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  1. Christmas Cards

    salaams is it haraam to give a christmas card back if you have received one? im not saying to celebrate christmas, im just saying, out of politeness is it okay to give cards and presents as well? ws any answers would be appreciated. cheers :D
  2. Google Earth

    apparently you can find the location of area 51 with it, but i emphasise apparently.
  3. Can Anyone Really Prove Anything?

    i think a descartes quote is appropiate: "i think, therefore i am" if you have a mind, then you exist otherwise how can you be thinking?
  4. Ramadan Timetable 2005

    lol i live in the UK, but yeah it is available
  5. Ramadan Timetable 2005

    salaams hey have any of you been to asda recently? they have these ramadan chocolates, one for each day after u break your fast. if you ever go past check em out. ws
  6. New Icon

    whoa fonky pic, which anime is it from?
  7. Don't Click Here!

    curiousity just killed my cat
  8. Regents Park, Dont You Just Love It?

    yeah im sure it is! considering you live next to the piccadilly line (i think) and next to a forest, which sometimes has weird noises, it is more peaceful, but then again everyone in your neighbourhood gets along so its quite decent.
  9. Ahm's Blog

    try some rurouni kenshin as well, it looks pretty good, or ghost in the shell 2: innocence, the pictures you can get are really good, and also the ones lateralus62 mentioned, take ure pick lol! p.s whoops i thought you were living in japan, my mistake
  10. Anime And Manga

    salaams lol yeah preceisely, but im hoping to get broadband soon, but over here in england the deals are rubbish! ws
  11. Anime And Manga

    salaams lol yeah i would, but if i had a quick connection other then 56k i would have downloaded a whole truck load of anime, with the connection i got it would take like more then a week sadly. ws
  12. Anime And Manga

    salaams akira was a good anime, although the ending left alot of people stumped, and thank you for putting this info down, it helps clear the difference between manga and anime. grave of the fireflies is a really sad film, i was pretty moved by it's tragic tale, but i knew i wasn't going to be disappointed, afterall its a studio ghibli production, and they never cease to amaze! in fact i've seen all of them, coz i got a bootlegged studio ghibili collection. oh yeah has anyone seen ghost in the shell 2: innocence? if you haven't watch it. it's enough to watch for artistic skill, but it has alot of philosophy, but it's more of a philosophy textbook then an action anime so prepare! p.s does anyone know if howl's moving casle is coming out in the UK??? ws
  13. Am I Too Deep/serious?

    lol dude, being thoughful is a good thing, but taking everything all the time is sometimes not the best course of action, like some of the other people have said, take a breather....but you already know my stance on this one :D . p.s as for those type of people you mentioned.....well considering what our bcb class was like, i doubt it really matters to be honest, i think you put it quite nicely that time we spoke about how we (you know who i mean in our class) changed from normality into depth. with regards to my stance, i'm not saying be normal, im saying relax a little and not be too serious consistently, we are human afterall, we do need to take a lil leverage through other things. peace out man!
  14. Modernizing Islam

    but to actually learn the quran and teachings, you need someone to explain what you what you are reading, and im not saying god's words need explaining, im saying to actually know what you are doing and what the overall purpose is for, besides say if someone does not follow the religon, if Allah has said something, that doesnt mean the person is going to believe. It isnt the elders job to bring the youth into faith, thats one thing someone has to resolve themself, whether they believe or not, but someone or something has to provide the basis of the question of belief, and usually that something is hard to find, especially with society revolving on a more materialistic base. Besides take the stance of a parent, if you force it on your child, the child isn't going to want to follow the right path, it'll feel pushed into it.
  15. Modernizing Islam

    besides to actually have faith, you need to be able to see and think for the truth yourself