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  1. Have Fear Of Allah

    what is this link i find on the if's home page called (muslim dating )?! what is this there is no such thing in Islam have fear of Allah. Shaykh Ibn Jibreen (may Allaah preserve him) was asked: What is the ruling on correspondence between young men and women, if this correspondence is free from immorality and love? He replied: It is not permissible for any man to correspond with a woman who is not his mahram, because of the fitnah (temptation) involved in that. A person may think that there is no fitnah, but the Shaytaan will keep trying until he tempts him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) commanded those who heard of the Dajjaal to keep away from him, and said that a man may approach him as a believer, but the Dajjaal will keep trying until he leads him astray. Correspondence between young men and women involves a great deal of fitnah and danger, so we must avoid it, even though the questioner says that this correspondence is free from immorality and love. From Fataawa al-Mar’ah, compiled by Muhammad al-Musnad, p. 96.
  2. Robin Cook Dead

    at least politicaly brother :D :D
  3. Favorite Quotes

    aslamu alikim "today is the first day in the rest of ur life"
  4. Do You Agree With This...?

    "this is a crussade war" ,once bush said what does this mean,that america is a multi faith nation ?!!!! if u wanna play the naiev role do it right! of course contries r ither Islamic or cristian or what ever religion the majority embrace!hope this answer the part of i can't imagine, i can't understand ,ohhh no Islam is so bad!!!! as for the part of all occupiers i say wont you?! wont u fight against any kind of occupation to ur home land and to muslim home land means every inch of the muslim countrys not a country spacificly. cuz were a nation were like a wall to each other we support each other . as our prophet said in the meaning of a muslim to muslim is like the allinned wallor building it's parts support each other or as he said (prays and peace from Allah upon him) as for the openion that is said by mr bakry i dont agree with it ,totaly u know y cuz Islam forbids this. killing cevillians not participating in war against muslim even if their nation's army is in battle with muslims we r forbiden to do so p.s what is called israel is out of this as itis no country it's just a bunch of thives who stole other ppl's land and claim it for them selves.and theves haveto be punished.
  5. Robin Cook Dead

    the man was an honorable man he stood for what he thought was right. pity he was non muslim.
  6. Bomb Kills 5 Marines In Iraq

    actualy i was just thnking on the key pad more than talkin to any of u i just felt angree that a guy livin in the us sis seeking happiness while his government is out there giving iraqies worst experience in their lives even more than saddam at least saddam was a rotten native not an invador,just thoughts!!!
  7. Does This Make Me An Enemy?

    first of all sister i feel ur pain and i ask Allah to guide ur son to Islam so by thet he would be saved ameen. actualy sister Allah wants us to chose betwen ,not only those two presios u mentioned no but more that them Allah says in quraan [sura(9) al tawba-aya (24)]. Allah says: " say if your fathers, your sons,your brothers,your wives,your kinderd,the welth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline ,and the dwellings in which you delight are dearer to you than Allah and his messenger,and striving heard and fighting in his cause ,then wait untill Allah brings about his decision (torment) and Allah guides not the people who are al-fasquen (the rebellious,disobedient to Allah)."
  8. Israel 'set To Hand Over' Jenin

    i will make it in points to be understod - if u belive what u typed from quraan why don't u become a muslim and rescue ur self?!! -read the (baqara sura2) carfuly and see for ur self that thos jews refused to the enter the land and tould their prophet (moses may Allah lay his peace upon him) [u go and ur god and fight we r here staing]and that cause the feared the natives and said theywere mighty ppl. so as for disobaing Allah'S orders Allah cersed themthat is what is in quraan. -book of cristians was re wrote by men the changed it. -book of jews was changed too -i don't trust any think that comes from the book of cristians nither from that of the jews. -my last advise protect ur self and ur famelys from a hell fire it's feul is mankined and stones guarded by angels tough and strong never disobay Allah as he Allah orders them.
  9. Women Leading Prayer

    aslamu alaikum this woman amena wadoud is a bahaae shes not even a muslim cus bahaaes r not muslims they r kafirs they say theiy have their own massenger some one called bahaaollah. and Allah knows best.
  10. Israel 'set To Hand Over' Jenin

    after i read carfully what yoaz wrote well it's not in the quraan that PALASTINE is given to any one other than it's natives! and if it is the book of jews or the book of cristians well it's not in quraan so the struggle will continue till one side is a convince somehow the other with his point of view. as for the legitimacy of this thing what abot the refugees,the wall,the killing,theaqsa mosq that they want to bring down,meny things that ia cant find any legitimace in not even the international court of justice as for the wall where did u get this legitimacy thing?!
  11. Does This Make Me An Enemy?

    aslamu alykum sister. i just wanna remid u of some situations that might be helping in such position: our prophet (salla Allah alyhe wa salam) and his compaions . when our our master muhamad (salla Allah alyhe wa salam )said in the meaning of no one's faith will be compleated till Allah and his massenger(salla Allah alyhe wa salam) r loved by him more than any otherthing or someone. also our prophet's(salla Allah alyhe wa salam)companions in badr they were against their mushrik fathers and others against their mushrik sons like al sedeq saydna abubakr when he tould his son abdurahman who was still a mushrik in badr (if i saw u that day i would have killed u) that doesn't mean he didn't love him no he sure did ,but he loved Allah and his massenger(salla Allah alyhe wa salam) more. so first i think u should advise ur son and call him to Islam ,and i ask Allah to open his heart to his religion . but if not i just wanna remind u it's the janna sister and the way to it is never been said it's easy ,the isuue is who can walk the way till the end through fitan and Allah said in quraan that (money and children r fitnah).
  12. Does This Make Me An Enemy?

    totaly agree with u. but it's not Islam's fault it's their's.they don't even rule by Islamic shareaa,not a single muslim country is ruled by Islamic shareaa!
  13. Bomb Kills 5 Marines In Iraq

    i wonder if iraqies ur age can be happy like u? if they r not dead i mean by another weppon the us might be trying in iraq like in vietnam,even kwait!not mentioning herushima,nagazaki these were fast actions. i wonder how can americans ever be proud with such a history?! but the most importent is that u'll be happy!!!
  14. Israel 'set To Hand Over' Jenin

    u might not belive me when i tell i i didn't mean any offence,but i realy didn't i mentioned what i think r facts. as for perchasing issue how do u explain the american movies about cowboys and indiens fighting and so ?! they don't show any comercial action taken bettwen the two sides,mostly to be honest just guns and hunting and so on! as for the jews-zonism issue well ya but the question is : why is there jews who r zonists? don't the have countrys which they came from? another thing u said not all zonists r jews. well?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? .
  15. Israel 'set To Hand Over' Jenin

    u don't seem to get it man this israel or what ever u call it is nothing it's just a dream in the mind of a bunch of ppl trying to make the dram come true by claiming other bunch's land to them selves!!!!!!!!!!!!! where was this isra-thing in the year 1889 for example, the answer,,! u know y i think americans r the most deffenders of jews and this isra-thing cuz americans(formal eurupians)claimed the land they live on now the same way jews r doin now to our beloved palastine,,,they stole it!