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  1. Transport For London

    asalaam alaikum, sorry..a question..does anybody know of any Islamic graduate schemes or internships? JK in advance soul*sis
  2. Update On The College Situation

    asalaam alaikum,. brother don't dispair! MashAllah if you get those grades, I certainly did dont achive that many A's at GCSE!! Your grades are good, there should be no reason why that should stop you entering college. As for your attendance, is there any way you could get your tutor to write a letter to the college on your behalf to explain (for example, difficulties at home, I don't know) for your poor attendance? Go to you careers service as explain the situation, also maybe you could speak to the admissions department of the colleges you would like to go to, and see what they can do for you. As for the acceptence letter, give it a few more days before contacting them. I know its really stressful, make Du'a inshAllah, I will be praying for you w'aslaaam
  3. Islam Channel

    asalaam alaikum, I don't mean to have a dig at you Abu_Musalihoon, but Islam makes sense, and what you have quoted form doesn't.How can the propogation of Islam ever be wrong unless its carried out through unlawful means? Its like having a knife..ok it's a tool Use it for your bread and butter and your fine, use it to stab someone, then you transgressing boundaries. Sis Mujahida, could you give us examples of what you find to be 'very sad'? Rememebr its an 'islamic' channel speaking from a muslim perspective but ofcourse the guests on this program are free to say what they want. I know I definitly do not agree 100% with that some guests say, but at least I know the views out there and therefore much more educated to comment when coming across these types of discussions in everyday life. w'asalaam
  4. 'visit Palestine'

    asalaam alaikum, its repeated next saturday 9.30pm i think, but 'the boss' at Islam channel says you can't tape it. Thre is a special limited edition avaliable for sale from the Islam channel. w'asalaam
  5. 'visit Palestine'

    a british woman i think she is, lived in jenin , westbank for a while, and this is her film. quite shocking for those who havent really seen much of this and very upsetting as always w'asalaam
  6. 'visit Palestine'

    asalaam alaikum, for those of you who have Islam channel 836..watch it now
  7. Time

    asalaam alaikum, sorry to bring up a minor 'non-issue' The clock in this forum is still one hour behind. w'aslaaam
  8. Non Muslims with Muslim names

    asalaam alaikum, Do you notice, or a question actually..how many Christains today are called Jesus in the UK?, You will find alot of Muslim children called Jesus. w'asalaam
  9. Is It Harder To Grow A Beard, Or Wear Hijab?

    asalaam alaikum, personally, when I see a bearded brother i'm like melt! mashAllah its soo lovely to see. Although Ahm, i don't totally agree with where you are coming from on the issue of there being more bearded brothers if hijabi sisters want them. I think here, it's more of an issue of understanding our religion. more muslims know that hijab is compulsory than the beard is, all you have to do is watch the Islam channel, and you will regulary see the sheikhs asked wheather or not the beard is obligitory. w'asalaam
  10. Eh?

    jazakAllah kheiran, i just pasted the url, only thing is..the link pic is small......
  11. asalaam alaikum, I recieved this a short while ago "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i4.11chan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/albums/y125/picopic/quran.bmp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i4.11chan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/albums/y125/picopic/quran.bmp[/url]
  12. Eh?

    asalaam alaikum, JazakAllh kheiran, but... I still can't do it! I tried to paste the img tagsfrom photo bucket, but i guess i still am pasting it wrong or something! yes, it was a message in hotmail and i had trouble trying to attach it that way aswell w'asalaam
  13. Eh?

    asalaam alaikum, the file is not attaching! I have browsed, found the file, attached it and nothing appears on the post screen. w'asalaam
  14. Dua For Studying

    asalaam alaiakum , jazakAllah kheiran for thispost. We should always rely on Allah but ofcourse we have to put the effort in as well!! :D w'asalaam
  15. Islam: Full-time Time Or Part-time?

    asalaam alaikum, jazakAllah kheiran for this post, I was thinking about this a while ago... w'aslaaam