't think I fully realised how difficult and wonderful at the same time it is, emotionally, spiritually, and physically until I saw this. Now I understand more why I should try to make the journey now, inshAllah, while I am still young. wasalaam
  11. Du'a Times

    salaamu alaikum I know this may be a large topic, but I please need to know what times are the very best for making du'a to be accepted by Allah(swt)? What times are better and are there times that are not recommended? I have heard different things such as during rain, or late at night, but can not find the hadeeth right now. jazackallahu khair for your help
  12. Water or Coke?

    asalaamu alaikum wow, I am going to start drinking more water ASAP, but our tap water here is not good for drinking, so I can only drink bottled water, little expensive. I do feel fatigued in the afternoons, and I always am hungry late at night. More water for me :D.

    asalaamu alaikum Jazackallahu kairun for the hadeeth on animals. Animals are a glorious creation of Allah(swt) and do praise Allah(swt) so it is so necessary they be treated humanely and with compassion even if purpose is to just provide meat. I have a baby bird story also :D, thought I would share. Some time ago, I was just leaving my job and was walking to meet the bus, when I noticed a baby bird on the pavement near the company I was working. It could not fly, and looked very lost and appeared to be near death. I could not just leave it, my heart and my faith wouldn't allow it I searched around for the nest or the mother, but I did not find it, and the day was very long and hot. So I found a small box in my office, and took the bird home. For many weeks it was in my care. I found a more suitable box, and filled it with cloth and strips off paper. I was trying to simulate the nest :D. For the food I mixed cat food with water :D until it was very mushy. I had a real time separating my housecat away from the box. When I went to work I would set the box under my desk. When I walked away even for a moment it would sing so persistently until I returned. It really believed I was its mother :D. Soon the little baby bird grew bigger and bigger!!! Eventually it was time for it to learn to fly and to be with the other birds so I contacted a very good vetenarian to be willing to continue the care of the bird. He called me two weeks after to say it was time to release the blue jay into the wild, and asked if I wanted to watch, and I did, It flew into the forest without any hesitation :D. I know it is so silly to be thinking this (w00t), but now when ever I see a jay, I wonder if it is the same bird or maybe a future generation of the little bird I rescued. wasallaam
  14. any sister interested in marriage?

    salaamu alaikum good profile mashallah, Be patient dear brother, perseverance is more important in these matters. I hope you will find a good pious sister for a wife very soon. I too unfortunate think cross cultural differences still weigh heavy for parents in finding the most compatible suitor. My opinion is very simlar to you though, I think differences would make marriage more interesting and add variety, and we are muslim, alhamdulillah, and the strength of the iman is all that should matter. Keep us posted on the progress. I think maybe the information you are learning in your searching may be beneficial to other brothers, like myself, searching for a wife. wasallam
  15. who procrastinate?

    :D I have achieved a level of procrastination that only few can match :D. In seriousness I am sometimes so busy with work and study that I sometimes fall really behind, and I do the things that I like or easy first, and delay the more difficult matters until the very last moment. Is the opposite of what I should be doing : B). I need to learn to tackle the difficult problems first, I think It is best if I wait until tomorrow before I start doing this :D.