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  1. Looking For The Name Of This Prayer

    MashAllah, I love this qari. Please also let me know who it is. It sounds like someone from Medinah. I don't know why I think that though, it just comes to mind. Edit: I keep listening to it :sl:, do you think you could upload the entire surah for me?
  2. No God But God - By Reza Aslan

    He probably might just be ethically turkish. Lots of people in nothern Iran are actually turks, though they describe themselves as persian.
  3. No God But God - By Reza Aslan

    He is Persian, born in Tehran
  4. Sayings Of Imam Ali

    JazakAllah khair. Is there are source for any of these?
  5. Salaam Alaykum, Does anyone know where one can watch taraweeh prayers and Hajj live from Mecca on the internet? The Saudi embassy link does not work. It is apparently outdated. Anyone know of any other way.. like a winamp channel? JazakAllah khair
  6. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    This is just my observation of Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Indians that I have encountered virtually everywhere including the internet and at university. All you guys spend so much time trying to distinguish who is who. What race you're from exactly, what darker characteristics say you're from here or what lighter characteristics say you're from there. The emphasis on this is ridiculous. MashAllah you're Afghani, MashAllah you're pakistani SubhanAllah.. Now get over it. Do something for your country, "your race". If you guys spent even half of the time you do in trying to distinguish who is persian or who is indian you'd get something done for your country. It doesn't matter if you're pushtun or pathan or pakistani or indian or arab or persian or european or african nor does it matter if anyone claims to be one of them. A muslim brother is a muslim brother. if my brother says he is of me, I'd be more honoured. Do some good deeds in your life and get over your race. We all come from Adam and Huwa.. that is our race. It doesn't matter whether a hazaara is an afghan or a pusthun is an afghan. the reason why western countries are not stuck in civil problems like the rest of the muslim world is because they don't care what your race is. I live in canada and it really doesn't matter if your ancestry is from scotland or britian or anywhere else for that matter. No one ever talks about it. No one even cares. It does not matter, nor will asking your brother increase your good deeds. Stop trying to separate yourselves. If you love your pakistani culture, invite your brothers to be pakistani. If you love your afghan culture, invite your brothers to be afghani. These are all human constructs and one day they will perish! Race is a human construct. We are muslims and we believe we are ALL descendant of Adam and Huwa. If all of a sudden (just pretending) that 100 pusthuns were left on the face of the earth and the 30 of them who have blue eyes said they're REAL pushtuns and the rest of them are not, how would the rest of the pusthuns feel? Please reflect on this. That is basically all what you guys are doing, you're trying to separate yourselves on mere physical traits. You need to stop paying attention to them, when you look at your brother you need to see his piety, his love for Allah swt before you see his black or white skin.
  7. A'salaam Alekom sister. As someone said before, people can always let you down but Allah swt will never let you down.. If you need someone to talk to you can always talk to me if you want through MSN/Email. Your profile says you're from Canada, I am as well. We might be from the same city. If you haven't taken shahada yet I would love to help and support you if you need it, I also know a lot of sisters in Toronto and the Ottawa region if you want to meet some. PS: I don't post much here, but you can verify my sister-ness through webcam if you want :sl:. Take care.
  8. What Are The Names Of The 4 Rivers In Jannah

    I think there are names.. I think two of them are Tasneem Kawthar(or Kausar)
  9. Me And My Worrying Future

    A'salaam Alekom It sounds as though you might need to see a doctor. Don't feel ashamed or shy, sometimes chemicals in our brain are out of balance and this is not in your control but are caused by events in our life that overwhelm our brain. There are ways to cure depression. I also think you eczema, weight, and hair loss is probably due to stress. Go see a doctor. InshaAllah things will be alright. Don't forget to pray to Allah swt for help as well. I'm happy you are giving yourself a year to relax.
  10. Modesty And Humbleness Of Our Prophet(pbuh)

    JazakAllah kheir
  11. The Idea Of A Jewish State

    Thats not true. Most of them are immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. Before WWII there was only a small minority of peaceful Jews living there.
  12. The Regrets About Her

    Do dua for her and place your truth in Allah swt. If you ever see her again, you should apologise if you have not already. InshAllah she'll be okay :sl:
  13. How Smart Are You

    Each girl has 2 legs: 2*7=14 Human legs 7 girls have 7 backpacks = 49 backpacks in total Each backpack has 7 Big cats: 49*7 = 343 Big cats 343 Big cats have 4 legs: 343*4 = 1372 Big cat legs 343 Big cats have 7 Little cats: 343*7 = 2401 Little cats 2401 Little cats have 4 legs: 2401*4 = 9604 Little cat legs 9604 + 1372 + 14 = 10990.
  14. A'salaam Alekom I'm in Canada too, what TV show is this and on what channel and time?
  15. The Neuro-biology Of Shaitaan's Workings

    JazakAllah khair, that really helped. But, when you say What hadeeth are you referring to?