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  1. Lost Habibti

    :sl: Eeehh ... why cant you marry her ? (0_o) ~Fr3ak~
  2. Was I Tested Or Punish By Allah

    :sl: Have SABR dear brother ... we all fight out own battles on a daily basis but as long as our TRUST IN Allah IS STRONG .. how can we WEAK mortal ever go wrong :sl: ~Fr3ak~(Loving the Videos posted above)
  3. Depressed Recent College Grad, Please Help

    :sl: Well for starters WELCOME to the WORLD of being a Muslim ... Who ever said life for a Muslim is gonna be a piece of cake and walk in the park should have his bottom tazered till he is jiggling his jelly. Brother ... REVERTS are giving a very Honorable stance in Islam ... ALL THEIR SINS Forgiven and what not ... do you know WHY ?? for moments like THIS !!! think of your life before Islam as a DRUG that you were Addicted to ... and Islam is your REHAB .... ooh ooh ooh QUIZ TIME : What happens to an addict when he is kept away from having his drugs ?? Why Miss Fatimah .. he undergoes withdrawal symptoms .. Thats RIGHT Taimur :sl: ... now OUT of the CLAss for knowing too much about drugs .. you better not be taking them .... so back to being serious ... what u are facing is the reason why Allah (s.w.t) has Betowed so much MERCY on you and other reverts because this phase is the TUFFEST .. where u are the MOST DEPRESSED ... where u are dangling between struggling for your NEW FAITH or going back to your ADDICTED past life. You came to Islam for a reason ... you thought it would be given to you on a golden spoon and a customized bib that has your facial picture on it ? NO ... Thats DONE about the SITUATION of a revert and how he wants acceptance and how he feels alienated .. I stated all of those because this is the TIME SHAITAAN comes and tries to confuse you sayin they dont like you ... you will never be accepted by them .. well NEWS FLASH .. you CHOSE Islam FOR Allah not for ACCEPTANCE from MUSLIMS ... just rely on Allah for their acceptance ... secondly try to be kind to yourself ... you are human first and then a MUSLIM ... and so are your MUSLIM Brothers and Sisters ... them liking you or not is not your concern ... just go with the FLOW ... Learn to TRUST Allah ... and Make Allah (s.w.t) Happy ... do you know that if Allah (s.w.t) likes someone He will tell Jibraeel (arcangel) that I (s.w.t) love so and so (the persons name) so tell the inhabitants on Heaven and the Earth to like him as well. And not only will you find acceptance from the Muslims but the angels will also like you ... with this mindset step forward. Islam is a way of life ... not a GOAL to be achieved .. many men are pious but no friend by their side ... many a men are pious with no one share their happiness nor their sorrow ... but they are pious for the simple fact that they Befriended Allah (s.w.t) above anyone else. so CHILLAX ... live your life the way u want to .. but abiding by the teachings of Islam ... Hanging out with non Muslim guy is not a crime as long as you know they wont take you to the wrong side why SHUN them they were a part of your life ... u can shove them in the closet ... explore and u will realise why u chose Islam in the first place you will learn more aspects making you feel closer to the MUSLIMS because I know how u must feel as a revert ... thinking how u are the black sheep in the crowd .. .TRUTH IS ....us BORN MUSLIMS look up to you ... THINKING how much HEART COURAGE AND SOUL it must have taken for a person to take a STEP this IMPACTFUL .. to SHUN their rituals and adopt a way that they found was the RIGHT path ... and here u are u silly moose thinking they dont like you and what not .. stop filling you mind with JUNK and enjoy the beauty of Islam .. .of LIFE ... ~Freak~(Mite say jibberish from lack of sleep but still want the best for u :no:)
  4. Istikhara

    :sl: Sister you cannot pray Istekhara for *that* personal reason aint meaning you cant make Dua to Allah (swt) to help you in this matter because this is a LIFE changing decision, i would advise you to keep it EXCLUSIVE between you and Allah (s.w.t) and not ask anyone ... how awkward would it be :sl: if my wife told me Fr3aky I told my friend to pray Istekharah for me to see if u would be the ideal husband for me .. and based on what she say I decided ... I rather hear my wife saying how she prayed and chose me based on how she felt and what she saw. Just my two fiddy cents :no: ~Fr3ak~(0_o)(Hates the idea of people asking others to pray Istekhara for them ... they are not someone superior than you nor are they claiming to be more pious .. had that been the case then Rasool (s.a.w.s) would only advise particular groups of people to pray Istekhara not everyone)
  5. Istikhara -- Can You Describe This

    :sl: Forgive me but I can be mistaken .. It most likely points out to me that if u move to this job you will face failure and will end up being both jobless and will struggle a lot if the right decision is not taken. Again dreams are a pigment to one's imagination and to each their own DREAM 1 : According to me, is giving you the vision that you have a SO many options open for you as that dream is showing that you have many a pathways to your goals. Also it could be the after math of moving their and unfortunately losing your job and ending up being jobless and has forced you to look for other resources. Dream 2 : People throwing away your job related books could be a tell tale sign that is not advisable because people usually throw out things that have no importance significance or is useless to them. ~Fr3ak~(No dream specialist just came to help a brother in need)
  6. Can't Make A Solid Decision Plz Help

    :sl: Brother let me assure you what you are going through is absolutely normal and healthy. Secondly for situations as such Salatul Istikharah is advised ... so much so that we should even pray this Salaah when asking for general This or That Situations. My Advice: It is VERY IMPORTANT you make a decision SOLELY based on what you want because REGRET is a poison that has slowly killed the most Powerful of all. You mite make a decision today by being a football for other to kick but one day you will wish how you could turn back time so make a decision on what is good for you first and then your parents because you seem to be a very justified person and wont give way to any short comings. Secondly , if finance is being a burden then OBVIOUSLY you will have to work and study in order not to be a burden on your folks .. but if money is not a hassle FINISH you studies and go for it because it will pay in the end BIG TIME ... Thirdly you have already answered your own question when you said so logically and consciously you feel the first option is a nuisance to eliminate it but if it clashes with the second advice above then you need to set out your priorities again begore coming to a point. Hope this all helps ... if not .. its all Elmo's fault :sl: ~Fr3ak~(T_o) Elmo go now
  7. Unhappy Marriage

    :sl: Dont go for Divorce straight away ... it may be permissible but is an act hated by Allah (s.w.t) Talk show Lady- " so doctor Fr3ak what would be your advice " Dr Fr3ak : " Well sister Talk show lady my advice would be ....." Talk show Lady "We will come back right after a short break ..." Transmission interupted .... ahem ahem : well now that I got that out of my system ... my sincere advice would be the following : 1)Try to sort out the problems with your husband and observe if he puts in conscious effort into it. this will signify the fact that he too wants this marriage to shape up and is someone who genuinely wants to spend the rest of his life with you. 2) Convey out your feelings as to how you would want your marriage to improve and see his reaction and opinions as this will give you the clear picture whether he will take an initial step towards making things better or not 3) KEEP SILENT and LISTEN to what he says and dont be judgemental when you ask him why he is unhappy in this marriage and what would he like in order to make things right ... If you start reacting he will stop trusting you and convey his heart out knowing you will react and be all judgementally LAST but not the least ... SEE if there is any improvement ... LISTEN to your heart once again ... do you still LOVE him... Is he the one whose face you want to see before you close your eyes ... and when you open again in the morning ... is he the one who makes you feel complete and appreciated ... is he the one whose annoying habits are sho chute ... is he the one who makes you smile when ever you think of him ? If nothing works out ... you know the drill sister but please ... dont INSULT the institution of marriage by not giving up a fight for it. You married him for a reason ... to be with him in happiness and in sickness till death do you apart (PLEASE dont go OMG its all WESTERNY ... emotions are still the same) You two are a team if one of the players are injured the other should make up for the game. Tiz all i have to say and i shall say no more :sl: ~Fr3ak~ (Wishing you all the best in successful counselling ... P.S cook him his favorite meal when talking to him about this issue :no:)
  8. Help Brothers And Sisters

    :sl: Bro my sincere advice would be that if you feel that this is right then GO FOR IT but dont lose faith if there is rejection (Nauzubillah) ... Why am i being harsh !! ? its because society is to be blamed for it ? It has given us the impression through movies and serials about a young man marrying an older woman , about people taunting them and going (0_o) with the million zooms and shings shings sound effect ... about how the man behaves very immaturely and the wife is all grand maish ... if you know what i mean. To make things MORE SERIOUS ... lets analyse ... 1) She is your cousin .. 2) She is older than you 3)She is not aware of your feelings These three points make your case very critical. I dont know you personally ... Maturity is not a label that comes with age :j: You mite be someone who is wiser than what he appears to be, but the fact remains ARE YOU Financially STABLE than her ? Are you Capable of PROVIDING for her ? Are you SOMEONE who she can see as her PROTECTOR and GUIDE ... her partner in every crime (figuratively). Can she RELY on you for her emotional needs ? Such criteria must be fulfilled and usually women (no offense) tend to think that a guy younger than her is mentally immature and would end up being the dominating member in terms of decision making skill and what not (again no offense .. I am saying this out of experience and may be subjected to region , time and space) So yet again my advice GO FOR IT (because it is a decision you made ) but be accepting towards rejection because lets face it this is not a puppy love puppy love business MARRIAGE is the REAL DEAL you tend to choose someone one in a million ... so keep it relaxed and served chill :no: ~Fr3ak~ (Praying for you) (:sl:)
  9. A Continous Saga!

    :sl: Relax sis ... happens in life ... heart can be shattered but doesn't mean it will never be healed. Your parents might object to whatever decisions you will make but someday they will accept it out of love for you and the fact that their widdle baby gurl is all grown up and making her cute widdle decisions ... Besides ... making Hijrah doesn't mean you gonna abandon your folks does it ? They have a saying in hindi ... Daughters are like Guests (I humbly Apologize for this is the best translation i could make of it:p) as in they are loved and nutured and spoilt like a princess but no matter what she will leave the house to her hubby place for it is their abode (sniff snifff (T_T)) So again relax ... talk to your folks and hear out their opinion ... try to be POLITE as possible as you can be and if they see what is beneficial for their daughter insha'Allah they themselves will be the one to pack your bags for the hijrah :sl: ~Fr3ak (T_T)
  10. Right Course Of Action In Difficult Situation?

    :sl: Whoaaaa !!! Can I have the copy rights to this story If i were to make this in to a movie :sl: On a serious note ... Ma Brother from another Mother :no: This is a phase in your life ... where you can either be the "MAN" and put all at risk , or just be a Sideshow bob and in the next 10 years from now regret how you wish you have had taken the step. What the heck am i sayin is what you must be thinking now (right ?) well for starters .. i have had an interacial marriage . me being an Asian ( I repeat A-s-i-a-n not Oriental .... no offense to my brothers :j:) and my wife being a Caucasian ... my skin being brown (chocolate as my wife says) and she being white .... this QUESTION came to my mind as well I would be the guy who would WRECK their family tree by giving dark skinned children ... This and that and WHAT not ... I Love her and She loves me .. and when things were at the point of no return ... we turned to Allah (s.w.t) seeking His Blessings and Guidance ... and not only did we get married but have also had acceptance from their family. Moral of the STORY : ~Take a STANCE and ask for her hand .. WHAT do you have to lose !!?? ~ Invoke Allah (s.w.t) for guidance and blessings Allah (s.w.t) is the availer and the best of aid ... if there is One being who could melt your future mother in law's heart it can be only be done by HIM ... and why would HE (s.w.t) do it ... tiz all coz of my brotha praying to HIM :D .. things cant get any simple. On a serious side (yet again) they say if you LOVE someone dearly set her free ... if she goes away it was meant to be .. if she returns its probably because she loves you dearly :D ~Fr3ak~(0_o)
  11. Can Istikhara As A General Guidance Is Allowed

    :sl: Yes , Yes and Definately yes :sl: Hope it answers your questions :no: Poster : Yes :j:
  12. I Have A Strong Crush Which Wont Go Away.

    :sl: Bro ... lets be HONEST ... this is part of a person's life who is growing up . I will not tell you to SHUN all acts (we have all been there) , it is important that you dont develop any inferior complexity , or develop LOW self esteem because you are a MUSLIM .. and a LION of a Brother to me ... (I shall name you Simba) Bottom line ... GIRLS will be there around you all the time ... in high school . College .. UNI .. JOB ... WORK ... Restaurant , Trains , Traffic ... Urinals (why you pervert) ... EVERYWHERE ...so what is the best way to handle all such things ...??? Learn to understand your emotions ... understand what is right from wrong ... falling in love with someone is natural ... the more you try to be all ABANDON ALL THOUGHTS woooop woop wooop ..(alarm sounding) the more shaiytaan will make it tempting .. if you are in love and have a crush ... ask your self ... IS IT WORTH IT ? Is it something that I would associate with the right path ? Will I be able to face Allah (s.w.t) if i commited a deed like this ? Is this the Teach of my Rasool ? Will this bring me closer to my CREATOR ? You will REJECT such ideas YOURSELF ... Acknowledge your feelings for you are Human ... but Have Control and be Just to them for you are a Muslim You are a human being ... you deserve every drop and ounce of emotions that others face too dont sun it understand the complexity of the matter at hand and act accordingly ... To Err is Human ... to Repent is the wisdom of a Muslim ... Allah (s.w.t) gave u a life to test , make mistakes and make yourself stronger and wiser .. not to ABANDON all that is human. If u are in doubt always refer to the Quran and Sunnah and Judge accordingly ... you have a brain and a heart ... listen to your heart all the time and tell you brain to shut up when its conflicting with your heart :sl: `~Fr3ak ~(o_0)
  13. Istighara Help

    :sl: Bro ... sis ... who ever you are ... let it be clear that one will not always find answers to there problems in the form of dreams ... and often one comes under the misconception that if the pathway that you have come across is against your feeling does not mean your istikhara was wrong ... and pointless you will be guided regardless of your own satisfaction e.g : I wanted to choose a college ... Collage A and College B ... College A has offered me a full scholarship but College B Graduates had 100% employment gurantee ... So I prayed Istikhara hoping to find answers in my dream ... which I did not ... then I tried praying again hoping to make a decision between the too and then decided the next day after praying that I will go by my intuitions and feelings ... again I did not feel anything about the decision I wanted to make ... Through the course of time .. I ended up neither being at College A nor College B infact I ended up at College C where I have to pay my tuition fees by doing Private Tuitions ... now one would think my Istikhara Prayers were not answered ... WRONG ... they were .. Allah (s.w.t) chose for me what was BEST for me ... and that was COLLEGE C ... Istikhara is an act where you turn to Allah for GUIDANCE ... if we were to then personally and consciously take change of the decision what was the point of the prayers .. whose main purpose was to involve Allah in the decision making skills (Hope things are cleared) ~ACKNOLEDGEMENT~ The person referred to as "I" is a fictional character bearing no resemblance to any person, animal or thing ... living or dead... the reference is purely coincidental. ~Fr3ak~
  14. Whats Going Wrong With My Job Search --lolz

    :sl: Just wanted to convey that you have the RIGHT MINDSET to tackle such an obstacle :sl: ...Have Patience and the fruit that you will bear will be sweeter than usual ... Insha'Allah success will be your next door neighbor when you rent out the house of patience and labour :no: ~FR3ak~ (0_o)
  15. Victim Of My Own Life

    :sl: (0_o) bro you appear to be someone who accidentally fell into a well and stayed there for 15 years thinking someone will come and notice me and save me .... why dont you just TAKE A STANCE IN LIFE and DO WHAT YOU WANT .. all I have understood from what you wrote is the fact that you are a football and you just been kicked around here to there for 15 long years .... LETS get to the bottom line since I dont want to elaborate on every detail you have mentioned because based by your mental state you have not had a single nights rest. LISTEN to me when i say ... Whatever happened ... happened back in the day ... Life is supposed to be messy , coz that is how life was meant to be ... like a bowl of rice with a small pebble in it , the rice representing sorrow, stress , failure ... and that pebble representing a tiny ounce of happiness ... What the hell this Fre3ak trying to convey ? Pray to Allah in the third part of the night everyday ... BRO FORGET ABOUT LIFE just for 5 minutes ... go do your wudhuuu ... find a quite place where you can be alone and undisturbed ... pray 2 Rakaahs Nafil ... and cry to Allah ... let it out ... lift your hands and BEG HIM for making all the things that have gone WRONG in your life ...RIGHT ... I swear by HIM in whose Hands my soul rests ... your life will be peaceful .. it wont be a MIRACLE CURE ... but you will find peace in your heart .. your decisions and what ever you have LOST in the last 15 years will be an investment where you will harbour DOUBLE the profit ...Insha'Allah Remember ... YESTERDAY was history ... TOMORROW is a Mystery and TODAY is a gift ... thats why we call it the "PRESENT" :sl: ~Fr3ak~