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  1. I know its good to read sura kahf on fridays, but any others? Ive see some sites talk about it but not sure where they get the proof from or perhaps its just made up stuff. The only one I am aware of is Kahf on fridays, anyone know any others?
  2. can we give zakat to for example st. jude hosptial...the money helps pay for the kids medical bills for parents who cant afford it. I belive the health care is free because people donate and helps the famlies out. ALso how about operation smiles? kids with cleft palates, helps to give them surgeries....this is for kids...technically muslim and non, then again arent kids pure , technically are they muslim?
  3. Non-muslim Funeral

    1. is it haram to visit a non-Muslims funeral? 2. is it haram to visit a church?
  4. Electric Piano?

    AA what's the duff and is the eltroinc piano haram?
  5. Missed Step Of Salah

    asalamu alakuim lets say you pray asr, and you did a extra rakah, but at the end of the prayer you forget to do the prosttration of forgetfullness..... then after maghrib you remember you forgot to do the prostration of forgetfullness for asr ....is asr still vaild or do i have to re-pray it again?
  6. :sl: how can muslims invest these days? its like we are stuck working for the rest of our lives... we are so limited in what we can do... what stocks can we invest in? what options do we have? its really tough thinking about retirement when so many things are haram already.... im sure I know the answer to this but im asking on behalf of someone... is investing in banks haram? /edit.............................................. ... is there a list of halal stocks we can get into?
  7. How Can Muslims Invest?

    now is the perfect time :sl: i know were all muslim alhamdulilah , and Allah knows best.... but its like with the way the world is and everything being haram, muslims on are the bottom, how can we advance ourselves? why do we have to work forever? lets be honest ...in todays world ..its limiting to be muslim .... as in .... can only buy certian foods, many many foods have pork and you would not realize it ... i bet many of you didnt know some cakes have pork in them... even gum,soap! .. my point is... i find it difficult to have a secure future.... yes i know we put our trust in Allah, but that doesnt mean to not plan anything and wait for something to come to you ... you have to seek it and work for it. may Allah forgive me if i said anything wrong... but it is difficult in todays world.
  8. How Can Muslims Invest?

    i find it very hard....what we are muslims suppose to do? you need money to make money...
  9. :sl: i have a few bills that are in the process of being paid within a day or two...do i still pay zakat on them? please respond ASAP!
  10. Learn How To Pray

    :sl: i have a friend who wants to learn how to pray...is there is easy book my friend can read or video to watch thats very easy to understand. (which book/video do you all recommoned, i prefer to get both for this person) Also what are some good sites that would sell such things ...i know just one . Islamicbookstore but are there any other sites
  11. Questions

    whats the ruling on praying with an image on a shirt?
  12. Pray Sitting Down

    :sl: when are you allowed to pray sitting down? .... lets say you are in a store parking lot... the parking lot is very big and there are some spots where there are no cars.. could a person pray in a car or does he/she still have to pray standing?
  13. :sl: besides in hadiths, is it mentioned in the Quran about how the soul is in the grave waiting for the day of judgement, if so can someone please help me find it. .... or like how Allah says no one knows when the day of judgment is only he does.
  14. :sl: what about braces, is that haram to get? isnt that the same as changing yourself?
  15. :sl: what is the best book about reading the here after (grave,day of judgement) or even online websites
  16. Articles,stories

    :sl: im doing a reort for school about Islam, i need to quote "scholarly sources" as well...can anyone give me some links/reading material about Islam in general so i can use in my report... i have to quote some of the references
  17. Articles,stories

    misconceptions about Islam
  18. :sl: when rising from ruku ....when the imam says sami Allahu Hamdi ,, do you also say that behind him?
  19. :sl: i was told there was story online(recenetly) about a guy that was buried , and i forgot the reason but 2 days later they took his body out and his body was badly rotting away... i think it happend in egypt ... has anyone heard about this?
  20. Punished In The Grave

    if you find it inshaAllah, please share.........i would like to read it
  21. Punished In The Grave

    in 2 days of being buried?.....i heard the body was in a complete mess , ( i dont know how true the story is ) it was said the guy was a bad person im trying to find the source online
  22. Wearing The Hijab

    :sl: im trying to help a friend out with this one .......... does it say in the quran about wearing a hijab ....the family is saying that in the quran there is no mention of hijab ...... is this true? how about hadiths as well?
  23. Wearing The Hijab

    :sl: thank you for replying, any other ayats or hadiths anyone knows of?
  24. :sl: whats the ruling on marrying a non virgin ... did the prophet (peace be upon him) marry a non virgin? ...can someone please show me hadiths/ayats that its ok to marry a non virgin ...im trying to help a brother with proof
  25. How Much Did You Spend In Hajj?

    :sl: i think the qurbani was about 250 ,,, i spent about 300 riyals on food in makkah while in Medina food was included , ... is it me or is Medina and Makkah totally different from each other ,i saw a complete difference from the people/environment ...alot of rude people in makkah (in the harem) but in medina total opposite. either way alhamulillah i was able to go this year.. i just got back today