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  1. New Cartoon Series Attacks Religion!

    :D to be perfectly honest with you Mr. Danger, i dont have any tolerance for people who publish such cartoons, be it a muslim or non muslim. There's no need for behaviour like that. It's immature and only adds fuel to the fire. Personally, i dont like this cartoon at all. Its stereotypical and offensive. As was the cartoons published about the Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him). I would have thought a muslim who experienced the whole fiasco with the Danish cartoons would have shown more respect and learned from mistakes made by others. Clearly i was wrong. :D
  2. Try This Question....

    :D 20?
  3. Child's Innocence..

    :D mashallah. :D If only adults could show such kindness to one another. :D
  4. My Bro

    :D no...they see each other, but that's with both parents present. :D
  5. My Bro

    :D my brother's engaged! :D He's engaged to this really nice girl, i already feel so close to her. We might be having a small party when he gets back from med school(2 weeks from now). I dont know how small the party could be though, considering her closest family members are about 90 people. :D Oh God, my side is like 70 people... :D
  6. The New Seven Wonders Of The World!

    :D ^^Even if the media does portray Jesus(pbuh) in a less than respectful manner, it doesn't make it correct. The reason so many muslims are appalled by the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) is because there is no justified reason for such insulting comments. If you have a problem with muslims, address the muslims. Don't ridicule the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh). He's not one the few people who are using Islam as a shield to justify their acts. As for the seven wonders, the bit about nuns was always something i wondered about. Why is it that she's all covered up and no one says anything to her, but if i'm wearing a hijab, everyone looks at me with pity saying, "Oh that poor girl, her father must've made her wear that," when in fact my father didn't want me to wear it.
  7. Universities--canadians Help!

    :D yeah, it'll go by in a flash... :D
  8. Universities--canadians Help!

    :D i cant go all the way to BC bro! :D
  9. When Is Your Birthday ?

    :D January 9th....(me nd strider are birthday twins. B) )
  10. Universities--canadians Help!

    :D okay, Mac didnt even get in the top ten. :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.macleans.ca/universities/article.jsp?content=20051104_162820_5764"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.macleans.ca/universities/articl...104_162820_5764[/url]
  11. Universities--canadians Help!

    :D thanks for the info. :D About Mac, i dont understand the diff between Health Sciences and Life Sciences..I dont want to inadvertently limit my future if i go into Health Sciences. :D One of my teachers told me that if you receive a B.HSc at Mac, you are almost guaranteed a spot in their med school. Is this true? because i dont want to move all the way to Hamilton for no reason.
  12. Taleban Pre-2001 Invasion

    :D sorry i forgot that. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.rawa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/nbc.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.rawa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/nbc.htm[/url]
  13. Taleban Pre-2001 Invasion

    :D if this is the case then why were women arrested for teaching other women how to read? Where were these segragated schools in the time of the Taliban rule?
  14. Taleban Pre-2001 Invasion

    :D I will never be supportive or appreciative of the Taliban's stay in Afghanistan. My family and friends know first hand what living under the Taliban rule was like. My female relatives wouldnt leave the house, they couldnt go to school! My cousin had such high aspirations. She wanted to be a doctor. Do you know how it feels to see your cousin have tears streaming down her face, telling you her dreams were crushed there, under the Taliban rule? With women not receiving a education, you just cut half the population out of the economy. A country's most precious resource is its people. Ingnorance only perpetuates ignorance. How can you serve the needs of all the people when you forbid half of them to learn something. Didn't the Prophet(Peace and Blessings be upon him)say, "The aquisition of knowledge is incumbent on every muslim." That includes women. The way that the Taliban preached Islam was not right. They would drag a brother off the street saying it was time for prayer, he has to go to the Masjid! Little does he know that the brother just prayed in Jamaat a few minutes ago. The Prophet(Peace and Blessings be upon him) would always look for the best in people and not assume anything without solid proof. This poor man prayed Zuhr 3 times! It can also make people bitter and spiteful. The way you tell someone makes a huge difference. If you were to say,"Brother, its time for prayer. Would you like to join us at the masjid and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)?" OR "Why are you on the street right now?! How dare you not pray to Almighty Allah!" How would you feel if someone accused you of something wrongfully? Many people would purposely go to the masjid, pray, but without wudu, to spite the Talib who was forcing him to the masjid. I know, salat is fardh, and its only hurting you if you dont, but that doesnt mean we cant encourage people in a positive manner.
  15. Universities--canadians Help!

    :D I've been thinking a lot about what universities i would like to attend. i've got some ideas: -McMaster University(Health Sciences program) -U of T -Queen's University -Harvard University(I know, its a verrrry long shot, but i wouldnt mind applying just to see what happens) :D Are there any other universities i should look into? There's also something else that i read but dont really get. What is the difference between a McMaster B+ and a UofT B+? or any other mark? Which one has a higher value? :D