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  1. Islam in Chechnya

    Chechen Children Struggle For Survival GROZNY, November 19 (IslamOnline(contact admin if its a beneficial link) & News Agencies) - Images of suffering children and mothers are everywhere in the emergency ward single room of Grozny's children's hospital. A six-month-old child suffering from septicemia lies on an adult's bed, crying endlessly. Two children aged three months are suffering from bronchial pneumonia. The alarm system on two incubators began to wail, and the nurse set off for the balcony to switch on an emergency generator. "We have power cuts every day," she explained. In the daily struggle to survive in Chechnya, lack of medical equipment and supplies in the war-torn country is taking its toll on children, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. Furthermore, international aid is unable to cope in the fight against illness and malnutrition. "Bronchial pneumonia is the main disease of small children," said Sultan Alimkhadzhiev, chief doctor at Grozny's children's hospital. "Their immune system is weak because of the abysmal sanitary conditions and the poor health of their mothers," Alimkhadzhiev lamented. Although UNICEF and Medecins du Monde have enough drugs to treat 90 percent of diseases, Alimkhadzhiev said, the Chechen hospital don't have the equipment for example to detect cases of tuberculosis, which are becoming more and more common. "We have the impression that the world has forgotten Chechnya. Every day one or two children die because of insufficient equipment or medication," he said. 84 % Of Children Ill: As many as 84 percent of Chechen children suffer from neurological and psychological illnesses, said Hasan Gadayev, the head of Chechen Ministry of Health's maternity and child health division. The information was revealed in an All-Russian Children's Health Survey during which 320,000 children underwent routine checkups in Chechnya. According to Gadayev, more than 40 percent of the children have pathological vision and hearing problems, while about 70 percent of those examined have tuberculosis. "This is an extremely high rate of incidence," he noted. "So of course we dispensed proper medication and also preventative treatment, such as placement in special rehabilitation centers for those who live in areas where tuberculosis is widespread," he added. The consequences of the Russian military attacks, the Health Ministry official warned, will have a major impact on the health of our children for many years to come. Endless Fear: The Grozny hospital was not saved from the Russian bombing as it has only 150 beds out of the 312 it is supposed to possess. The missing beds are in a bombed-out part of the building, and repair work has been delayed indefinitely for lack of funds. The southwestern district in which the hospital is located, Chernorechy, was particularly badly affected by bombing in the early stages of the second Chechen invasion four years ago. Russian military vehicles spreading in the Chechen capital of Grozny cause daily fear even for ambulances which avoid traveling at night when they risk being fired on by Russian troops at the city's many checkpoints. The water supply was destroyed during the first Chechen invasion (1994-96), and water is delivered in a truck by the Polish Humanitarian Organization which also supplies schools and hostels for displaced persons. The water program, financed by the European Union which has earmarked 26 million euros (31 million dollars) for humanitarian aid including medical care to Chechens both inside Chechnya and in neighboring Ingushetia, serves around 59,000 people. Reduced Numbers Among its beneficiaries are the children of School 41, in central Grozny. In the main hall where the day's meals are served, with desks as tables, a group of 30 children wait for their lunch of soya supplied by the World Food Program (WFP) and distributed to all Chechen schools by the Danish Refugee Council. "This is their lunch. Tomorrow it will be rice. We also provide rolls filled with meat, for two rubles (five cents) each," a kitchen-worker said. The WFP provides 68,000 hot meals a day for the children of Grozny and the republic's six outlying regions. The damage caused by the Russian invasion has also reduced by half the number of children the school is able to receive, its 700 children squeezed into the sole building that has remained intact. "Our main problem is repairs," director Lisa Saidkhasanova said, pointing to the bombed-out buildings with their roofs caved in. "There are lots of children who would love to study, but we don't have the room, or they stay at home," she said. Thirty-four children are crammed into a small primary class-room, heated by a stove donated by the Red Cross. However difficult their situation, these children are well-off compared with their comrades in the refugee camps in neighboring Ingushetia, where 7,000 children are able to receive some rudimentary education only because UNICEF is paying their teachers' salaries. At least 100,000 civilians and 10,000 Russian troops are estimated to have been killed in both wars, but human rights groups have said the real numbers could be much higher. The Russian military has a record of abuses in the Islamic republic, raising Russian and international waves of criticism. The U.N. Human Rights Committee slammed in a panel on November 7 the ill-treatment of detainees under interrogation, executions and torture in the republic of Chechnya. Earlier, the Russian human rights watch-dogs issued a book on October 8 documenting hundreds of cases of civilians killed or abducted in Chechnya. The 542-page volume covers abuses recorded from eyewitness accounts by activists working in Chechnya from July to December 2000 - a period in which Russia's main attack on the Chechen Caucasus republic had been completed.
  2. Salam I didnt at first know much about him and his life despite him being in the news almost everyday, After reading about his life from people who knew him and interviewed him - it is plainly clear he is much more than some mad man as the media tries to portray him. I mean, he could have had the life of utmost luxury with his millions but he chose the give his money to the poorest of muslims rather than spend it on himself - rather than spend time in palaces he chose the harsh mountains of afghanistan where he suffered alongsid his fellow muslims. Instead of staying away from the fighting and danger, he actually embraced it and was on the front line against the soviets. Is there any other Muslim that has sacrificed as much as this, if not why are there so many so quick to slander him? What are your opinions on this - esp. arabs who are more quick than the rest to slander him? Could you imagine giving away all your money for others? Leaving your luxury home to go and suffer alongside Muslims? To put yourself in harms way for something you believe in? P.S i would like to say - esp. to the mods - i am in no way endorsing al-qaeda or its tactics - i am talking about bin laden here as a person and his early life in which he gave up so much.
  3. The Chechen President and Amir of the CRI State Defense Council Majlisul Shura appealed to Muslims around the world and first of all to the leaders of Muslim countries with a brief message in order to unmask the propaganda of the enemies of Islam. The President stressed that Russia waged wars against Muslims throughout its history for more than 400 years and occupied Muslim lands in the Caucasus, Siberia, Crimea, the Volga region, the Urals, Central Asia and fought against Islam in Afganistan in the 1980's. In the Caucasus, Russia murdered million of Muslim, colonized their lands, detroyed their villages and forced 90% Caucasian Muslims to quit their lands and to emigrate. This genocide continued in the 20th century. In 1994, Russian armies invaded Chechnya, starting a new phase in the everlasting Jihad against Russia. In the period 1994-2006, Russia killed 225,000 Chechen Muslims including 45,000 children, destroyed the country and continues to commit its atrocities, the President said. Taking all this into account, it is very strange to hear from some heads of states of Muslim countries and organizations that Russia is a friend of Muslims and to see them seeking friendship with this fierce enemy of Islam. Probably, they intend to use Russia against enemies. But the idea is false and corrupt, the President warned. First, Russia is absolutely unreliable as a country and has its own policy which has nothing to do with the interests of Islam and Muslims. Russia's betrayal of its former ally Saddam in Iraq is a good example of it. Second, this policy of seeking friendship with Russia is fully fruitless and up till now has led to absolutely no results except for vain and idle talk, the Chechen President said. Hypocritical Russia is a fierce enemy of Islam and of every Muslim in Russia. The President reminded Putin's words in 1999 when the kafir said: "If needed, I will fight against Allah". Russia wages its war against Islam under the slogan of "fighting international terrorism" which means that it is also the enemy of Muslims outside of Russia. Russia killed millions of Muslims, occupied Muslim lands, murders, tortures, oppresses and persecutes Muslims, and chases them from their homes. As far as Russia's puppets are concerned, Muslims who "revive" Islam within the "single and united Russia" are also the enemies of Islam, the Presiden warned. That is why any kind of friendship with Russia is an unjustice under Islam, the President concluded in his message to the leaders of Muslim countries.
  4. This was at the beginning of the war before Amnesty and all foriegners were thrown out for reporting Russian crimes so ne can only imagine what they have been doing since these organisations left Please dont forget the suffering of muslim brothers and sisters in the North Caucaus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chechnya: Rape and torture of children in Chernokozovo "filtration camp" "The soldiers often told us, 'even if you get out of here alive, you will certainly be handicapped'." "Musa", a survivor of the Chernokozovo "filtration camp" Amnesty International has received disturbing testimony from a survivor of the Chernokozovo "filtration camp" that detainees, including women and children, have been raped and subjected to brutal torture. Amnesty International's field researcher interviewed in Ingushetia "Musa"*, a 21-year-old man, who was held in the Chernokozovo camp between 16 January and 5 February. He was detained in the village of Znamenskiy, while fleeing the shelling of Grozny by bus with his mother and brother. Musa was detained with 10 other men, including two teenage boys. "Musa" was severely beaten and tortured several times each day during his detention. On 18 January, he was forced to walk between a "human corridor" of 20-25 masked men armed with clubs and hammers, who beat him and the other detainees as they passed. "Musa" was hit on his back with a hammer which has left him with a fractured spine. "Musa" witnessed a 14-year-old girl being raped by a dozen prison guards in the corridor outside the cells in which he and other detainees were held. The girl had come to visit her detained mother and for the price of 5,000 Rubles she was permitted a five-minute meeting. Her five-minute meeting became a four-day ordeal during which she was locked in a cell, beaten and repeatedly raped by guards. "Musa" also told Amnesty International about a 16-year-old boy called Albert, originally from the village of Davydenko, who was brought to his cell after being gang-raped and severely beaten by prison guards. One of his ears had been cut off and the guards referred to him by the female name of "Maria". "Musa" believes that up to 10 men were raped in the camp during his 21-day detention. "Musa" shared a cell for one week with Andrey Babitsky, the Radio Liberty journalist. Among his other cell mates during his 21-day detention, were a man whose hands had been severely burnt by prison guards with cigarette lighters and a 17-year-old youth whose teeth had been sawn off with a metal file and whose lips were shredded, leaving him unable to eat, drink or speak. "Musa" estimated that 10-15 new detainees were brought to the camp each day. Among those he saw were 13-14 year-old girls. His freedom was eventually secured on 5 February by his mother who paid 4,000 Rubles and bought the release of two Russian prisoners of war from Chechen fighters, as demanded by the camp authorities. "Musa" and his mother escaped to Ingushetia and are currently in hiding fearing for their safety after he was identified following an interview he gave about his ordeal to the national NTV channel. According to medical doctors who examined "Musa" after his release, without urgent medical treatment he risks being paralysed for life. "'Musa's' shocking ordeal is consistent with other reports that have emerged from the Russian "filtration camps", despite continual denials by the Russian government to the international community and the media that torture and rape are prevalent in these camps," Amnesty International said. "The Russian government must take immediate measures to end such appalling human rights violations and allow medical personnel and the International Committee of the Red Cross immediate and unhindered access to the detainees. " Amnesty International stressed. ENDS.../ *"Musa" is not his real name. It has been changed for his own security.
  5. May Allah (swt) punish the murderers what else can be done aside from dua to help? feeling helpless is what most muslims seems to have to offer these days
  6. Question For British Muslims

    my aunty shagufta
  7. Nice to see that Islamic brotherhood is still prevalent across the ummah :rollseyes --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kremlin Seeks to Legitimize Its Chechen Policy in the Muslim World On June 26, an impressive delegation of foreign diplomats visited Chechnya. There were representatives of 31 countries in the delegation, including 20 foreign ambassadors to Russia. What was notable about this visit was that they were representatives of Muslim countries and organizations, such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League. The visit was organized by the Russian Foreign Ministry to demonstrate to the Muslim diplomats that life in Chechnya is improving. The Regnum news agency reported that prior to the visit, “Ambassadors of the Muslim world said that they were very interested in what was going on in Chechnya, and that they were looking forward to meeting Chechen leaders and people.†The official program of the visit included tours of newly reconstructed facilities in the Chechen cities of Grozny, Argun, and Gudermes, and meetings with Chechen political and spiritual leaders and intellectuals. However, the key part of the visit was the meeting of the ambassadors with Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. RIA Novosti reported that Kadyrov told the ambassadors at the meeting, “International terrorism has lost the war in Chechnya.†He stressed in his speech that the war in Chechnya was the war against international terrorism and not against any nation or religion. “Powerful forces hostile toward Russia have tried to use Chechnya to make Russia collapse, but they failed,†Kadyrov declared. The Russian authorities are apparently sending the message to the Muslim world that the war in Chechnya was not a war against Islam and Muslims, and that it is now over. Ramzan Kadyrov told the ambassadors that it was very important for the Chechen authorities to have the diplomats see for themselves during their visit that the region is recovering from the war. Ramzan Kadyrov showed his guests the construction site of a new Masjid that will be the largest Masjid in the former Soviet Union, with a capacity to hold 10,000 visitors at a time. Another idea that the Russian authorities wanted to instill in the ambassadors’ minds is that the republic is an inherent part of Russia and that the issue of separating from Russia is no longer on the agenda. “Now, Chechnya is developing in the same legal and economic space with Russia, and this has allowed us to restore the destroyed infrastructure,†Kadyrov told the Muslim diplomats. He then asked the visitors for money. “We are interested in the economic experience of Islamic states and hope that the visit of the ambassadors will give an additional impetus to attracting foreign investment into the republic,†Kadyrov said. The Muslim diplomats did not argue with Ramzan Kadyrov during the visit and said what the Russian officials wanted to hear from them. “I am deeply touched by what I have seen here. You cannot find construction on such a scale even in other Arab states,†said Al-Fardzhani, the head of the Russian mission of the Arab League. Mohhamed Khalis, Malaysia’s ambassador to Russia, said that the “OIC does not see Chechnya outside of Russia.†Malaysia currently chairs the OIC. Gholamreza Ansari, the ambassador to Russia from Iran, a country that especially wants to please the Kremlin because of its need for Russian nuclear technologies, declared, “Iran has been supporting Russian efforts to improve the situation in the republic from the very beginning of the Chechen conflict.†He added that the Iranian government believes that it is in the interests of the Chechen nation to remain a part of Russia. Nevertheless, it is too early to say just how successful the trip of the ambassadors to Chechnya was for the Kremlin. The Russian authorities want Muslim countries to back their words with concrete actions like investments and other material help to the pro-Russian Chechen government. Moscow believes this would legitimize Russian rule over Chechnya in the eyes of the Muslim world. The Chechen issue has always been the most difficult one in Russia’s relations with many Muslim and Arabic countries. The anti-Wahhabi rhetoric of the Russian political leaders, especially Ramzan Kadyrov and his murdered father, remains a problem for the Russian government in its efforts to set up stable friendly ties with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, where Wahhabism is the predominant branch of Islam. Even if all Muslim governments closed their eyes to the repression of practicing Muslims and the continuing human rights violations in the North Caucasus, it would hardly halt the other type of investments that have been flowing into Chechnya since the beginning of the war – contributions to the Chechen rebels that come from ordinary Muslims and organizations. Despite the official position of the Muslim governments, many Muslims and organizations regard the Chechens as oppressed Muslims and Chechnya as a land occupied by Russian “infidels.†Such Muslims will continue to listen to their religious leaders – like Yusuf Kardavi and Sheik Ibn, who declare that jihad is taking place in Chechnya and should be supported by all Muslims – rather than to politicians or officials.
  8. how is bin laden using chechnya? i think like most muslim he wants the slow genocide of muslims in chechnya to stop - which is probably why he is the more popluar in the arab and asian world than all the other muslim leaders at the moment - the other leaders are all spineless
  9. Russian soldiers break in their houses, kidnap, rape and kill. Almost never are the culprits punished, the government prefers to cover everything up. And the girls choose to become terrorists for the shame. This was the case for two of the suicide bombers who on October 23, 2002 occupied Moscow’s Nord-Ost theatre. The Kugayev family lived on the outskirts of the village of Tangi-Chu. On that night, as they usually did, Visa and Rosa had just put their five children to bed with their clothes on, ready to flee quickly in case of danger. And that night the danger came at around one o’ clock, when the silence in the sleeping village was broken by the roar of three Russian military trucks, and by the volleys shot by the AK-47s. So would the Russian soldiers usually announce their arrival. Mr and Mrs Kugayev woke up with a start. Visa went to wake up her elder daughter, 18-year-old Elsa, telling her to wake up all her little brothers and sisters and to escape with them. But they didn’t have the time to do it. Four soldiers of the 160th armoured division smashed in the door and broke in. Everybody expected their usual behaviour, the usual searching for escaped rebels or weapons, together with screams, insults, threats, beatings and destructions of the house’s poor furnishings. However, this wasn’t the case. That night the soldiers came in quietly, went straight to the children’s room and took Khaya, the 13-year-old middle sister. But they let her go as soon as they noticed the presence of Elsa. They took her away, while she kept screaming asking their parents to help her, but they could do nothing under the threat of the AK-47s. Once the soldiers had gone out Adlan, the smallest brother, ran out towards his sister, but a soldier hit him on his head with the gun butt, making him faint. Elsa was brought to a barracks, repeatedly raped and then strangled to death. The Kugayevs fled to Ingushetia, from where they have fought asking for justice. And three years later they won. Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Budanov, who on that night was leading the operation from a truck, was acquitted but then sentenced in appeal to ten years of prison for abduction, murder and rape. Unfortunately, Budanov is one of the few Russian officers who paid for his actions: the Russian justice tends to cover up every case that arrives before a court. The cases of sexual violence on Chechen girls by Russian soldiers are everyday occurrences. And they are not only a tragedy and an injustice that tarnish the Kremlin’s reputation heavily, but also the main cause of a sad and disturbing phenomenon. Rapes are the main cause of women’s conversion to the armed struggle, which means to suicide-bombing terrorism. The victims of violence, who in the Chechen society are blamed and emarginated, clam up and often choose death by becoming “shaheedâ€, martyrs. This was, for example, the Ganiyevv sisters’ case, two of the Chechen suicide bombers who on October 23, 2002 took part in the famous intervention at Moscow’s Nord-Ost theatre. The stalemate was solved by a Russian special forces’ blitz. Using lethal gas, they killed 118 people between hostages and terrorists. Aminat and Khadizhat, like Elsa, had been kidnapped by Russian soldiers and then raped in 2001. After their release, they had gone back to their village, but wouldn’t talk to anybody. In their silence of shame and grudge they reached the decision of sacrificing their lives for Chechen independence cause. Unfortunately, Moscow responded to this new phenomenon in the worst way. After the theatre tragedy, the Kremlin launched a military operation in Chechnya aimed at hitting the Chechen women suspected of participating in the separatist armed struggle. Operation “Fatimaâ€, this is its code name, has obvioulsy been a pretext for new violences against women. And this will produce new martyrs and new martyrdoms. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetpeacewomen(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/news/Chechnya/Dec03/raped.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetpeacewomen(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/news/Chechnya/Dec03/raped.html[/url]
  10. saudi isnt an Islamic country - i wouldnt pay to much intention to it
  11. Chechnya’s Women, Raped And Martyrs

    2 points 1) it was never their intention to kill the people in the school - just to hold them until putin was forced to negotiate. many hostages themselves testify that the hostage-takers were rying to get them out when the russians stormed the school 2) that doesnt mean that they were justfied in holding children as hostages - but as i said earlier we cant put ourselves in their shoes. when we have our wives and children killed, we might do something outrageous in a bid to stop it - the best way to avoid a beslan is to stop creating more situations for beslan
  12. By Umalt Chadayev CHECHNYA - With the onset of the spring and summer season, Chechnya is once again witnessing an increase in the activity of the armed resistance, especially in the mountainous part of the country. The republic's residents are extremely concerned about recent rumours that groups of guerrillas are concentrating in Grozny. April and May of this year have been marked by a surge in guerrilla activity. In May alone there were at least ten armed clashes in the mountainous part of the country where the main guerrilla bases and camps are located. Also, there has recently been an increase in the numbers of young people joining the resistance. To this are now added rumours that the guerrillas have begun a covert concentration of their forces in the Chechen capital. "Rumours are rumours, but the situation is indeed very serious," says Mairbek Isayev, a resident of Grozny. “At night time extra detachments of police are deployed in the city, and they check almost every vehicle. Also, the number of so-called ‘mop-ups’ in different localities has grown. This, with many other things, shows that the republic’s authorities are seriously afraid of something." Isayev says that the recent removal from his post of Chechen OMON commander Artur Akhmadov, who was replaced by Alikhan Tsakayev, a blood relative of President Ramzan Kadyrov, and the reports that Muslim Ilyasov (like Akhmadov believed to be one of Kadyrov’s henchmen) has been relieved of his post as commander of the “Yug†(South) spetsnaz battalion, simply confirm the gravity of events. However, there is so far no official confirmation that Ilyasov has lost his post. "In recent days the republic has been buzzing with exaggerated rumours that groups of guerrillas are concentrating in Grozny and nearby towns and villages. I don’t know how much truth there is in the rumours, but in August 1996, shortly before the capture of Grozny by the guerrillas, people were saying more or less the same thing. Then, too, not many believed that the guerrillas could take the city, but it happened. It’s possible that these rumours have been deliberately started by someone, but many of my friends are quite alarmed," says Alkhazur, an official of the republic’s Emergencies Ministry. The increase in young people joining the resistance is a serious problem for the current Chechen authorities, who constantly emphasize that Chechnya has been fully stabilized and that the separatist forces, consisting of a few dozen Chechens and a limited number Arab mercenaries, are seeing their last days. Things have reached the point where Mufti of the Chechen Republic Sultan Mirzayev recently made a special broadcast on local television. In the broadcast on May 22, Mirzayev said: "In recent months some twenty young men from various villages in Chechnya have gone to join the resistance. There will be no playing around with amnesties for these youths. They will either find their deaths in the mountains or spend the rest of their lives in jail." The head of the Chechen clergy stated that those who have joined the resistance "to oppose the President of the Chechen Republic" are not Muslims, and urged the parents of young men "to explain to their children three times a day the evil that Wahhabism has brought to the Chechen people." Mirzayev’s broadcast also got quite a mixed reception from local residents. “The republic's Mufti is primarily a spiritual figure. He should be calling on people to attain peace and harmony, tolerance and mutual respect, explaining the rules of Islam to them, and not threatening with death those who, for whatever reason, have joined the resistance," says a Chechen student. "Every man will answer for his actions to the Almighty alone. I really didn’t like the broadcast at all. Instead of explaining to young people the folly of those who join the resistance, he was trying to express his devotion to Ramzan Kadyrov,†the student added.
  13. More Young People Joining Armed Resistance

    if you cannot master the simple skill of reading, why participate on an interent forum? :sl:
  14. its not the idf's fault - ask eyal - he'll tell you that all idf soldiers are little angels and that all the murder, humiliation, shootings carried out are all accidental
  15. Salam I dont post here much but whenever i do, i seem to get a new stalker who wants to send me abusive pm's - with veiled threats, bad language etc. whats the correct response to this?
  16. What To Do With Abusive Pm's?

    salam nice one guys :sl:
  17. Chechnya’s Women, Raped And Martyrs

    it doesnt give them an excuse - but we cant put ourselves in their shoes. judging them according to the facts of our comfortable lives is wrong for example the leader of the hostage-takers had his 5 baby children and his wife killed before beslan - maybe if the same had happened to us, we would too react in unorthodox ways to stop the slow genocide to stop things like beslan, it is also important to stop the situations that create beslan
  18. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    thats quite an answer isambard - any chance you can shorten it? :sl:
  19. More Young People Joining Armed Resistance

    you show great ignorance of the situation in Chechnya...i dunno where to start ok, peaceful country - yes chechens want a peaceful country, everyone does - when the russians first invaded, do you know what the first reaction of the people was - it was peaceful protests their were strikes, people gathered on the roads - men andn women to peacefully express their opposition to the russian actions - what did the russian army do to these people? they were killed outside of grozny, run over by tanks - the same thing happened in samashki - i could give you more examples so much for peaceful measures... as for war - war was forced upon the country - and the only tme that chechnya has been truly free and independant was through war and the defeat of the russians after the forced war - so hence the reason why chechens are fighting for it again the elected goverment of chechnya has never authorised or carried out attacks against civilians despite the slow genocide carried out against their people
  20. Unlikely i know but it would be nice to see Russia knocked down a peg or two (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettheglobeandmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070602.wputin01/BNStory/Front"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettheglobeandmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/servlet/sto...1/BNStory/Front[/url]
  21. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    so these people are absolved of any moral obligation??? loool im sure al-qaeda leaders tell their guys the same thing - "your actions may lead to the death of civlians, but never mind boys - a starving man's crime of stealing bread because he is hungry becomes morally ambigious - you have nothing to fear" lool americans and russians are innocents babes, victims of circumstance - lets all feel sorry for them and send them our sympathies - poor chaps you have given me a good laugh if not a good debate :sl: salam
  22. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    just as i thought, you have no problem in absolving any non-muslim peoples from any sort of blame democracy, will of the people, freedom to chose, elected leaders blah blah blah - but ultimately never their fault how convenient...
  23. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    so what your saying is that the populations the put mass-murderers like bush and putin into power should bear no responisiblity to their actions? sure... how dare i suggest that people should take responsibility for what they helped put in place? silly me :sl:
  24. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    no, not for the majority - i know a jewish lady who does more for palestine than most muslims i know i dont know any muslims who hate jews for being jews yes there are a minority like al-qaeda who hate jews but they are not representative of muslims - but the murderers in the west ARE representing the people that put them into power - the general population.