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  1. Please Make Dua

    asalam alaikum i request all u brothers and sisters to please please make dua for the speedy recovery of my mother and for her long happy and healthy life ameen.She is suffering from spinal stenosis and for the past one month or so her legs have suddenly become weakened and now she is unable to walk or to even stand properly.Please make dua.Everything is possible iF Allah WILL.JAZAK Allah khairan to you all
  2. 13 Year Old , Need Help

    asalam alaikum may Allah give you the strength to pray regularly all your life..ameen. Just stick to it and Allah will surely help you. I started praying when i was about nine and since then By THE GRACE OF Allah im praying regularly..If i miss a prayer due to any reason i repeat it later. So its not that difficult:)
  3. Unwanted

    asalam aliakum thanks for all the replies..according to the girls mother she was drugged and raped by a cousin of her...she is engaged to be marrie and giving birth to this child means shame for her and the family plus there would be hardly any prospects of marriage for her. I wanted to help them by directing them to some abortion clinic and helping them financially in this regard but since its prohibited in Islam so im not doing anything in this regard.
  4. Unwanted

    the girl i am talking about is a young teenage girl..her mother says she was drugged by some cousin of her and raped..it is virtually impossible for her to carry the baby to term and deliver her/him. She's already engaged to another cousin of her...carrying an illegitimate child and letting the world know would mean shame for the family and hardly any future prospect of marriage for her...i just wanted to know if i can do anything to help her get rid of the child coz the family is desperately running here and there in search of some doctor to abort the baby. They are extremely poor people. IslamICALLY if its not allowed then i wont be doing anything to help her in this regard.
  5. Dua For A Relative

    asalam alaikum im sorry to hear of your mothers illnes..may Allah grant her speedy recovery,ameen Read Surah Yaseen daily after fajr and pray fro your mother , also recite LA ILAHA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INNI KUNTU MINNAZ`ZALIMEEN( Prophet Yunus alaih salam, dua when he was in the belly of whale) Give her honey ,olive oil and black seed(nigella sativa) daily
  6. Unwanted

    asalam alaikum please i want an urgent reply, theres a poor woman whose young unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant. the daughter is ashamed of her act now.they are going for an abortion since they cant keep the child in any way..my question is that can we help them financially or can we direct them to a place where abortion can be done..right now the daughter is under treatment of some quack.. i really want to help them out but im in a fix...they want to kill a baby who is innocent..but the society will never accept the baby and life will be a living hell for the family...please let me know how far can i help them?
  7. A Humble Request

    Thank you so much AasadullahHamza and asifsabir.May Allah reward you.
  8. A Humble Request

    asalam alaikum I request all of the brothers and sisters reading this, to please pray to ALMIGHTY Allah to grant my younger brother complete cure from the disease he is suffering from,aneen may Allah reward you all
  9. asalama alaikum may be u had jalaibi..a pakistani sweet.
  10. Big Sister Has A Boyfriend

    asalamu alaykum some good piece of advice given by brothers/sisters. Make lots and lots of dua for her as well. I request all the readers to make dua for this girl as well as all of those who are in trouble. May Allah accept all our duas, ameen
  11. Is This Halal Or Haram For Me

    asalam alaikum i remember u r earlier in the usa doing one job after the other not satisfied with any and then left for pakistan, got married to the person u loved and then u r back in america. ur wife is working and u r still jobless. i think u should develop consistency in ur attitude and find some work and provide comfort to ur wife and future kids.
  12. Help?

    salam first of all i would request the ops not to allow such disrespectful nick as this posters`. Second his father was killed in september 11. im sorry to hear that and may Allah/GOD help u overcome this great loss. but the problem is that the usa govt. itself planned the 9/11 attacks in order to attack muslims and in return it has gained control over afghanistan and iraq and now through a pro usa dictator musharraf the so called war on terrorism which in fact is the crusade against Islam has spread to pakistan north western frontier and balochistan province. secondly the poster is demanding all the muslims to leave the western countries. why not he demands the western countries to leave the muslim countries and for that matter all the third world countries. the multi national companies of the west is making big bucks by looting the raw materials and all the mineral wealth of the poor countries including the majority of muslim countries and almost all of these countries hav pro western dictorial regimes. why dont u stop buying oil and all the stuff from muslims and stop ur multinational companies from trading with us.